Might Mouse?

One morning last week Vince woke up about 4:30. He got out of bed and I thought he was going to the bathroom and coming back but then I heard the shower running. He came in and said “I’m going in early. Don’t worry about breakfast.” I wanted to say . . Breakfast is never served before 5:30!

I went back to sleep and didn’t hear anything else. He must have had cereal but when I walked by, this was left at his place at the table.

Mighty Mouse

Mighty Mouse

I walked by the table, still not fully awake, and I thought . . did I just see an article about a mouse . . on the table?

Who wakes up at 4:30 and decides to go in to work and who sits and reads an article about a mouse while eating breakfast at that time of morning? Yes .. my husband!  ๐Ÿ™‚

When he came home for lunch, I said “Thanks for leaving the article about the mouse on the table!” He said “I thought you would like that” and he was serious . . but wrong.

Addie Sleeping

Nicole sent me this picture this morning:

Addie Sleeping

Addie Sleeping

Every picture of her makes me smile but this one especially did. She has George right there with her and I bought him for her over 2 years ago. I made the pillow case she’s using. I bought the pajamas she’s wearing and the quilt . . a story of it’s own.

Chad was 9 years old when we moved from Louisiana. When we still lived there, I was doing some fabric dying so he was probably 6 or 7 years old. He wanted me to make him a quilt so he chose the colors. I dyed the fabrics and then he wanted it to have stars so I used the Milky Way block.

Chad's Quilt

Chad’s Quilt

Luckily, I was able to go back and find this old blog post. I started the quilt in 1994 and, my guess was right, Chad would have been 6 when we started this quilt. That linked block post was written when Chad was 18 and he’ll be 29 in a matter of days so right there, I’ve been able to go back in my memory to when he was 6 and helping me dye fabric, to when he was 18 and driving me nuts (per the blog post).

I can’t travel down Memory Lane forever but the blog surely helps bring back some precious memories.

Chad wanted the top of the quilt to look like the sky and the bottom to look like the ground so he chose the fabric with rocks for the backing.

Back of Chad's Quilt

Back of Chad’s Quilt

And now, so many years later, his little girl is almost as old as he was when he helped me dye those fabrics, and she’s sleeping under the quilt made for her dad . . you can bet this brings a smile to my face.

Like Clockwork

We are such creatures of habit . . even the semi-feral cat knows my routine. Just about dusk every evening, Cat can be found sitting at the far corner of the shop. She knows that I walk outside at almost the exact time every evening. I doubt she knows I’m going out to lock the chickens up for the night. She believes I’m coming out to see her. The minute the back door opens, she starts her trek across the driveway.

Cat Coming to See Me

Cat Coming to See Me

She slowly sashays towards me. I’ll walk towards her but only about halfway. She likes for me to stand and wait . . and make no sudden moves.

Cat Coming to See Me

Cat Coming to See Me

Every now and then we throw her a curve ball. Sometimes Vince walks out about the same time and as soon as she sees that it’s Vince and not me coming out, she goes back to her corner and waits . . because whatever I do every single night, she knows I’ll eventually be coming out.

It’s not often Vince puts the chickens up at night. When he goes out there, he just closes the door and they don’t like that! ๐Ÿ™‚  When I go out, I spend a few minutes thanking them for the eggs, and telling them chicken stories. Then I’ll tell them all goodnight and close the door. On the rare nights when Vince puts the chickens up (like when I have a thorn in my foot and can’t walk!), I’ll still walk out and spend those few “quality” minutes with Cat . . because she’s expecting to see me and I don’t want to disappoint her.

Cat Stretching

Cat Stretching

Right before she gets to me, she stops and stretches! Go ahead, Cat! I have all day to wait for you to make your way over here, and then stop and stretch and then think about whether or not you really want to be petted!

Some evenings she’s more friendly than other evenings. Some times she only wants to rub against my legs and she doesn’t want me touching her. Other times, she really wants to be petted. We’re learning to communicate. If she only wants to rub on my legs, she will keep her head down and make quick trips around and around my legs, rubbing as close as she can get to me. On the evenings she wants to be petted, she will rub on my legs for a few times, then stop, stand still and look up at me like “Aren’t you going to at least pet me?” It’s a good thing I’m pretty astute at mind reading!

She’s come a long way in the almost 18 months she’s been hanging around. She’s still very skittish. She can be letting me pet her and if I cough or clear my throat or shift positions, she’s gone! I pay close attention to be sure I’m not spooking her when my hand is near her. She isn’t a mean kitty but I don’t trust her when she’s afraid. 

She has to be the one to come to me . . I cannot go to her. Maybe that’s just the nature of some cats. I’m still hopeful that she’ll be a lap kitty some day. It seems as though she really wants to be close but she just can’t let herself do it. Maybe I’m reading more into her actions because I want her to be friendly.

One funny thing . . that, again, may be just “cat” but one rainy, drizzly days, we don’t see her at all. She doesn’t come to eat her food, she doesn’t come out in the evenings when I go to let the chickens out. I start to worry when I haven’t seen her for several days but have come to learn that we just aren’t going to see her if it’s wet outside.

We have rain predicted for the next three days so I loaded her food bowl up this morning. Maybe she can at least start out with a full belly. We don’t leave her food out at night because too many wild critters will come up at and eat it.

If she’s still hunting, she’s not bring us many trophies. Every now and then we’ll find parts of a mouse or a bunny in the spot where she knows we’ll find them but I think she’s become a fat, lazy addition to our chunky family! ๐Ÿ™‚