No Complaining

I said . . I’m not going home from Missouri and complaining about Texas. The funny thing is . . if Chad, Nicole and Addie were here, I’d love Texas! But they’re not here.

So, all I’m going to say is this:  

You saw the pictures from MO.  This is the stream that’s just down from Chad’s apartment. These type places are everywhere there.



You saw the grass at Nicole’s parents’ home.

Fish Fry

Fish Fry

Here at our place, we have not had a drop of rain since the flood the first week in July. This is what it looks like.

Brown Grass

Brown Grass

Do not ask me why there’s that big dead “U” there. We didn’t spray it with anything . . it’s just deader than the rest of the grass. In addition to those dreadful grass burs, the dry, cracked ground, we have horrible crunchy brown “grass”.

I just wanted to share this with you so no one thinks I’m being overly grumpy about being back in Texas!

Baby Bed to Big Girl Bed

Addie’s baby bed was one of those kinds of beds that converts to a big girl bed but for some reason, they never could get it to work right. It was over a year ago when they put Addie into a big bed and when they couldn’t get the baby bed headboard and footboard to work, they brought an older bed frame home from Nicole’s grandparents’.

Nicole’s dad is a builder/cabinet maker so she grew up comfortable working with carpentry type tools. She came up with an idea for siderails that would work with the baby bed but somehow . . they didn’t work, so for a year, Addie’s been using the older bed. It was functional but wasn’t very pretty.

Last night during the night . . don’t ask me how or why, but Nicole had an idea of how to make the rails work that she had made. She couldn’t wait to get Addie out of bed so she could disassemble the old bed and try her new idea.

Addie's Bed

Addie’s Bed

Her idea worked! We had to run to Lowe’s and get some longer screws and she ended up having to screw the slats down to the side rails but it worked great.

We decided not to tell Chad what she had done and see if he noticed. When he was home at lunch, we got Addie to lure him into the bedroom. He stood there for a minute like he was trying to figure out what was different and then he said . . Hey!  When did this happen?

Nicole can do so much . . she was so excited to get that bed put together.

Air Conditioner Issues .. Again

Even though we had two air conditioner repairmen out within a few days, we have good news. The news is probably much better for me than for Vince . . therefore, you know it must involve spending money!  :)

Ever since we got the mini split in the sewing room, and I learned how energy efficient they are, and how well they cool, I’ve wanted one for our bedroom. We like to sleep with the temperature quite cool.

Not everyone will agree with me, but I think central air conditioning is not what it’s cracked up to be . . at least for us. Here’s my thinking:

  1. There are only two of us so all day, we’re cooling 3 bedrooms that no one ever goes into.
  2. At night, we’re cooling two bedrooms, a family room, a kitchen and dining room that no one is going into.
  3. We have almost no humidity so keeping the humidity isn’t an issue for us.
  4. If the a/c is only on in the bedroom at night, we don’t need to turn the a/c on in the rest of the house til about 11:00 a.m.

During the day, it isn’t so bad because the solar power we produce is providing energy for the air conditioner. But at night, we’re paying for electricity and it’s almost 100% going to run the air conditioner.

Another issue is that our central unit – the outside unit makes a popping sound that’s loud enough to wake even the most sound sleeper (me) every single time it cycles off. We’ve had three repairmen out now and all three said . . that’s just the way it is. I’ve begged to get rid of the old a/c and get a new one but one a/c guy told us that in order to change out the inside unit (in the attic), he’d have to tear out the ceiling in the hallway. The second a/c guy told us that they would be able to get through the attic access hole but . . the third a/c guy told us that the inside part of the unit was fine and it isn’t old enough that it needs to be replaced but for about 1/3 of the cost we were expecting to pay, we can get a new more energy efficient, quieter outside unit. That’s good news!

But, the best news is this:  All the time I’ve wanted a mini split in the bedroom, Vince has said “NO” because: (1) we have no more room in our breaker box for adding a 220 plug and (2) the cost of the mini split was more than he felt the savings was worth.

The third a/c guy told us that we could get a mini split that’s plenty big enough to keep our bedroom cool and it will plug into an existing 110 plug, and, it will cost less than half of what we paid for the bigger unit in the sewing room.

I doubt we do any of it til next spring but with a mini split in the bedroom, we’ll be able to sleep as cool as we want without much energy cost; we’ll keep the central air off from about 9 p.m. til probably 11 a.m.

Eventually we’ll get everything the way we want it and then . . I’ll convince Vince that we need to move back to MO.  :)