The Lady at Kroger

Yesterday as I was walking into Kroger, there was an elderly lady outside looking at the plants on the sidewalk. She had just gotten off the little van that serves as “mass transit” in our town. She was all dressed up in nice pants and a sweater set. Her white hair was fixed perfectly. She had taken time to put on her makeup. She had gotten all fixed up for a trip to the grocery store! As I walked past her, she said something to me about the flowers being pretty. Her voice was so frail that I hardly hear what she said. As I made my way past her, memories of my grandma came to mind.

My grandma was always wearing a dress. Her hair was always fixed just right  .. and it usually involved at least a few bobbie pins. She always had on an apron when working around the house. They didn’t have phones so if someone wanted to come visit, they didn’t call first . . they just dropped in. I can see my grandma now . . she would hear someone drive up and she yanked that apron off, patted her hair to make sure every sprig was in place. There was always a homemade cake or pie, usually half of each, in the corner dining room cabinet. Anyone that stopped by was offered a piece of pie or cake.

My grandparents lived out in the country and they would go to town once a week and she always got dressed up to go to town. My grandma never had much .. she had what she needed but not much more. Her clothes were almost all homemade. I don’t remember her ever having a storebought dress but she might have. She loved flowers and they always had gorgeous flowers and blooming plants in their yard.  I don’t remember the Piggly Wiggly in Many, Louisiana having flowers back then but maybe they did and if they did, my grandma would have wanted to stop and look at them, but I think all her plants came from cuttings or seeds given to her by friends.

As I was leaving the store, the little van was back and I saw the lady sitting inside, and I saw a pretty hanging basket sitting near the open van door. The lady waved at me as I passed. I smiled . . thinking . . she had no idea the memories that had flooded over me . . just seeing her, all dressed up, looking at those flowers.

As I was driving home, I wondered . . what will my grandkids remember about me.  Darn . . a trip to Kroger had me wanting to go back to Missouri!

A Day at the Park

Yesterday Nicole took Addie to the park and I love this picture.

Addie on the Slide

Addie on the Slide

Look at her pushing the limits . . hands in the air and one leg folded backwards. I think she’s going to be a bit of a dare devil.  She’s going to be a lot like her mom. Nicole can dress up, be dainty and pretty, but she can also put on camo, go hunting, skin a critter, build anything that needs building or fix a broken electrical outlet. I don’t think there’s much that scares Nicole and she’s willing to tackle any project.

I am so thankful that I have a daughter-in-law that I love, is easy to get along with and . . loves to quilt!  :)

Help Solve This Issue Please

I’m not going to say which one of us said what because I know you all love me the best but this is a conversation we’ve been having all day.

Person #1:  They’re having bad storms north of us. Did you hear about them?
Person #2:  North of us? Where?
Person #1:  Missouri . . around Joplin.
Person #2:  Joplin? That isn’t north of us! Oklahoma or Kansas is north of us!
Person #1:  Is Missouri not north of us?
Person #2:  Northeast!
Person #1:  Well, that’s north!

No wishy washy straddling the fence . . Person #1 or Person #2?  :)

An Opportunity to Help

The news out of the Oso, Washington area is terrible. Since one of our own, Nichole Webb Rivera, was deeply affected by this tragedy, this seems so “local” to so many of us.

I’ve seen firsthand how generous and caring quilters can be. You all amazed me when you sent quilts and monetary donations for Joplin, MO after the tornado and for the fire victims in Texas when we first moved here, and again when the explosion devastated West, Texas, and the residents of Oklahoma after the tornadoes last year. Now is a chance for us to help out another area.

Layers of Hope

Layers of Hope

Quilting Granny of Layers of Hope has taken the lead in collecting quilts for those affected by the mudslide in Washington. If you are able to help, please go to her website and check out the details. Grab the button from her sidebar, add it to your blog and let’s get the folks in the affected area all the quilts they can possibly use!