The Midnight Yarn Search

Some days, for so many reasons, I question my sanity. Not really . . not like I think I’m crazy . . but maybe!

When trying to decide what yarn to use for my second Hitofude, you remember that I had three skeins of Miss Babs yarn, ordered a fourth and since it had been so long since I bought the first three, the fourth is a bit different . . just very subtle differences. It would work in a sweater where I felt more comfortable alternating skeins but with the construction of Hitofude, I didn’t want any long, sweeping streaks if the different dye lots was obvious. I debated about using the three matching skeins and not adding any length but ended up switching to the String Theory Caper Sock Yarn, which I had purchased for another sweater and then changed my mind about using it. Since there were four skeins of Caper Sock Yarn, I would have plenty. 

All that thinking and planning was happening in mid-January.

Fast forward to last night . . about 10 p.m. Apparently in my head, four skeins of Caper Light Teal and three skeins of Miss Babs Roasted Pumpkin got completely crossed up.

Knitting was going along quite nicely on my second Hitofude. I was just about to finish with Chart C and trying to decide if I wanted to add another repeat of Chart C. I got up and tried on my first Hitofude to see again about the length of it. Then I checked to see how much yarn I have left. Thinking I only had three skeins of Caper and I had already started on the third skein, I could feel panic taking over . . I might run out of yarn!

Did I mention that Caper is a discontinued yarn? No more to be found in this color and even though some of the Caper yarns are still on the String Theory website, the color I’m using isn’t listed. Darn! That’s a dilemma for another night. It was now almost 11 p.m.

In bed, I kept thinking about running short on yarn. I grabbed my tablet and began to search around on Ravelry stashes to see if anyone had any Light Teal they would sell. Hmmm . . there’s my stash and it shows four skeins of Caper in Light Teal. I went back to my Loopy Ewe account online and yes, in 2014, I purchased 4 skeins of Caper in Light Teal.

Quietly (maybe not according to Vince), I got out of bed and started searching. I had taken all the yarn for this project with me when I went to Louisiana. Maybe one skein was left in the knitting bag because I always put all the yarn in the bag . . or maybe not! No yarn in the knitting bag. Maybe the one skein got let in the overnight bag I took into the hotel because I was working on it in the hotel. No, not in there. Maybe it’s still in the car! Probably not but I grabbed a flashlight and headed out to the car. Nope, not in there. Maybe I took it to the sewing room to wind into cakes, and never did it. Went back to the sewing room. Nope, not in there. By now, it was after midnight. 5:45 a.m. was going to be here way too early so I went back to bed.

Found Yarn

Found Yarn

I could not go to sleep. I had to find that yarn. Back up again. The last place I remembered seeing that yarn was on the bar . . when I grabbed the third skein to go wind into a ball. Then I remembered that I had pulled out all the leftover yarn from Addie’s striped sweater and was trying to plan a hat for her. Maybe the fourth skein of Caper accidentally got put back in the bag of rainbow colored yarns from Addie’s sweater. I knew where that was! Went and rummaged around through there and yep . . I found it. 12:30 a.m. My world was right. I could finally go to sleep!

And, I think I will add an extra repeat of Chart C — just the last 8 rows of it. I have plenty of yarn!  🙂



  1. 1

    Vickie VanDyken says

    I get the same way!! I was looking for some fabric I remembered purchasing. I did the bag, the car, another bag, the stash…I finally found it in a bag that I had taken to a class I was teaching. Hahahaha I can laugh now but I was searching from midnight til 2AM….. Its amazing how soundly you sleep when its finally found!!!

  2. 2

    Anne says

    I can’t count how many times in my life that I’ve done that very same thing!!!
    Glad you found it so you could get some solid rest, even if it wasn’t really enough. 🙂

  3. 3

    Katie says

    A late night search for a skein of Malabrigo turned into completely reorganizing my yarn cabinet last night. I had everything off the shelves before I found what I was looking for.

  4. 4

    dorothymatheson says

    I have been looking for many months for a pair of diamond earrings I just knew I took them off in here sitting at the computer. Yes I found them today in a plastic cut in a gift bag on the back of the table. Why did I get into the bag, well it is a good place to store empty boxes that gifts of jewelry come in.
    So glad to find them.
    I looked for several hours at a time when I first looked for them.

  5. 6

    Paula says

    Thank you! I am so glad to know I am not the only one who can’t go to sleep until I find something. I also am good about putting something down and forgetting it. Thanks for sharing your adventures with us.