Comfy Chair

Old Cat has really made himself at home and Vince (I thought it might be disrespectful to say “Old Vince” but I was thinking it!) has become quite tolerant. There was a time when a cat on a vehicle or lawn mower was probably bad news for the cat.



Vince parks right next to the lawn mower. He got in the car to leave to go back to work after lunch last week, he backed up and came back in and said “Get your camera and come see!” He got in his car, and as he started backing out, he noticed Cat sitting there . . just staring at him through the car window. I’m kinda surprised Cat didn’t run as Vince got that close.



I was using the zoom. I didn’t want to disturb Cat. It was cold and raining that day and I figured he was comfy and warm so I didn’t want him to jump up and run.

In the first picture you can see the box at the front of the mower. That’s where we have a bed fixed for her. We also keep a box with bedding in it, and a litter box inside the shop, because she manages to get closed up in the shop at least a couple of nights each week.

Looking at that picture of her, that left ear does look like it’s been tipped which could mean she’s been spayed already. She’s gained a good bit of weight since she’s been hanging around here, and her coat is really pretty. She’s looking a whole lot better than she did almost 10 months ago when she first showed up . . but she still hisses at us.


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    Sue in Scottsdale, AZ says

    Judy, could this be one of the cats you got to be barn cats that had been fixed – the ones that took off when you opened their cages after bringing them back from the vet? I am totally amazed that with all the “wild” animals around you that this cat is still with you.

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    Rosalie says

    Yes, that ear is definitely tipped, so you won’t have to worry about kittens! We have lots of feral cats and some never get friendly and keep their distance. One of the older ones naps and sleeps on my husband’s pickup and is cross-eyed. I can now pet her and even pick her up for a few seconds if her back is turned to me. And she is probably 10 years old!