Broccoli With Tofu

I could have sworn I had already posted about this recipe and if I did . . chalk it up to my forgetfulness. 

Broccoli with Tofu

Broccoli with Tofu

This is the recipe I used and this is so good! We had this last week and loved it When we were at the grocery store the other day, Vince asked me to get broccoli so I could make this recipe again. The first time I didn’t have bok choy but I bought it so we had it this time. I like it fine with just broccoli . . not that I don’t like bok choy but it isn’t something I buy often.

When I made this yesterday, I pretty much just made enough for one meal – only used half the tofu I had made. I made extra sauce so all I really have to do next time is steam more broccoli and bok choy, brown the tofu (I didn’t coat it in flour/cornstarch – just browned it in a bit of oil), chop the nuts – it calls for peanuts but since I had pistachios and not peanuts, I used those both times.

It’s a really easy and quick recipe and I think it’s fairly healthy. The first time I served it over quinoa. This time I served it over brown rice. If you like broccoli, I recommend this recipe.

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