He Still Surprises Me

.I suppose little surprises are what keeps us happy and enjoying each other’s company. I don’t think I surprise Vince much because he’s past the point of being surprised at the things I do. It’s never anything real crazy but more that I just come up with weird ideas .. things that make more work for him. I was trying to describe for him this weekend what kind of trellis I want for my peas and I don’t think he ever accepted that I wanted what I was describing just because it’s pretty. I don’t think that’s the trellis I’m getting.

Here’s where he surprised me. He never ever . . never . . reads my blog. His friend in Florida will call him sometimes and tell him that he needs to look at something I’ve written. I wrote this post while in MO . . completely confident that Vince would not read it and my surprise was safe. I guess he got bored while I was away . . without me giving him instructions for things I wanted done . . and he read the blog. When I got home, he said “You know I like blue better than I like brown.” Huh? What are you talking about? “For my sweater!” So much for that surprise.

Yarn for Vince's Sweater

Yarn for Vince’s Sweater

I do think the blue is going to be more purple than he wants. The brown isn’t as gray as it looks in the photo but I’m not sure he’s going to want that either. At least since it is no longer a surprise, he can look at it and then choose a new color if he wants something else

Just when we think we know their next move, they surprise us. That’s ok . . I have a surprise for him but, I can’t say it here because he might read it. Let’s just say .. he has a birthday coming  up soon and I think for once, I have a gift that will surprise him.

Addie and Her Ducks

Who needs dolls when there are duck decoys to play with? And when they’re on sale, my duck hunting family is buying all there is!

Duck Decoys

Duck Decoys

Addie is such a doll, if I do say so myself, but oh, boy .. she has a bad case of the “Terrible Twos”.  It is funny to watch and it brings back lots of memories. I remember thinking Chad wasn’t going to be a terrible toddler but he was well into two before I felt like the Terrible Twos had taken over my sweet child. It’s the same with Addie. She’s 2-1/2 now and she definitely has a mind of her own and is not shy about letting you know how she feels. They spend so much time doing things with her, and she’s almost like a mini adult . . until she isn’t and then .. I had to laugh and kept reminding Nicole . . she’s going  through that stage. It will get better and what I didn’t say is . . then it will get worse and she will be real hard to live with for many years!  :)

One More Coincidence

The plan was that I was going to leave Missouri Monday (yesterday) but Vince was watching the weather (I was too but he was getting a bit more anxious than I was) and he called me on Thursday and said “Are you watching the weather?” Yes!  He had talked to a friend at Springfield and she was telling him that they were expecting snow and ice to start early Sunday morning. When planning my trips, I make sure I’ll be driving when there’s no rain or snow and when it’s been warm and sunny for several days before I’m driving so I’m not driving through snow. It gets all over the windshield and I can’t see . . and from looking at the weather in Joplin, Oklahoma City, and Tulsa, I knew that I needed to leave on Saturday or I’d probably be there til Wednesday or Thursday and I knew that almost two weeks from home would mean Vince was really struggling to keep up with the chickens, two dogs, a cat, 3 bins of meal worms and 2 containers of red wigglers, along with moving seedlings in and out (there’s still no heat in the greenhouse but that’s not my fault!) plus watering the garden so . . Saturday I left MO and had great traveling weather.

While there, we had made a road trip to Cassville, which is the county seat, and Chad needed to get his personal property tax declaration switched to that county so he brought his truck title, registration, insurance papers and whatever else he thought he might need to get the pickup switched to that county.

I left their house about 7:15 a.m. and was almost to I-44 (about 30 minutes from their house) and I happened to think . . did he get the title, registration and insurance papers out of my car. I called . . nope! We had all talked about it on Friday night but we all forgot on Saturday morning . . so I turned around and drove back and got to get one more hug and kiss from Addie!

Instead of being frustrated that I had 10 hours on the road ahead of me and I had just “wasted” an hour, I figured . . there’s a reason for everything and there’s a reason I should be on the road one hour later than I had planned.

When I’m going to MO, this is my first pit stop — a McDonald’s out in the median of I-44. When I’m coming home, this is . . hopefully . . my last stop. When I was going to MO, I pulled in and thought “WOW! There’s no one here!” Then I realized it was closed. 



Knowing that I needed to find another stop, I pulled into a welcome center and when I was washing my hands in the restroom, an older lady was also washing her hands and I guess I sighed.

Older Lady:  You tired?
Me:  Not really . . just have another 4 – 5 hours to drive and the rest of the trip is more back roads than interstate.
Older Lady: Where are you headed?
Me: Brownwood, Texas
Older Lady: Me too!
Me:  REALLY? BrownWOOD and not BrownsVILLE?
Older Lady: Nope . . Brownwood. My daughter lives there.

Then, poor lady, she asked me what exit I take off I-44. I guess my look said it all because she said “nevermind!” I explained that I use GPS and just do what it tells me and, though I halfway know which exits to take when I see them, I surely couldn’t tell you highway numbers or exit numbers.

Her other daughter was driving so I stopped and chatted with her. They were parked right next to me. They had maps . . no GPS.  She had the next few highway numbers written on her hand. I said “Do y’all want to follow me?” YES! I told them that it would be hard to stay right together going through Lawton and Wichita Falls but we all figured out which exit they would take off I-44 and I told them once I got off I-44, I would wait for them. I did and they followed me to Brownwood. I stopped once in Graham to ask them if they needed gas or a bathroom break in Graham or Cisco and they were fine.

They told me where their sister/daughter lived and it’s the road before my highway so they followed me all the way to her road. They were so thankful to fold that map up and put it away. 

They live in a city in Wisconsin and apparently they don’t travel much where the speed limit is over 55 mph and the lady driving told me that the 75 mph scared her. I told her just to drive it for a while and she would feel more comfortable with it. The roads are excellent with wide shoulders and there’s hardly any traffic. She kept up with me and it was kinda nice to have “company”.

Once I talked to Vince and he asked how the trip was going. I told him I was driving a bit slower than normal because someone was following me. He said “What are you going to do about it?” Then I explained that they were supposed to be following me and he was all concerned that I had picked up strangers. I was 100% confident they were nice people. They were in their own car. I knew I had more gas than they had and they had given me the name of their family in Brownwood and told me where she worked so I wasn’t worried at all.

I have to assume that helping them get to Brownwood is why my trip got delayed by an hour. They would have made it fine without me but it was easier to follow someone who knew where she was going had GPS and made the trip often.