Rita Update

As everyone suggested, yesterday was so much better than Thursday after Rita’s surgery on Wednesday. She has not taken her cone/harness off since Thursday morning. Considering that between bringing her home about 4 p.m. on Wednesday and Thursday morning about 7, she had managed to get it off 5 times, we’re doing so good!



She doesn’t seem to be hurting. She whines when she’s hungry or wants to go out . . otherwise, she sleeps.

A friend who is a vet tech told us that the first 48 hours are crucial for keeping them from gnawing or licking their stitches. That will be up about noon yesterday but our vet isn’t open on Saturday or Sunday and we have none of those 24/7 emergency vets around here so I’m going to try to keep the cone one her at least til Monday. She doesn’t seem terribly bothered by it right now so we’ll see.

Several had suggested that we hold her and snuggle with her but she is not a snuggler . . not yet anyway. Speck has always been a lap dog. He sits with me and if I get up, even for 2 minutes, he moves over to Vince but comes back to sit with me as soon as I return to my chair. Rita will hop up with me for about 10 seconds but she doesn’t want to be held or even petted . . she just wants to hop up and hop down. Otherwise, she sits in her little “nest” on the sofa. I hope some day she will let us love on her but for now, she does not.

For now, she’s locked in the kitchen where she can’t jump up and down on the furniture. I’d say she looks pretty comfy, don’t you think?

Poor Sweet Rita!

I feel so bad because I feel like we’ve hurt her, though I know it’s just part of being a responsible pet owner. She came here a little over a month ago and she’s just starting to trust us. I took her to the vet yesterday for “the surgery”and I don’t know if she’s in pain or not, but she’s definitely not happy. She came home with pain meds and I’ve given them to her but she can’t run or jump so I started out with her in the crate and she had an “accident” in there, which wasn’t surprising, but it was a mess to clean up so I put down a puppy pad and put her in the kitchen with the gate up. She’s not happy! 

She also has one of those collar/halo things and the vet recommended attaching it through her harness to keep her from getting the collar off. Yep . . she got the harness and the collar off . . three times. I’m about to give up on her wearing that thing.



Coming home in the car, she could not keep her eyes open and she toppled over a few times. Bless her sweet little heart!

I’m feeling really bad that we did this to her but . . I know after the next 6 or 7 days are past, we’ll be happy to have it all done. Not only for Rita’s sake but I was afraid if she went into heat, dogs might come from who knows where and get interested in the chickens while visiting Rita and chances are, the dogs might be big old ranch dogs so . . we did the right thing but I’m feeling pretty sad about it.

It’s hard seeing such a sweet little girl in so much misery. She’s miserable from the collar, probably from the surgery, and the fact that she’s locked in the kitchen.

We did the right thing, right?

Little Reminders

I was reading Ranch Wife’s blog the other day and she mentioned reminders of when her kids were small. It’s so hard when our kids are far away but any little reminder brings a smile, which is often followed by tears!

Chad's Writing

Chad’s Writing

It’s an Orville Wright quote and other quote from someone that I’d rather not share so the magnet is covering up part of it and their name. It is a comical quote but probably not something that person remembers saying or would say again!

The little sheet of paper brings a smile and I wonder . . what was Chad thinking that made him sit down and write both those quotes in a little notebook? He probably was supposed to be writing a paper in college and chose to do something “more constructive”!

He’s a funny boy and I’m so happy to have little reminders that catch my attention and make me smile . . or cry because I miss him and now Nicole and Addie too!