Two More Hitofudes

This is a testament to how much I love Hitofude . . I’ve just cast on my third one and Nicole is now knitting on one.

Yarn for Hitofude

Yarn for Hitofude

Gold is definitely not a color I wear well but I love this gold so my third Hitofude will be gold. Nicole loves peachy colors so she’s using that yarn.

So, we’re busy knitting .. between all our visiting and being entertained by Addie.


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    So fun to hear that you are knitting another one and Nicole is joining in, too! Hope you’re having a wonderful time!

  2. 2

    Joyce says

    I just (last night) started back on my Hitofude. I started the first set of charts for the body. I hope to get a lot done on it this weekend.

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    Mechelle says

    Can’t wait to see your new version! I’ve got my yarn, one that nobody else has used, so we shall see how it works out – swatch looks good. Maybe I’ll cast on today, I was going to tackle 2 socks at a time, but after knitting just a couple rows I’m not sure its worth the aggravation!