Instant Pot Recall

A blog reader pointed out that there’s a recall on some Instant Pots. My understanding is that it’s the “smart” pots. Mine is not a smart pot and for now, it isn’t affected by the recall but if you bought an Instant Pot, you may want to get more info here.

Pressure Cooker Tamales

For some reason, Fall always seems like the time when I want to make a lot of tamales. I love having tamales in the freezer and chili in jars and being able to take out a package of tamales, open a jar of chili, and add fritos, peppers, sour cream, cheese and black olives and have a yummy, quick dinner that will warm us right up on a cold day.

When I make them, I make a bunch of them and I usually do it just once a year.


Every several days, I check Pressure Cooking Today to see if there are new recipes. Over the weekend, I saw Tamales in the Pressure Cooker. The recipe looks perfect and it makes 4 dozen so it isn’t like you’d be making a whole freezer full. The pressure cooker version is going to be about as time consuming and messy as making them the traditional way where the meat is cooked all day or all night in the slow cooker and then steamed on top of the stove but . . so many of us have our pressure cookers and 4 dozen is an easily doable number of tamales to make.

I’m thinking we should have a Tamale Making Day and we could all make them at the same time and then we could do a link up and show our tamales. Anyone want to do that with me? What if we planned it for September 12? That would give everyone time to get any supplies they had to order.

Even if you live alone, tamales are great to freeze. You could freeze them in groups of 2 or 3 . . whatever you want to eat.  

I’ve already mentioned that we like them with fritos, chili, sour cream, peppers and cheese, but they’re also good to mash up a bit, add whole kernel corn (drained), cheese and whatever else you want to add and bake it like a casserole.

Any time you’re too tired to cook, just grab a package of tamales, heat up a jar of chili or cook some pinto beans or black beans in the pressure cooker and you have a homemade Mexican meal right at home!

Who wants to make tamales with me on September 12?

Cheesy Corn Quiche

Yesterday morning Vince left to go work. Nothing unusual there, huh?  :)  The unusual thing is that he wasn’t coming home for lunch yesterday so I had the entire day to sit and knit . . no lunch to fix . . lots of knitting time. Once he left, I was sitting and waiting for it to get a bit more daylight before I went to let the chickens out and I grabbed the new Grit magazine to read it and came across a recipe for Cheesy Corn Quiche. Oh, my . . it looked so delicious! I wanted to make it for dinner. It called for fresh cut corn. I had no corn on the cob. I had storebought frozen corn and home canned corn that I cut off the cob but I decided I really needed to go to the store. Besides, I needed to go to the bank, got to the ag store, go to the post office, go to the health food store, might as well grab myself some lunch from one of those places Vince doesn’t like and . . final stop would be Kroger.



Don’t panic when you see the number of eggs I used . . they’re little bantam eggs.

I could have been a whole lot neater with my crust but . . I was positioning it in a HOT pan and I had just cleaned the stove top and had the pot sitting on top of the grate and flour was going everywhere so I was a bit aggravated with myself.

Cheesy Corn Quiche

Cheesy Corn Quiche

I had chicken in the fridge and was going to make Sweet & Sour Chicken but Nicole and I decided that wouldn’t go so well with the quiche so Vince grilled the chicken, I heated up some already cooked pinto beans and made deviled eggs. Obviously, I’m not a big fan of deviled eggs .. hence, just half of one egg on my plate.



The quiche was delicious and would make a great dish to serve when entertaining. There’s nothing weird in it but yet it’s a bit unusual . . enough that folks will think you’re an excellent cook!  :)