Tiny Twists

Madelinetosh, one of my very favorite yarns, has what they call “Tiny Twists”, which are small skeins (50 yards) of their amazing DK Twist yarn. Their DK Twist is a tightly twisted DK yarn and it’s probably my favorite  yarn, from my favorite yarn dyer! Worsted weight is kinda big for a sweater here. Fingering weight takes forever, and sport isn’t much better, but DK weight seems to be just right and the tightly twisted DK Twist results in a better wearing yarn than a softer, less twisted yarn.

Mim's Chevrons

Mim’s Chevrons

Mim’s Chevrons pattern came out in October, 2014 and I immediately purchased it. When I saw the Madelinetosh DK Twist sets soon thereafter, I bought several of those.

DK Twist Sets

DK Twist Sets

There are four with the aqua and three without it. The gray is Madelinetosh Graphite, also DK Twist. 

Yarn for Mim's Chevrons

Yarn for Mim’s Chevrons

This is the combination I had planned to use but I think I’m going to switch out the pink on the left for the more raspberry colored yarn (in the set without the aqua). When laying it all out, the aqua kinda gets lost next to the gray and it’s a bit darker/deeper than the other four colors so I’m going to use the four colors (raspberry instead of pink shown).

There’s a Tiny Twist-Along Knit Along starting March 1 and this is going to be my project!