Not an Early Riser

Fall! It’s finally arrived in central Texas. We may not have beautiful leaf color but we have a cool, brisk wind blowing, and that makes me happy! The dry, cracked ground, the crunchy grass, the stifling heat of summer, 2016 is history and I am so happy to see it gone!

Another thing I love about fall and winter – the shorter days. I feel so productive when I’m up and working for a couple of hours before daylight and being able to come in at dusk, shower and still have a couple of hours of knitting, reading, visiting time before we have to go to bed. I understand why some people don’t like it and there was a time when I didn’t like it. Leaving home before daylight to go to work, arriving home after dark in the evening, seeing the school bus picking up in the dark and letting the off when the sun was beginning to set – that doesn’t seem good to me. When we lived in Kentucky, we were right close to the Eastern time zone but we were in the Central zone. When it was 5 p.m. (or a.m.) it was 6 in the Eastern zone so being completely dark at 5:00 wasn’t good for us but not so bad for those a few miles to our east. Even here in Texas, at this time of year, when I go to Missouri, I’m leaving in the dark because it gets light later here, and then I’m arriving in the dark in MO because it gets dark earlier there, since they’re east. Coming home is so much easier because it gets daylight earlier there and dark later here. I don’t like driving in the dark, especially since this area, as well as Chad’s area, have lots of deer on the roads.

Anyway, I love the shorter days. Rita, on the other hand, does not see any reason why she should be up before daylight.



We take her out when we get up, I feed them both and she is back in her bed, sleeping like a rock, before the last bite of food has gone down.

It’s nice for her to be able to sleep peacefully, without worrying about coyotes or whatever else she had to worry about while living in the woods. It’s been almost exactly two years since she arrived. It was while I was in Missouri in October, 2014 that Vince caught her in the trap. She was an outside dog for a few weeks before we let her in the house. We mostly kept her outside for fear of how Speck would react to her. When we let her in and saw her horrible bathroom manners, for a while, she’d probably rather be out in the woods dodging coyotes than living in the house with me. She’s come a long way! She never has an accident in the house. We were gone almost 12 hours a few days ago. We left puppy pads down in several spots and no one used them. They both “held it”.  I’m so proud of Rita’s good inside manners but it was touch and go for a while.

She’s turned into a great inside house pet.

We All Want A Sheep

A blog post without pictures but it’s too funny not to share. 

When I was probably 5 and possibly up through the time I got out of high school, I begged my parents for a lamb. I wanted a lamb and I think I asked for one almost every day. My dad finally started telling me . . when you get your own place, I’ll buy you a lamb! When we moved to Kentucky, my parents would come to see us and I would hold my breath til they had unpacked every single item because Vince knew nothing about my dad’s promise to buy me a lamb and knowing my dad, I’m still quite surprised he never showed up with one.

Recently Addie was sick. Chad, Nicole and Addie had stopped at a farm supply store and Addie was just starting to feel bad. Chad went in and they stayed in the car. A lady pulled up with a little lamb, a baby doll variety, and Addie wanted to go over and see it. The lady let her pet it and was telling Nicole all about how sweet and gentle they are. You know what happened next . . Addie wants a lamb.

That day or the next day, Addie’s fever went pretty high and Nicole was giving her a cool bath. Addie was aggravated about the cool water, and more aggravated that she didn’t have a lamb yet. Nicole said Addie was pretty mad and was screaming her words.

Addie: I want a lamb!
Nicole: Addie, we don’t have a place for a lamb.
Addie:  I want a lamb!
Nicole: You have a dog! What would you do with Speck if you got a lamb?
Addie: I don’t want a dog any more . . I want a lamb!
Nicole: If you get a lamb, what would you name him?
Addie: I would name my lamb Speck!

Addie has already named their dog Speck . . after my Speck but she was not quite 3 when she did that and now, in her mind, we named our dog Speck after she named her dog Speck and she can’t believe we did that!

I can just 

He Cleans Up Nicely!

You rarely get to see Vince when he’s not out working and looking pretty rough. Today at lunch he was home and I was taking pictures and snagged this one of him all cleaned up.

My Honey!

My Honey!

I think he looks pretty good!  🙂