Dirty Windshield

This morning I left early to go get my flu shot and as I was coming home, the sun was shining at just that angle on the windshield to highlight how filthy it is was!



It so rarely rains here (which is how my cars usually get washed) and it’s so dusty and can you see all the tracks where Cat’s paws have slid down the windshield? 

I had to go out again so I went to the car wash. Then I came home and cleaned the inside (all those circles where the GPS attaches). Now I have a clean car but you can bet with the dust we have here and Cat’s favorite spot being on top of the car, it won’t stay clean long.



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    Donna says

    We have a cat that loves the roof of my car too. I got a plastic table cloth from WalMart and cover the top and windshield of my car when it’s home. At least I can see out of the windshield when I go somewhere. I tuck the edge under the wipers and close the front doors on the side edges to keep from blowing or sliding off. Has worked pretty good for the past 2 years. She’s happy on the car and I’m happy with a clean windshield.

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