Applique, Again

It’s all Judy’s fault. No .. not me . . Judy from Gramma’s Quilting Room. You know I would never accept responsibility for the things I do!

Applique is one of the prettiest types of quilting, in my opinion. The quilts I remember most from the quilt shows are always the applique quilts. I’ve taken classes from some of the biggest names in applique – Jeanna Kimball, Libby Lehman, Karen Kay Buckley, Sue Nickels.

My friend, Vicky, does amazing applique and she’s even sat down with me and tried to help me. Another friend, Nancy, does gorgeous applique. She even hand appliqued a quilt for Addie when she was a baby. She’s tried to help me.

I’ve probably watched more applique instructional videos than all the other videos I’ve ever watched combined.

And yet, have you ever seen anything I’ve appliqued .. or at least appliqued to completion? Probably not. Why am I so drawn to it but never do it? Most things I really want to do, I drop everything except breathing and don’t stop til it’s done. Sometimes I wonder if I really want to do applique or if I just want to talk about doing it.

Craftsy Class

Craftsy Class

This morning, on Facebook, my friend Judy . . don’t forget that name (I won’t!) because we’re going to blame her for a while . . especially if I end up not finishing all my tour-de-socks because I’m working on applique . . Judy posted on Facebook about watching the lessons on Craftsy from Sarah Fielke’s class, “Big Techniques from Small Scaps”. When someone has a huge closet full of fabric, she definitely needs to be finding a time consuming way to use up all the little scraps, right?

Oh, how I love Craftsy classes. I really would like to take every one of them – especially in the quilting, knitting and cooking genres.

The class is on sale so I signed up, as soon as I read Judy’s post on FB. Now, instead of cleaning house, or finishing the socks that have to be finished by Friday, all I want to do is applique. 

Thanks, Judy!  🙂

At least if I do it, it’s some form of quilting and that’s good!

Lavender Shoes

OK . Y’all twisted my arm and made me add the third photo. Well, maybe it was just one request but I know everyone else . . in the whole world . . wanted to see Addie’s lavender shoes!  🙂

Addie - dentist

Addie – dentist

Slowly Falling Apart

This post could be about me, old Speck . . most anything around here but it’s about the old laptop. I know .. I’m just torturing myself because for a year now, I’ve had a “new” laptop that sits unused because, except for falling apart, overheating and stuck keys, I love my old laptop. Seriously, everything in the world is wrong with this one. I’m not sure if I keep using it because, in my old age, I detest change, or because I love that look on Vince’s face when I say “Oh, no! This computer is doing . . (whatever it’s doing)” and he wants to yank it out of my hands and toss it out in the yard. Almost every day he says “You do know that you have a new laptop that you refuse to use!” The new one even has a touch screen and I would probably really love it if I used it.

I know . . when Addie leaves, I’m getting out the new laptop. Accidents seem to happen with laptops and Addie . . that’s how the screen casing on this one got broken.

The latest problem with the old laptop is this nasty little sticky, greasy foot!

Laptop Foot

Laptop Foot

I reached down a couple of nights ago to pick up the laptop and . . ooohh! This thing came off and it’s greasy, sticky and the kind of stuff that just won’t clean off your hands. When I first felt it, it was under the laptop and I about dropped the whole thing. It felt really gross and I didn’t know what in the world I had stuck my fingers into. Did I ever tell you about when I got my hand stuck in one of those sticky mouse traps? I was afraid to even look at it because I was sure there was a mouse carcass on there with my hand and I was screaming and waiving that trap/my hand around. That’s exactly what it felt like when I touched that greasy, sticky stuff on the laptop. Brought back memories of that mouse trap over 20 years go.

When I realized what it was, I stuck the little foot aside and it’s like it’s magnetized to me. No matter where I reach on the side table, I end up with that little foot attached to my hand, my arm, my sleeve.

I said to Vince “Do I need to keep this thing?” and he said “You know you have a new laptop that you refuse to use, right?” Yes, I know but I’m not quite done with this one. He said “Save the foot and I’ll glue it back on” which means that until Addie leaves, I’ll end up with this sticky, greasy stuff on my hands because it’s all over the bottom of the laptop too.

No . . I’m going to get some WD40 right now and clean the sticky off the laptop and put the foot somewhere that we’ll know where it is (right!) and be done with the sticky, greasy mess!