Lavender Shoes

OK . Y’all twisted my arm and made me add the third photo. Well, maybe it was just one request but I know everyone else . . in the whole world . . wanted to see Addie’s lavender shoes!  🙂

Addie - dentist

Addie – dentist

Addie’s Dentist Trip

Two days in a row the blog is about Addie. Sorry .. I know that for all of us, no one is as enamored with little grandchildren as is their own grandma but today I figured it’s either photos of my house being transformed from a disaster to what almost is a presentable place. Last night I even dreamed that we moved to MO and had a nice big home with lots of storage but then I awoke and I was still here . . my cute little ranchette with no storage and too much stuff.

Anyway, yesterday Addie went to the dentist and the dentist said her teeth looked perfect. They don’t have a pediatric dentist there so all three of them go to the same dentist and, so far, Addie hasn’t minded going. The dentist there will do exams and cleanings for her but if there’s ever a problem, he’ll send her to a specialist in Joplin or Springfield.

New Toothbrush

New Toothbrush

Before anyone suggests that the clip on her seat is too low  . . let me tell you this story. The other day Rory, from Joey & Rory, had posted a picture of his 2 year old in the car seat and hundreds, if not thousands, of people commented on the car seat clip being too low. I had no idea either so when I saw these pictures of Addie, I googled it and found this:

Test your seat: The retainer clip should be at armpit level, resting across your child’s breastbone. The clip assures that the harness straps are in the right place.

I debated how to say it to Nicole. I never want to be the overbearing mother-in-law but when safety is concerned, I had to speak so, after fretting about how to say it without appearing to say “I wish you knew what you were doing!” (which I would never say but sometimes, even when I’m not thinking that, it seems to come out that way), and knowing they have that long drive here on a holiday weekend, I wrote her this morning and sent her the copied text and she said “Oh, I noticed that before we left the dentist office and I fixed it!” I wrote her back and thanked her for being such a good mom and for being so easy for me to get along with! I am truly blessed to have the best son in the world, the most precious granddaughter and the best ever daughter-in-law.



Back to the dentist visit, which I seem to be having a hard time finishing . . but Nicole said Addie was so excited about the new toothbrush that she didn’t mind them working in her mouth.

There was a third picture and it shows that she has on matching lavender shoes! But, I figured you were already on Addie overload this morning so I left off the shoes.

It’s hard even for me to believe how fast Addie is growing. She’s such an independent, grown up little 3 year old and she’s so fun to be with. I can hardly wait til they arrive . . but you already knew that, right?

Counting the Hours

Guess who’s coming to visit us!



These pictures were some Nicole took a few days ago at Wildcat Glades near Joplin. Addie is such an outdoors type girl. It’s such a contrast from how so many kids grow up today. I love that she loves fishing and hiking and would rather be outside playing with animals than sitting inside watching TV.

Here, we’ll have to have some discussions about snakes and shaking your shoes out before putting them on, and not sticking your fingers in places where you can’t see what’s hiding, and taking  your shoes off at the door so grass burrs don’t end up in the rugs. What other quick education does a non-Texan need to know?

We’ll also learn that a cat that hisses and runs away probably should be avoided. And in the sewing room we can play with Boots but we can’t play with Speck (who will be in the crate).



I’m so looking forward to spending time with Addie, getting to knit and go through the yarn stash and share some of it with her precious mommy and get to have my son under my roof for a few days again. Everything in my world will be perfect for about a week!