Price Matcherz

While in MO, a lady was checking out in front of us at Walmart and she had little sticky notes on things . . a pineapple for .99, Betty Crocker brownie mix for $1.00. I asked her what she was doing and she told us all about Price Matcherz and how it works and how it saves her on groceries.

Missouri has a lot of locations listed. Some states have no listings. There’s not one for my town but other towns in Texas have listings for all our stores – Kroger, United, Brookshire’s, Aldi, CVS and Walgreen’s, so I’m sure I can make it work.

Price Matcherz

Price Matcherz

Nicole printed off the list for her area, we made notes and put little sticky strips beside the items we wanted to price match at Walmart.

On the list, some even point out where there are extra savings by using coupons and have links to coupons so we printed those too.



Once we were shopping, we peeled of the sticky strips and placed them on the items so we could let the checker know which items we were price matching and how much they should be.

Grocery Savings

Grocery Savings

It takes a little time but we saved quite a bit. The checker was fine with it all and didn’t question anything but we kept our printed sheet with us in case she had any questions.




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    wanda j says

    Wow I’ve been doing this matching prices for years I thought everyone knew it.( just a note lots of stores did this when Walmart first came in but not now ). Another thing they did when started using scanning instead of prices on each item was give you it item if rings up wrong. Walmart still will if under 5 dollars last time I checked they also)
    But I didn’t know about any kind of list. Just yesterday I was at Walmart and got eggs( not that you need any eggs) but Walgreens had them on sale up till yesterday for grade A 99 cents. Walmarts price was $2.37 cents. So I saved a bunch just one one thing. You can take any ad with you to Walmart and they will match if local area.
    I do this on Black Friday too. Save bundles but a warning it must be the exact same thing and they don’t do buy one get one free. Thanks for the list idea I’ll check it out. Happy shopping..

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      Judy Laquidara says

      I think most folks know about price matching and have also been doing that but it’s just more convenient to have the list that you can print and take in instead of having to bring in an ad, though many Walmarts don’t even require you to bring in an ad since they have them also. Often they’ll have to call over a manager but I was able to print out one page from Price Matcherz this morning and will mark the things I need, and take that one page with me to Walmart. That’s much quicker and more convenient than taking ads from Aldi, Brookshires, Kroger, United, CVS and Walgreen’s.

      Walmart is still doing the savings catcher also – where you type in your receipt number and they compare prices in your area and refund any difference that you may have missed. I thought Nicole and I were doing a great job of catching all the sales prices but I still got $1.69 refunded on our last Walmart receipt.

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    Diann Smith says

    Don’t have time for all that but our WM has savings catcher. You sign up and shop for groceries and THEY check all the ads locally from groceries after you submit your receipt number at the site. Then they give you credit on an E card for any cheaper price found elsewhere. It just stays and ads up till you request it and it’s swiped at checkout and you get that amount off your future purchases for anything they sell. Once I had over $15 ready and waiting. Right now only $3 but it’s handy and I don’t have to drive around to all these different grocery stores. /And they keep up with all of it for you.

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    Carolyn says

    I have been behind customers doing this and it takes forever for them to get checked out. It sure sent me hunting for another checker. My heart goes out to the person checking and having to take the extra time.

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      PattiLynn says

      I don’t wanna have to wait for a cashier to inspect my items like I’m smuggling contraband either. So, I get to know the cashiers and figure out which ones are competent and which ones are hopeless. The ones who have been there for yrs know the drill. The newer ones not so much. I’ve said something to the CSM about a cashier who is over zealous re: this or anything else. Bad customer service.

      • Judy Laquidara says

        I agree! If the store policy requires them to inspect the ad and compare what you have to what’s on sale, that’s one thing, but my understanding is that they don’t have to see the ad. So far, the lady in front of us did the price matcherz, and I’ve done it twice and have not had any problems so far.

    • 3.2

      Judy Laquidara says

      It should not take more than a few seconds extra. Each item that we’re getting at a “price matched” price, we have marked with the sticky tags and we saved those for last. The cashier did not even ask to see the ad . . she took our word for it, hit the “price match” button (or something like that because it shows up as “PM” on our receipt, and she entered the price we were paying.

      The lady in front of is had a ton of price matched items and I didn’t notice that it took her any extra time. We went back and did the same thing later and I think the lady was quite fast, even with us having several coupons

      I guess it all depends on how much effort you’re willing to expend to save quite a bit of money.

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    PattiLynn says

    When I write out my list for groceries from Walmart, if there are items I want to price match, I make a note on the right side on my list…example: [eggs – PM Aldi .99 dz] and highlight it in yellow. If I’m super organized, while I shop I put the PM items in the top part of my cart, then I put them last on the check out counter and call attention to them before the cashier rings them up.

    Low tech and saves on ink. haha! Also, we don’t have to show an ad at out WM.

    • 4.1

      Judy Laquidara says

      It was very, very quick to have my list, with each item marked, and then to have the sticky tags on the items in the cart and the sticky tags have the price matched price so I didn’t even have to keep telling the cashier. I said “All these items are price matched and the little tags have the price.” She didn’t ask any questions nor did she ask to see the competitors’ ad.

    • 5.1

      Judy Laquidara says

      There really is a difference in what each store will do so it never hurts to ask.

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    Sherrill says

    I think that sounds fantastic for those who buy a lot of groceries. I don’t buy much (unless #2 son is with me and he adds to my basket 🙁 so not sure it’d be worth it to me. Wish we’d had this several years ago when I DID buy more!

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    Quilterbee says

    I was surprised that wm will match meat prices from sales at other stores. I ou can really save when Kroger has there meat sales even if you are at wm.

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    Kathy Hancock says

    I love the savings catcher at my local Walmart. I got enough back to get a small flat screen tv for my sewing room. My Walmart will not accept coupons that you print.

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    I have been wanting to do something like this for months. But having an infant around makes even the simplest things infinitely More complicated, plus I’m running around half asleep all the time haha maybe in a few months!

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    So glad you enjoyed the convenience of using Pricematcherz! We very much appreciate this blog, we will share it as well!