Not The Evening I Planned

I am so rarely sick! It doesn’t happen very often but .. it just happened!

Yesterday all day I kinda felt short of breath. If I breathed deep or talked a lot, I started coughing. It was a weird feeling but I didn’t feel bad. No sore throat or ear pressure . . so I figured we had just worked too hard over the weekend. Last night, I fixed dinner, sat down to eat . . told Vince I was cold and put on a sweatshirt. He said “You’re sick because it is NOT cold in here and you are NEVER cold!” I ate about half my dinner and told him I was taking some aspirins and went to bed. I slept for a couple of hours and a little after 8 p.m., I was awake and feeling good. I asked Vince last night for the name of his friend who is the PA at the walk in clinic here . . thinking I might need to go see him this morning.

But, this morning I woke up and felt fine. I worked in the garden, watered plants in the greenhouse, watered fruit trees . . til it started drizzling. At lunch, Vince asked if I was planning to go to the clinic and I told him no . . I felt great. 



Tonight, we sat down to eat dinner . . asparagus and spinach from the garden, mashed potatoes and gravy, chicken fried pork cutlets. I ate about half my food, announced I was freezing, took aspirins and started to go back to bed. Vince said . . wait a minute . . let’s see if you have fever and I did . . 101.3 . . so we were off to the walk in clinic. Vince’s friend was working, I got fixed up and I should be better tomorrow. A shot, antibiotics, a B-12 shot, and cough medicine. The guy I saw here said he has seen this for several days. He said at first he was doing the swab test to see if it was the flu, even though no one had aches or sore throats and everyone tested came back negative.

It had been 2-1/2 years since I had been to the walk in clinic and that was when I got bit by a black widow spider. If you don’t count kidney stones, I’m really never sick . . and I hope it’s a very long time til it happens again.

What’s weird . . Chad, Nicole and Nicole’s mom all went to the walk in clinic near them yesterday because they apparently had the same thing I have. What’s also weird to me is that I felt so bad when I had fever but the minute the fever went away, I felt perfectly fine again. 

I’m going to knit til I fall asleep and hope the chickens sleep late in the morning . . or hope the cough medicine works well enough that I don’t hear them crowing!

He Still Surprises Me

.I suppose little surprises are what keeps us happy and enjoying each other’s company. I don’t think I surprise Vince much because he’s past the point of being surprised at the things I do. It’s never anything real crazy but more that I just come up with weird ideas .. things that make more work for him. I was trying to describe for him this weekend what kind of trellis I want for my peas and I don’t think he ever accepted that I wanted what I was describing just because it’s pretty. I don’t think that’s the trellis I’m getting.

Here’s where he surprised me. He never ever . . never . . reads my blog. His friend in Florida will call him sometimes and tell him that he needs to look at something I’ve written. I wrote this post while in MO . . completely confident that Vince would not read it and my surprise was safe. I guess he got bored while I was away . . without me giving him instructions for things I wanted done . . and he read the blog. When I got home, he said “You know I like blue better than I like brown.” Huh? What are you talking about? “For my sweater!” So much for that surprise.

Yarn for Vince's Sweater

Yarn for Vince’s Sweater

I do think the blue is going to be more purple than he wants. The brown isn’t as gray as it looks in the photo but I’m not sure he’s going to want that either. At least since it is no longer a surprise, he can look at it and then choose a new color if he wants something else

Just when we think we know their next move, they surprise us. That’s ok . . I have a surprise for him but, I can’t say it here because he might read it. Let’s just say .. he has a birthday coming  up soon and I think for once, I have a gift that will surprise him.

Addie and Her Ducks

Who needs dolls when there are duck decoys to play with? And when they’re on sale, my duck hunting family is buying all there is!

Duck Decoys

Duck Decoys

Addie is such a doll, if I do say so myself, but oh, boy .. she has a bad case of the “Terrible Twos”.  It is funny to watch and it brings back lots of memories. I remember thinking Chad wasn’t going to be a terrible toddler but he was well into two before I felt like the Terrible Twos had taken over my sweet child. It’s the same with Addie. She’s 2-1/2 now and she definitely has a mind of her own and is not shy about letting you know how she feels. They spend so much time doing things with her, and she’s almost like a mini adult . . until she isn’t and then .. I had to laugh and kept reminding Nicole . . she’s going  through that stage. It will get better and what I didn’t say is . . then it will get worse and she will be real hard to live with for many years!  :)