Having grown up in Louisiana and worked for defense attorneys for many, many years, I didn’t have a very high opinion of chiropractors. Louisiana used to have billboards that read something like “We’re the only state that doesn’t license chiropractors” so, growing up seeing that, and knowing the attitude of defense attorneys towards chiropractors, I would never go to one!

Until . . 

I have been having so much trouble with my right foot. It got to the point where I could hardly walk and I mentioned it to a friend in the medical field and he told me I needed to see a podiatrist so that’s when we went to see one in Abilene. She x-rayed my foot and found a little arthritis and recommended a shoe insert and no flip flops so . . no flip flops and I’ve been wearing her inserts in my shoes and I had no relief. Then I went to a podiatrist here in town. He again x-rayed my foot and said he didn’t even see arthritis. He put me on a prednisone pack (6 days) and a prescription pain cream for inflammation. By the second day of taking prednisone, despite it making me feel bad, my foot was so much better but about three days after I’d taken the last pill, the foot pain was back.

I’ve seen the doctor here 3 or 4 times and when I went earlier this week, he gave me another prescription for yet another prednisone pack.

In the meantime, since my first visit to the podiatrist, my right hip started hurting, then the back of my right thigh, then my left hip, and then the outside of my left knee and a bit down the outside of my left upper shin area. I did a bit of research (and you know how much doctors love that) and decided I had sciatica. I’m going to visit with a friend in the medical field this weekend and I figured I’d ask her about it and see what she thinks. I’ve been paying more attention to how I’m sitting while knitting and in general, paying attention to what I’m doing. For a minute or two, out of desperation, I thought about seeing a chiropractor but talked myself out of it.

Tuesday night we watched a documentary on chiropractors (pro-chiropractor). I’ve been around the block enough times to know not to believe everything I see and hear on TV but what I heard made a lot of sense. I figured at this point, what do I have to lose. During the middle of watching the documentary, Vince said “Have you thought of seeing a chiropractor for your foot?” Right then I texted a friend who works for a chiropractor here in town and I said “I need to see a chiropractor” and we texted back and forth and Wednesday morning at 9:30 I saw the chiropractor.  While I’m not cured after one visit, I’m pretty impressed with what I saw (x-rays) and what he told me and the bit of relief I already feel.

I liked the guy a lot! He sat and talked with me and explained everything. Pointed to good and bad areas on my x-rays.

The x-rays showed that all my disc spaces are great . . no back issues. The movements he did showed that my hips are good. I was fearing double hip replacements with the pain I was having. Nope, hips are good. He feelsI do have sciatica, and I never told him that was my own diagnosis. There’s some crooked stuff around the hip area and when he mashed way down on my low back .. almost to my hips . . OUCH!

He did some manipulation and some kind of electronic therapy and we’ll continue this for a while and see if there’s improvement. I’m more hopeful than I’ve been for a while.

Caramel Sauce

When we lived in Kentucky, we were at a local craft show and some group was selling homemade caramel sauce with apple slices for dipping. I got a sample and promptly declared that I was staying right there while Vince and Chad finished shopping. Since then, I’ve purchased caramel dipping sauce in the little containers at the grocery store but my same friend who made the chocolate sauce also made caramel sauce. The difference between homemade and storebought is pretty dramatic! My friend suggested I try it on popcorn and since I already knew how good it is on apples, so I tried it on popcorn. Delicious!

Caramel Popcorn

Caramel Popcorn

Yes, you’re lucky to have me . . willing to taste test all these recipes for you!  :)

Caramel Sauce
Another delicious recipe from my friend.
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  1. 1 cup brown sugar
  2. 1 cup white sugar
  3. 1 cup light Karo
  4. 1 cup cream
  5. 1 cube (stick) butter
  1. Mix all and cook, while stirring, til soft ball stage.
  2. Let cool, then refrigerate in covered container.
  1. This is an older recipe passed down and this is exactly how it was given to me. I'm guessing it's light brown sugar and cream is whipping cream.
Patchwork Times by Judy Laquidara

Cranberry Salsa

From the looks of the last blog post, this one and the next one, I must have food on my mind! We were at United (yes, we go there a lot!) and almost all the time they have samples. I’m not sure about everyone else and how they react to samples but we’ve found some yummy things that we would not have purchased except for the samples. I love the horseradish pickles and would never have noticed them had they not been giving out samples.

Recently, they had cranberry salsa.

Cranberry Salsa

Cranberry Salsa

Honestly, throw a handful of cilantro into anything and I’m going to love it. On the other hand, a smidgen of cilantro is a whole lot too much for Vince. 

United was giving out the recipe and I came home and made it. 

Cranberry Salsa Recipe

Cranberry Salsa Recipe

I added everything except cilantro and then divided it up into two containers. I put really just a few sprinkles of cilantro in Vince’s dish and I put a bunch of cilantro in my dish.

This is really tasty, it’s different, it’s festive (red cranberries, green jalapenos and cilantro). Not all jalapeno peppers are created the same. The one I used wasn’t very hot so next time I will use two jalapenos . . unless I get some really hot ones and then I’ll use just one.

I think it would also be good with chopped toasted pecans.