Chick Days Are Coming

Oh, I hope I can resist hanging out at Tractor Supply during Chick Days.

Chick Days

Chick Days

We’re down to 7 chickens — 1 big old happy rooster, 4 full sized hens, 1 bantam hen and 1 big chicken of questionable sex. I had about decided she was a rooster til yesterday I saw the real rooster doing what roosters do. Maybe he’s as confused as I am.

The hens have finally started laying again. I’m getting 4 eggs most every day . . some days there are 5 eggs, including the bantam, and every now and then I get only 3 eggs. For a week I get 28 to 30 eggs so that’s enough for now and I’ve been able to share again with my friend.

It’s so nice having one coop – one inside and one outside watering can, one food can, one coop to clean. If I do get more babies, they’ll have to be in a separate coop or I’ll have to go through the ordeal of combining the new with the old and that’s never easy. But, if I don’t get a few more and something happens to one or two of the hens I currently have, then I’m stuck buying eggs again . . and will have to wait til next year when Chick Days come around again.

Ideally, one of my current hens would want to sit on some eggs and hatch babies so they could all live together in one coop. I’d feel a whole lot more comfortable with 7 or 8 good laying hens.

We’ll see what happens.

Our Propane Guy

We’ve never lived where we had a propane tank that had to be filled but I can’t imagine having a nicer propane guy. Our guy owns the company and I’d be real happy if all businesses we deal with were half as nice and attentive as John.  I’m always telling him . . you know we don’t let our tanks get close to empty so when we call, you don’t have to stop everything and drive over here. I want him to know that when we call, that means “next time you’re in the area, stop by!” I told him today that when call, that’s like a first notice. If our tanks start getting dangerously low, I’ll call again but no .. he’s almost always here the same day.

Last time he was here, it was the day before Christmas Eve. I had called and told the lady in his office that we weren’t anywhere near running out and any time after the first of the year would be ok. She said he would get out here after Christmas. The next day  .. Christmas Eve, he was here. I said “Why are you here on Christmas Eve?” and he said “Because it’s going to rain and I don’t want to leave ruts in the orchard getting to the greenhouse tank!” How nice is that?

This morning I checked the greenhouse tank . . that greenhouse seriously is going through the propane. 100 gallons since Christmas Eve. The house has used about 40 gallons and that’s heat, water heater, dryer and stove. The electric heater won’t keep it warm once the temps drop down into the 20’s but we may need to come up with a less expensive way to heat the greenhouse .. if such a way exists.

Anyway, I looked at the tank this morning and it was down to 45% so at lunch, I said to Vince “If you see John, will you tell him we’re going to need propane in the next few weeks?” 

In an hour or so, I heard a truck and there was John. I walked out there and I said “Why did you come today?” He said “Vince told me if I came today, you’d give me cake!”



Remember the cake I made this morning? It’s disappearing quickly!  :)  But, our propane tank, at least the one for the greenhouse, is full. He didn’t bother with the tanks up by the house. He said “I’ll be back to fill this one way before those are low enough to fill!”

I really, really appreciate having a propane guy who cares! I can’t imagine calling for a refill and having to call back again and again and worrying about whether they were going to get here before the tanks are empty.

Internet Warning . . Again

Maybe I should just make a blanket statement:  If you don’t ever hear from me again, don’t worry!  Seriously, here’s yet another internet warning that I may have intermittent internet troubles for a while.

We’ve had two internet services almost since we moved here, paid dearly for those two services ($60/month for one and $50/month for one as I recall). Probably six months ago, our friends, Ann and Bob, told us about an internet service from a company about 40 or 45 miles from here that supplies internet to a couple of businesses in town and they have a booster on Ann and Bob’s radio tower. So, we signed up with them and they’ve been dependable and fast so just last week, we cancelled our second service and now we have just one reliable service. We were very happy.

But, when Bob and Ann’s house burned yesterday, the power was cut off to that booster so there went our internet! When the internet guy showed up at the scene of the fire, I said “Hey! What about me?”  No, I didn’t say that but I did ask him what they were going to do. He said that until they can get a new pole with new electrical service run, they’re going to have to keep that booster going by using a generator. And, since they’re 40 or 45 miles from here and since the generator has to be filled every 18 to 20 hours (we hope), I volunteered Vince to keep the thirsty generator filled with gasoline.

So, if I don’t have internet,  you can blame Vince!  :)

Seriously, it does feel a bit like Green Acres out here . . having to put fuel in the generator so we can have internet. But, it’s still better than living in town and having close neighbors, horns honking, stereos booming and whatever else goes along with city living.