Men! Vince is trying so hard to be helpful but I think men don’t have the “helpful when sick” gene!

The first time I fell asleep, Vince came in the house . . Judy! Judy! Where are you? Oh, were you sleeping?  . . I was!

The second time I fell asleep, Vince yells out “Is Speck in there with you?”  . . How would I know? I’m sleeping!

The third time I feel asleep, Vince hollers “Do you hear that?” . . what?  “Sounds like a cricket!” . . No . . I didn’t hear it . . I was sleeping!

Then he said . . Do you want me to stay home from work tomorrow and help you? No way!

Left Side Stones

Today was the day for surgery on the left side. Lithotripsy was scheduled and I don’t know why they call it surgery because it doesn’t seem like surgery to me . . I think of stitches and scars when I think of surgery.

I thought our hospital was getting a new lithotripsy machine but no . . it’s just one that passes through town every now and then. Today was the first day for the “new”, more powerful machine and apparently a whole lot of us were waiting to get zapped. I was the 6th one scheduled for today and a 7th came in via the ER with stones. Some poor guy ahead of me took an aspirin yesterday and he got bumped and now he has to wait about a month for the machine to be back in town. I guess that’s the disadvantage of living in a small town.

My urologist, the only one in town, seems to be a kind and gentle guy. He knew how I struggled with both the stent and the Cipro last time so, in our little pre-surgery bedside chat, he apologized for giving me Cipro again. Then, despite having told me that he didn’t think a stent would be needed, he told me that he had viewed the x-rays again and he really felt like I needed a stent. If not, I might end up back in the ER tonight or tomorrow because of the size of the stones. Since two nurses had tried to get the IV in and after multiple sticks, had failed, and called the IV experts in, I was weighing my options . . stent or another IV if I have to come back so I agreed to another stent.

So . . here I am . . feeling like I’ve been run over by an 18 wheeler (honestly, I never have so I can’t say that I know how that feels) . . knowing I have to live with the stent for 8 days, take Cipro for 3 days and Vince offers me ramen noodles for dinner. I don’t even know what I want for dinner but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t involve ramen noodles. 

I’ll be back to my happy, energetic self soon . . but not for a few days.

NO Pictures!

Addie has decided she does not want her picture taken.

Addie on Slide

Addie on Slide

In this picture, she’s pointing her finger at Nicole and saying “NO, Mommy!”  Look at that face! She seriously does not want her picture taken these days.

She is just going to have to get over not wanting her picture taken. I couldn’t make it without my pictures of Addie!