A normal person would give up! I just sat down to start knitting and I heard myself say out loud “No one would believe this!”

I don’t know why I always feel like I have to rush and make my choices for Loopy Academy, and order my yarn. We have four full months to get the projects done. But, as soon as the announcement is made about the requirements, I’m racing to make decisions and order yarn. That didn’t work so well for me this time.



The first project I started was Spectra which was a multi colored yarn and a solid/tonal yarn. That pattern has been in my library for a longtime and I don’t know why I never made it. I think I thought it was hard. I’m not even sure that maybe I didn’t already start it once and give up but, it isn’t hard. I did the above portion and then decided that it would make a good project for working on in the car and we have a road trip coming up so I put it aside for that trip.

One of the Loopy Academy projects is to knit something with twisted stitches. I decided to work on that one .. that’s where everything went south.

First, I decided to do Garden Gate but instead of making it a scarf, I was going to make it a cowl. I did a couple of rows and the pattern is charted. I do not like charts. I kept messing up. I gave up and ripped back.

Then I decided to make Ho’Okipa, which was also already in my library. I cast on, did a few rows and decided I would like it better in a thicker yarn.

Then I looked at Jackson Square and figured that would work so I had to buy the pattern. I knew it was charted but I figured . . it can’t be THAT hard. Yes, it was that hard! Gave up on that!

Next . . how about Sagebrush Infinity Scarf? That looks do-able! I like Romi Hill’s designs. I did about 10 rows . . I think I would have liked it with a bit thicker yarn. Even though I’m using fingering weight, it’s light fingering weight.

At this point, I was re-evaluating my yarn. There were a couple of other yarns I had ordered that I could use but I *really* wanted to use the Worthy Fingering yarn. It’s 65% Cashmere/35% Silk. I love it! It feels so good!

OK . . one last try! Fifth time is the charm, right?

Lissome was in my library, or I thought it was. Last week it was free so I added it to my library but last night it wasn’t there. It looked like it was there but it wouldn’t download so . . buy the darned pattern. It’s charted and written. I can do this!



Fifteen rows were done before bedtime but when I looked at it, it looked pulled and too small. That’s when I noticed, it’s for sport weight yarn, not fingering weight yarn! Had I used smaller needles, it would have been ok . . smaller but ok. But, I didn’t use smaller needles! At least I was able to laugh about it.

The good news is . .



I can once again re-use the chain for the provisional cast on!

Luckily, I had ordered some Cascade Sport when I thought I might make Twisted Rib Cowl so I’ll just use it for Lissome and hope I can bet this project done without any more buying patterns or ripping back!



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    Vivian Oaks says

    I understand completely! I have the same issue – starting, ripping, starting, ripping…. My grandmother taught me how to read charts back in the 60’s, so that’s not a problem for me, but I have issues with other things, like making different stitches. That’s why I crochet more than knit. Your knitting is generally out of my comfort zone! You do lovely work!

  2. 2


    Not a fan of charts either… what I do is write the chart out putting each row on an index card. Then I punch a whole in the corner of the cards and put them on a metal ring so I can flip for each row. I also use a little binder clip to keep the cards together and so I know what row I’m working on.

    Whatever yarn and pattern you pick I know it will be beautiful…love seeing your work!

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    Fran says

    Lately I have had success using 2 strands of a fine yarn to substitute for a thicker yarn. The last project was a pair of fingerless gloves made with 2 strands of different sock yarns. I liked the look…………….

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    Margie says

    Judy, hope you are still feeling better. I have a question on the Hitofude cardigan. I’m at the point of starting the increase part or chart B C D E. Am another one who is not good at reading them either. Hope I can explain this so you can understand me. Am understanding the increase part I think but why in row 1 on the chart there is no k2tog or a ssk? This will make only 3 rows of them in this section when there has been 4 in every other section.