Breakfast Sausage

Sometimes I am so surprised at things I should have known all my life and am just now figuring out. I figure 99% of those who care already know this but maybe there’s someone who hasn’t thought about it.

When I buy a 1 pound roll of breakfast sausage, one of two things usually happens.

  1. We slice it along the lines on the outside of the package and get 8 or 10 slices. We end up eating it all over about a week or so.
  2. We slice off a few slices and I forget about it in the fridge, find it weeks later and throw it out.

Now that we’re on this healthy eating plan, I’ve been thinking about everything we eat (and drink) and portion sizes has been one area where I’m concentrating. We’re still eating (but not drinking!) the things we like . . you know I’m talking about Dr. Pepper. We were going to have sausage over the weekend and it occurred to me . . why do I always slice along the lines? I can make much smaller slices and be happy.



I think I got 19 slices instead of the usual 8 to 10 slices.



The ones we didn’t eat that morning, I spread them out on a baking sheet, stuck them in the freezer to flash freeze them, and put them in a zipper bag. I didn’t even use a freezer bag because we’ll use these in no time. Some are a bit thinner than others .. not on purpose but because I was just whacking off slices. I’ll fix the thicker ones for Vince, the thinner ones for me.

Not only does this extend the food budget but also helps with our healthier eating . . even though it’s probably a bit of a stretch to find a place in a healthy diet where you might find pork sausage acceptable but . . we can’t give up everything, right? 🙂


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    I think it is easier to maintain eating changes if you can still include some things you are used to eating. This seems like a great idea- sometimes some sausage is just the taste you need in a meal and now you can still fit it in.

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    Rebecca in SoCal says

    If you “give up” much at all, you will feel deprived and this will be a diet, not an eating plan. Portion control is great!

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    Liz says

    I’ve started buying the bag of frozen turkey sausage – it’s easier for me to put one in the microwave while I cook the egg and toast the english muffin. That’s become a breakfast for me as well as the occasional dinner. I also love canadian bacon and that’s a good calorie option. Oh, try the thin sliced gouda cheese – it melts so nicely and makes for a great breakfast sandwich.

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    Dorothy Schreyer says

    We have switched to the Johnsville Turkey sausage, we love them, a little pricey but for a treat it works

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