This afternon I walked out to go get a cake pan from the storage room and I had to laugh. 



We’ve lived in town or fairly close to people all our married life and Vince has never really had a buddy that he could do things with. Here, our closest neighbor isn’t close at all but there’s a well worn path through the woods from our house to their house. In fact, the path is so well worn now that the electric meter reader uses our path when going between our two meters.  

Back here in the woods, instead of folks visiting by vehicle and traveling across the roads, we cut through woods on our little all terrain vehicles. Vince had gone over to their house because he wanted help with siting in a new gun so Mr. Neighbor came over in his little vehicle and now they’re out in the woods and I hear gunshots so I guess they’re having fun.

Even funnier was that I had just had a shower, had dried my hair but had not combed nor did I have on makeup and I was out there talking to the neighbor. There was a time when I would not have left my house without makeup and the hair being fixed. We’ve come a long way.

When I see the picture of the our RTV and their Ranger, and I think how nice it is to have friends who are close but not that close and no one ever bothers us back here, I thank God again for sending us to Texas. Now if He would just send Chad, Nicole and Addie a bit closer . . maybe not all the way to Texas, but somewhere between here and there, I’d be real happy!  :)

Life is good and other than being a bit closer to the kids, I can’t think of anything that could improve our life right now. That’s a good feeling any time of year but especially at Christmas.


What Else Do I Need?

I’m always the one telling all of you what you MUST have .. how about you telling me something I really need. I don’t expect you to know what I already have so don’t worry about whether I already have what you’re going to recommend.

The reason I’m asking is two-fold. First, I was so anti-electric pressure cooker for so many years, only because I thought the stove model was perfect and could not be improved upon. Now, I think both the electric and stove top models are perfect. The second part of the reason is this: Even though I’ve been anti-multi purpose pots, because of how much I love the pressure cooker, I’m thinking of ordering the Instant Pot. I could put the rice cooker and the slow cooker(s) in my storage area and then I would have the same number of pots in the kitchen. The current rice cooker and slow cooker could be for backup . . if I needed more or if the Instant Pot broke.

But first, I wanted to make sure there isn’t something I need more than I need a second pressure cooker. Honestly, there’s a roast in the pressure cooker now and if I had a second pot, I’d have another cheesecake cooking.

So . . let’s keep it kitchen related. What do I need?

She is Such a Chicken!

Every time I look at Rita, even with her quirky little personality and her bad manners, I am so thankful she found us. I can hardly stand to think of her living out in the woods, scrounging for food, eating acorns and water and trying to avoid being eaten by a coyote. Every little noise and she jumps. Yesterday I had her outside, for hours as you know, and once I repositioned the leash and it touched her head and she about came unglued. I just cannot imagine how she made it in the woods for over a week. It’s no wonder she wouldn’t come to me when I called her and Vince finally ended up having to catch her in a trap.

Rita Hiding Her Face

Rita Hiding Her Face

I guess it’s a good thing she lives where it rarely rains because she is so scared of thunder. Once before, we had a thunderstorm during the night and she, the dog who will not let you hold her at all, came to our bedroom door and rattled the door til I got up and she was happy to get in our bed.

Last night, thunder woke me up and I was fixing to get up to go check on her and realized she was already in our bed. Hmm . . how did that happen. Vince said when he first heard thunder, he got up and took her outside, and then she raced back to our bed and wanted in so he put her in the bed and that’s where she slept.

This morning, she cannot stay awake. It’s cool in the house so I put her little sweater on her. Come to think of it, I’m cold too. We haven’t had a fire in the fireplace yet this year. Maybe when Vince is home for lunch, I can talk him into building one for me. I can do it but I’m kinda scared to do it for the first time .. no telling what kind of critter is living up that chimney and may come scampering down once the fire gets going. Yes, there is a cover on the top of the chimney to keep birds out but I’m betting snakes and scorpions could be up there.