Cooking The Ham

When I posted about buying the hams, someone asked if I divided it up before cooking. No, I divide it up after cooking but I don’t suppose it matters. Baking it first is how I’ve always done it because back in the old days, I’d bake the whole thing for holidays and then save the leftovers but I think either way would be just fine.

Ham and Rolls

Ham and Rolls

Yesterday I baked the ham and made rolls for our lunch – yummy ham sandwiches! 

After the ham was cooled, I divided it up, vacuum sealed it and froze most of the leftovers.


Ham Leftovers

It ended up being 5 packages for the freezer and each one of those has enough for two meals, one zipper bag of ham in the fridge that we’ll eat on for a few days, the ham bone with plenty of meat to make soup, and about a pint of ham broth. Not bad for a $10 ham!

There are so many things to do with leftover ham and I may have posted this link already but it’s my “go to” site when I’m feeling uninspired.

Our lunch today will be leftover brisket, scalloped potatoes, buttered snow peas and coleslaw! That’s IF I put my knitting down and go pick snow peas.  🙂

The Meat is Done

Yesterday was meat prepping/cooking day. 

Corned Beef

Corned Beef

First on the agenda was getting a corned beef in the pressure cooker. I love corned beef but . . I love just about everything. The Pressure Cooking Today recipe is so easy and so delicious but it takes a couple of hours, start to finish. The meat cooks for 90 minutes so by the time the cooker gets up to pressure, releases or a few minutes, then the veggies are added, I like to have it in the cooker before 9 a.m. if we’re planning to eat by 11.


Pork Roast

The pork had been curing for about 8 days. It had soaked in water overnight so I drained it, wiped it dry and set it in the fridge, uncovered, to dry out a bit before smoking.



The brisket got trimmed and seasoned and it’s getting smoked today.

Brisket in the Smoker

Brisket in the Smoker

Here’s what’s on my menu for the next few days:

  • Tonight – brisket
  • Friday – Leftover Veal Piccata
  • Saturday – Leftover Corned Beef
  • Sunday – Leftover Brisket

There’s plenty of buckboard bacon that I kept out for breakfast and sandwiches, and there will be brisket for the freezer so I see lots of knitting time in my next few days . . oh, wait . . there’s a garden that needs weeding too!  🙁


Chamomile Lemon Cream Ravioli

The other day I found this recipe or Chamomile Lemon Cream Ravioli and it looked delicious but I knew that for me to make it, I had to change it up a bit. Since I made so many changes, I’m going to write the recipe the way I made it but I’m also going to list the changes I made.

Chamomile Lemon Ravioli

Chamomile Lemon Ravioli

We had this for lunch today and the ultimate compliment from Vince is “this is better than anything we ever get at a restaurant” and I think he said that several times during lunch today.

First, you can use any ravioli you want. I bought mushroom ravioli at Walmart and it was back by the “homemade” pizzas near our deli. The ravioli was “fresh” (as in . . not dried or frozen) and it was quite tasty.

Changes/Suggestions to Recipe:

  1. There’s no way I was going to order chamomile flowers and steep them to make tea so I used chamomile tea bags from the health food store that I already had.
  2. I added sliced mushrooms at the same time I added the chopped garlic.
  3. The pan was deglazed with wine before adding the tea.
  4. The liquid was reduced to about half before adding the spinach and tomatoes. I didn’t want them cooked to mush.
  5. It calls for 1 cup spinach leaves. I’m not sure what the spinach did for the dish. I had spinach in the garden so I used it but if I didn’t have spinach, I don’t think I would buy a bag or bunch of it just to get one cup of leaves.
  6. After tasting it, I thought it needed something else so I added chopped fresh basil.
  7. Because we have to use asparagus every day, I added asparagus but it would have been just fine without it.
  8. The recipe calls for 1 small tomato chopped . . I used 3 Romas that I peeled, seeded and chopped.

This was really quick . . mostly one pot except for boiling the ravioli, and it was really, really delicious. I’m wishing we had enough to have this again without having to make it all again.

Chamomile Lemon Cream Ravioli
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  1. 2 T. butter
  2. 2 T. olive oil
  3. 4 garlic cloves, minced
  4. 8 oz. mushrooms, sliced
  5. 1/2 cup white wine
  6. 1 cup water for brewing tea
  7. 2 chamomile tea bags
  8. 1 can chopped artichoke hearts, drained
  9. 3 Roma tomatoes, peeled, seeded and chopped
  10. 1 cup spinach leaves
  11. 1/2 pound asparagus, cut into 2" pieces
  12. 1 small lemon, juiced
  13. 1 cup heavy cream
  14. 1/4 cup fresh basil, cut into slivers
  15. 1 lb refrigerated ravioli
  16. 1/4 cup chopped green onions
  17. Grated Parmesan Cheese
  1. Brew tea and set aside.
  2. Add water to a large pot for cooking ravioli and get that boiling.
  3. Add butter and olive oil to skillet and heat til hot. Add garlic and mushrooms. Stir, until mushrooms are limp and garlic is getting brown.
  4. Add wine to deglaze pan.
  5. Add tea and cook to reduce liquid by half.
  6. Add artichoke hearts, spinach, lemon juice, tomatoes and asparagus. Continue cooking til liquid is again reduced by almost half.
  7. Stir in cream, basil and green onions. Cook only til the cream is warm.
  8. Add salt and pepper as desired.
  9. Add ravioli to boiling water and cook according to package directions.
  10. Drain ravioli, serve with sauce, additional green onions if desired and grated parmesan cheese.
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