Surgery #1 is Done!

Goodbye and good riddance to the kidney stones in the right kidney. The urolgoist was able to start during surgery again this week after having had a broken arm, and I’m not sure who was happier . . me to get rid of these stones or him to be back to doing surgery.

I’m not going to say it scares me but one of the things that makes me apprehensive about moving to small towns is the medical care but I do believe, even though you have more options in cities, we get really good care in small towns. The nurses and staff are always so nice. Every time I leave the hospital, and this was my second minor surgery since living here and Vince has been to the ER once and I’ve been twice (black widow bite and kidney stones), and when we leave, I always think “That was not a good experience!’

Vince kept wanting me to go to Abilene for a urologist and I said . . no . . when you feel bad, you don’t want to have a 2 hour drive unless you just can’t help it and I had heard good things about the urologist here. Yes, there’s just one but where we lived in MO, there wasn’t one!  After having the surgery today, Vince and I both really like him and I’m glad I stayed here.

The surgery I had is the ureteroscopy and you can read about it here . . if you are interested but I surely don’t expect that anyone will be interested except that I find it so amazing that they can go through those tiny tubes with a basket! It hurts like heck when I go to the bathroom for about 24 hours. Otherwise, recovery will be a piece of cake  . . so long as Vince does all the cleaning and cooking and weeding and canning for . . what?   Six months?  No . . if I can get dinner out of him tonight, I’ll be doing great.

There’s a stent that I have to keep for about a week. I forgot when my appointment is to get it removed but I made the mistake of telling the doctor that the last time I had this surgery, I removed the stent myself. This time, there’s no string . . I guess that’s one way to be sure I don’t remove the stent myself.

By 11:00 a.m., I was out of recover and back in my little room with Vince. They fed us lunch and sent us on our way. Got home and slept for about three hours  . . now I’m going to try to knit.

The surgery wasn’t as bad as I remembered it being when we lived in KY so I’m not dreading having the left kidney done. 

Thank you all for the nice emails, the prayers, the offers to come and help me .  . I love my blog readers!!

Chad and the Turtle

Chad, Nicole and Addie left Louisiana this morning, heading back to Missouri. They have, what would be for anyone else, about an 11 hour trip, but it will, no doubt, take them at least 15 hours. I will never forget the first trip from MO to LA with Chad. He had me stop every 10 miles to take a picture of something. I thought we would never get there.

When they went to Louisiana last week, I expected them to get there about 7 p.m. but no . . they got there about 11 p.m.  Chad said “Mom! You can’t believe how pretty some of the areas are in OK” and that told me that they took lots of little side road adventures. He said “Nicole will send you the pictures!” Yes, they enjoyed the trip and that’s good. I’m glad they aren’t always in a rush to get where they’re going and they miss seeing the pretty stuff.

Nicole sent me  this and said “Look where GPS took us” but she was just joking. They say an interesting path and decided to take it.  I can see why it took them so long if they’re traveling these kinds of roads from Missouri to Louisiana.

Chad's Trip

Chad’s Trip

I’m thankful that Chad seems to have acquired my love for the back roads and he can see the glory in nature and especially, that he takes the time to recognize the beauty that surrounds him in his every day life. The boy does love being outside, the country, and the unbeaten paths.

So, today they left Louisiana and I was calculating in my head what time they should get home. I got a phone call from Chad and he said “Mom, our old house in Jasper is for sale!” I said “You went by there?” Yes, and he told me all the things that had changed since we lived in there . . the kids’ swings from the treehouse were gone and there was a bench type swing; the woods along the back of the house were grown up. Chad was 4 when we moved from there but he still has good memories of that house, the yard, the things we did there. 

Then I see this on Nicole’s Facebook page!

Chad Helping Turtle

Chad Helping Turtle

A turtle . . in the middle of the road . . on its back!  Chad decided to stop and help it. He’s such a tender hearted young man! 

The FB comments are funny and reminded me of an incident I would like to forget!



When Chad was in college, he decided the desks/chairs were just too hard and uncomfortable for him so he pulled a sofa from a sitting area down the hall, across a freshly waxed wood floor, into the classroom so he could stretch out comfortably during class. This was the instructor who left the comment about him pulling the sofa down the hall.  Vince was teaching at the school and he said he heard a big commotion, and realized the teacher was not real happy, nor was the custodian who had to figure out how to fixed the wood floor that Chad had just scraped up dragging the sofa to the classroom. Vince came home that night and he said “You’re not going to believe what Chad did . . ” Oh, dear Vince . . by the time Chad was in college I was so far past not believing what Chad did . . not much surprised me at that point.

I hope Chad, Nicole and Addie have a safe trip home. I hope the turtle goes off into the woods and lives happily ever after. I hope Chad washes his hands with lots of soap. I hope some day he realizes what parents go through when their kids are a bit too “spunky”.


Eye Doctor Report

Yay!  Good news!  This is my interpretation of what the doctor said and even though it is probably totally wrong, you’ll get the picture . . maybe.

When I was there on July 3, the “thing” that had come loose was still attached to my retina. It was like a string of yarn just floating but still nailed down at the retina. During the few days following that visit, the wavy yarn thing became a circle and it almost looks just like the shape of an eyeball.  What happened was . . the wavy yarn thing became detached from the retina and connected its ends into the circle. The circle is now a “floater” and will probably always be there. 

The good news is . . when it became detached from the retina, it did not tear the retina, as sometimes occurs. A tear would have let to eye surgery.

Think about it like this . . you have a string hanging from your garment . . you tug at it and it breaks right at the edge of the garment. No harm done. Or, you might pull on it and the seam rips and you have to repair the seam. Make sense?

Anyway, I was real happy to get some good news.  I desperately (as you might imagine) needed good news!

Thank you all for the thoughts, prayers, notes and offers to come and help me. We’re going to be just fine but we will both be glad when things return to “normal” around here.