Happy Thanksgiving

I hope you’ve all had a great Thanskgiving! It was just the two of us here . . some years it bothers me not having family around and some years it doesn’t. Thanksgiving seems like a time to have lots of family around but I guess I’ve accepted that we’re just at at that spot at this time in our lives. 

Poor Vince .. Thanksgiving seems to be the one and only day each year that I come up with elaborate plans for removing a window, knocking out a wall, and enlarging the kitchen to include another double oven, walk in pantry and outdoor kitchen connected to the indoor kitchen. He’s learned to say “That’s a great idea.  Draw it up and we’ll see what we can do!” He knows that in a few days, before I ever get someone out here to look at the house and draw up a plan, I’ll again be ready to sell the place and move back to MO.

When I first began cooking this morning, I was thinking about how much I have to be thankful for. So very much! I had the iPod playing through the kitchen radio and an old song was playing – Donna Fargo’s Happiest Girl in the USA song and these words pretty much summed it up:  “Thank you for letting life turn out the way that I always thought it could be!”

I’ve probably shared this here before but my grandparents had an old farm with 60 acres. When my sister and I were kids, I always said that when I grew up, I was moving to Pop & Nannie’s farm. My sister said that when she grew up, she was moving to Houston. She wanted to live in the city and I wanted to be in the country. From the time Vince and I met, I told him I wanted to live in the woods on 40 acres. I’m there, with 5 acres to spare.

As much as I miss Chad, Nicole and Addie, I’m feeling pretty thankful with where we are in our lives these days.


Rita’s Christmas Outfit

I’ve turned into one of those people I used to laugh at . . one who buys clothes for their dog. 

Christmas outfit

Christmas outfit

Don’t you think it’s going to look adorable on her?  :)

Addie Singing

Do not ask me where Chad got his taste in music. He never heard that kind of stuff around our house. I hope Addie doesn’t grow up thinking that music is normal.

I think she was singing along til Nicole started filming her but it’s still funny. A little bit of bossy escapes too  . . stop looking at me! Sing, sing, sing!  :)