Chocolate Makes Everything Better

The night before I  was to leave Missouri, I brought my clothes into Addie’s bathroom. I figured I’d be up before Chad and Nicole and I could slip into Addie’s bathroom, get dressed, get my car loaded and as soon as Chad and Nicole woke up, I’d tell them goodbye and be on my way. Chad had to be at work at 8 and Addie is usually awake by then so it was a great plan. 

I woke up about 6:30, very quietly went into the bathroom and closed the door. Within about 5 minutes, Addie opened the door and said “What are you doing, Granny?” I explained that I was getting dressed because I had to go home to Texas! NO! She started crying . . “I don’t want you to leave!” I didn’t want her to see me cry and I was trying to tell her that I might meet them on a trip they’re going to make to Louisiana soon, or Grumps and I might come to her house soon to see her. She was fine with that. 

As soon as I began loading my car, Addie made her way to the kitchen . . apparently more quietly than I had made my way to the bathroom because I didn’t see her go in there. She got a bag of chocolate, and went back to her bedroom.

By the time Nicole and Chad were up, I thought . . Addie has been quiet. She must have gone back to sleep.

Addie Eating Chocolate

Addie Eating Chocolate

Wrong! She was stuffing chocolate candy in her little mouth as quickly as she could. Notice Georgie (Curious George) right there with her. He is never very far away.

Yep, I think the girl was eating chocolate to make her feel better that Granny was leaving but I know . . she saw an opportunity and took advantage of it!


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    Diana G says

    I love it Grumps .. Ours is Grumpa as one day Granpa was grumpy !!! so it came out of my granddaughter’s mouth-Grumpa. So he has been that every since!

    Yep Chocolate makes it all better, even better is chocolate ice cream !! LOL

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    ROFLOL! That girl is a pistol! I’m sure the chocolate made her feel a teensy bit better about you leaving ….