He Must Be Feeling Better

It’s cloudy and gray today . . kinda weird for this area . . and too cold to enjoy being outside so it was a good day to curl up on the sofa with Boots and read. He is a bit more energetic so I’m hoping he’s better. He wouldn’t leave me alone while I was trying to read so I got up to go sew, thinking eventually he would get tired and leave me alone. No . . that didn’t  happen and I’m so happy to see that he’s better, I just played along with him. He knocked the container of wipes off the tape. Then he slapped at my camera strap and knocked it off the table.



I picked up the camera and it looks like he’s thinking . . what about me? Pick me up please!  So, I did and we sat and snuggled for a while and then I went back to my sewing. He is such a pretty cat and he really is the sweetest cat I’ve ever seen. Even the vet commented on how they were able to do anything to him and he didn’t complain. Kinda like me, I suppose!  :)

Sweet Little Rita

We’re so glad Rita is a tiny little runt of a dog. I can’t imagine what life with her would be like if she was much bigger. She can be so sweet and she can be 100% devil dog!

Rita's Sweater

Rita’s Sweater

She doesn’t mind her clothes so much any more and I love dressing her. Earlier this week, it was pretty cold and I think she liked having on her little fleece sweater. By the end of the week, it was near 80º and the only appropriate clothing would have been a bikini, which she doesn’t have . . yet. We had the air conditioner on yesterday afternoon!

Her devil behavior started Thanksgiving Day. We went to the home of friends for Thanksgiving and they didn’t want the turkey carcass so I brought it home to make broth and turkey bone soup. There was a bit of meat left on the bones so Vince sat down at the table and picked it all off, piling it up on a plate. Then we went out to take care of the chickens and he forgot to push his chair in. When we got back in the house, Rita had gotten in his chair and on the table and had her fill of Thanksgiving turkey!

We’ve been very careful to push our chairs under the table but yesterday I went to town. We were going to grill burgers for dinner. I guess the bag of buns was hanging just over the edge of the counter and she must have jumped and jumped til she grabbed the bag and pulled it down.



I crumbled the remaining buns for the birds . . we did NOT have them for dinner.

Vince said “Rita, I can see why your former parents yelled at you!” We didn’t yell at her but I guess we’re going to have to be extra careful about everything . . even things we thought there was no way she could reach!


The Pizza Song

When I was in MO, we ordered pizza and I went to pick it up. Addie is quite attached to mommy but I had been there several days and she was warming up to me. When I started to go get the pizza, she wanted to go. I didn’t think she would do it but she did. We strapped her in and I was trying to keep talking and talking so she wouldn’t say “Where mommy go?” I started singing “the pizza song”. We’re going to get a pizza! We’re going to get a pizza. Then I would add in goofy stuff like “It’s gonna have pepperoni. It’s going to be so yummy!” And when I’d get to the “We’re going to get a pizza” part, Addie would sing with me. We did that all the way there, while waiting at the drive through and on the way home.



We got home and we sang our song for Nicole and Chad. Nicole called me the other day and she was cracking up. It’s been two months since I was there. She said she and Addie were singing and they sang every song they knew and she said “What do you want to sing now?” and Addie said “The pizza song!”

Made me want to get in the car and drive over there so I could sing along with her!