An Old Bridge

One day while in MO, when Chad was off work, we went to Springfield. He was chomping at the bit to go to Bass Pro Shop so we decided to eat lunch there and shop a bit. On the way home, we took a scenic route . . scenic to Chad; kinda scary to me.

One of the places Chad wanted to show me was the old bridge over the river in Galena, MO.

Old Bridge at Galena

Old Bridge at Galena

There’s no longer motor vehicle traffic across the bridge and it’s a pretty old bridge and then Chad said “Let’s walk across it!” Hmm, I don’t think so but I did walk halfway across it.

Bridge at Galena

Bridge at Galena

The water is crystal clear and absolutely gorgeous. All the creeks and streams in that area, and there are plenty of them, are so beautiful.

Addie on Bridge

Addie on Bridge

Addie got a new “pop gun” at Bass Pro and she was so happy to run around, playing on the bridge, shooting her “shoot gun”, while Granny was standing there with her eyes closed, about to have a heart attack!


  1. 1

    Sherrill says

    Ooo, that’s a pretty bridge. Just curious why you could walk to the halfway point but no farther? Maybe you can’t explain but seems weird that there’s a point beyond which you can go no farther. I’m sure we all have some ‘strange’ fear that doesn’t make sense to most other people.

  2. 2


    Way to go, Judy!! I’m so proud that you walked halfway across the bridge, that’s huge for you!! Looks like you are having a great time with family!! Enjoy every moment!

  3. 4

    danielle nabozny says

    Take a deep breath – put your arms around yourself – and hug tightly! YOU DID IT!!!! Be proud of yourself!

  4. 6

    wanda j says

    Great job Judy managing the bridge thing.You deserve a big old Dr. Pepper for that. I love that bridge it looks great. Will be standing many years form now if people will leave it be and not tear down. Looks nice and strong.Built when things we built strong and for a long time. Keep on pushing yourself about bridges you’ve come a long way this year.