Mother Earth News Cheesemaking Workshop

Claudia Lucero of Urban Cheesecraft, did a workshop entitled “30 Minute Farmer’s Cheese Flavored with Herbs and Edible Flowers”. She truly made the cheese, start to finish, in less than 1 hour and had it ready to serve by the end of the hour. I feel like I am gushing but she was the best instructor ever . . and I’m talking about quilting, knitting, all the instructors I’ve ever had. She loves cheesemaking, she started from the ground up and has tried and failed and figured out her own recipes. People were asking questions left and right and she had answers for all of them. You know how sometimes you take a class and the instructor knows what she’s talking about but doesn’t seem 100% confident in her answers . . Claudia did. I left her class wanting to go find Vince and say . . let’s go home NOW so I can make cheese tonight.

The Farmer’s Cheese Claudia made in class is basically a soft cheese similar to Philly cream cheese. She used a circular mold and made a “wheel” and added some herbs to one wheel, some edible flowers to another, mentioned drizzling honey over one. It’s the kind of cheese you could serve with crackers for an appetizer and say “I made that!”

Her book, One-Hour Cheese, has me wanting to make every single recipe! The best part, besides all looking easy and yummy, is that most of the don’t require anything you can’t get at your local grocery store.

One Hour Cheese

One Hour Cheese

On her website, she does have several kits. The one I got is the Deluxe DIY Cheese Kit and it has everything you’ll need to get started. Everything except milk and food type ingredients. There are even the little round cheese molds in there.

She has recipes on her website but the recipe she used in class was from the book and it’s Fromage Facile. 

First thing tomorrow morning, I am going to the grocery store to get what I need to make several of the cheese recipes. The only reason I’m not going today . . I’m back for Day #2 at the Mother Earth News Fair!  🙂


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    PattiLynn says

    Glad you’re having such a good time and learning new stuff at the same time! Hope Vince is doing the same.

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    That sounds like fun. I eat a lot of cheese. Since I live on protein and vegetables, and can’t afford filet mignon every day, I rely on eggs and cheese a lot. Making my own cheese will be fun. I’ll check out her website!