She’s a Devil Dog!

Once upon a time, I had a dachshund named Soccer. He was spoiled just like all my critters are but Soccer was very unreliable when it came to his bathroom habits. We could walk around outside for an hour and he would walk in the house and have an “accident”, though it never really seemed like an accident, but more like .. watch me show her who’s the boss.

Speck, also a dachshund, would probably burst before he would go to the bathroom in the house. I can’t even remember the last time Speck had an accident .. probably not since he was a puppy and was being house trained. For a while, when Vince would come home after being gone or several days, Speck would be so happy to see him that he would dribble a little on the floor and he would be so embarrassed, he would run into his crate and try to hide.

Along comes Rita!



Don’t let that angelic look fool you. She is the most conniving little critter ever! So far, she’s had two accidents in the house and I’m not seeing any reason for that to have happened. A couple of weeks ago, we were gone for about 6 hours and I was afraid to see what I would find in the house but she hadn’t done anything! It’s purely a matter of convenience with her. If it’s raining or she’s not feeling like going outside, she’ll just go find a quiet spot and take care of business. Thank goodness we don’t have carpet or she might be finding herself a new home.

Every time she gives me any indication she needs to go, I take her outside. This morning, between daylight and about 10:30, I went outside with her four times . . we walked probably 20 minutes each time and she never did anything. Vince came home and he walked with her probably half an hour . . nothing! Before he left to go back to work, he went out with her again . . nothing!

I was so tempted to take the leash off and send her outside and I think that’s what she really wanted. It was a warm, sunny day and apparently she figured out that if she couldn’t run loose outside, the next best thing was being out on a leash, dragging one of us around.

During the afternoon, I took her out maybe four more times.  Nothing! When Vince got home, he took her out and told me “we’re not coming back til she does something!” I figured that meant I didn’t need to fix dinner because Vince wouldn’t be back inside yet but after about 45 minutes, he came in and announced that Rita had finally done her business.

Finally, we could relax stop watching her!

Adding Lights

I looked at this photo this morning and thought . . I should have you guess as to what I’m trying to show you because this picture surely doesn’t give you much info!  A blog post without photos is boring and I didn’t want to say to the electrician .. smile . . so I can take your picture for my blog. I did give him 5 dozen fresh eggs so he probably would have said “OK”.



Remember the snake incident inside the shop? When you walk through this door to the shop, there’s a very dark, narrow hallway .. maybe 5′ long, that goes to the sewing room door.  Walk through the door, turn left and you go to the sewing room. Walk to the door and turn right and you’re in the shop, where there’s excellent lighting but there just isn’t enough light in the little hallway to the shop. There are lots of safe hiding spots for snakes and since that door opens to the left, there’s precious little walking space to the left so if that snake had been on the left side of that door, he would have had to slither across my feet .. my toes because, of course, I was wearing flip flops. If that would have happened, either I would have had a heart attack and died or I would never have gone in that room again.

Vince had put up some little battery operated motion lights, which sometimes worked and sometimes didn’t. When they do work, this is how much light they produced.



It was barely enough to find my way to the door and definitely not enough to see what kind of critters were waiting to munch on my toes . . or worse!

I hate to keep asking for stuff . . really, I do! But I told Vince  I was literally holding my breath as I walked into the sewing room and hoping there were no snakes in there. I think, knowing how many snakes are out here, and after having seen the one inside the shops right there at the door, I was not going to get past that fear of coming across a snake. I thought we needed better lighting there. Since he’s always willing to make my life better, he called the electrician.



Now, we have light.  A new switch . . no more frantically waving my arms trying to get the motion light to come on. No more wimpy little light shining directly in my eyes, but a nice overhead light . . lots of light to chase away the scariest, most vicious snakes and lots of light to help me see them and know that my path is clear.

Banished From The Living Room

I’ve been sent to my room!  :)

Our family room is tiny . . our whole house is tiny! In the family room, we have Vince’s recliner positioned for optimum TV viewing and sleeping; a love seat and my recliner. I have a view of outside . . I can sit and knit and watch wild turkeys, deer, chickens . . whatever happens to be out roaming the countryside. We bought the furniture two years ago just after Thanksgiving.

Earlier this week, I was sitting in my recliner and I felt like I was sinking deeper and deeper into a hole. I kept re-positioning myself and then when it was time to get up, it was like I was having to crawl out of the chair. I said to Vince . . would you sit in this chair and see if you think something’s wrong. YES! He thought something was wrong so we called the store in Comanche where we bought it and they sent someone out to look at it and yes . . it needs help! They ordered a new cushion assembly because the stuffing is just almost non-existent. I don’t think that chair was right from day 1 — it always felt understuffed but I attributed it to that one being a rocker and not just a regular recliner. They also ordered a new “frame” so hopefully, I will have a much more comfortable chair soon. 

To top it off, yesterday while hauling 18 gallon tubs full of yarn to the sewing room, I hurt my back. I felt it as I was propping the tub on my knee while twisting to try to open the door, get out with the tub, without letting Rita escape. Sitting in that collapsed chair is not working with my back already hurting.

With a hurt back, that meant Vince had to haul the rest of the tubs of yarn to the sewing room. That was not good!  Thank goodness, he didn’t realize I had already hauled 9 tubs over there.

Last night we decided to try the impossible. We would convince Rita to sit in the broken chair and Speck and I would sit on the love seat. No way! Rita has always sat on the love seat and . . all two months of her life here, and she’s not about to change her location. I would put her in the broken chair with her favorite quilts and she would beat me to the love seat. She and Speck get along great . . until one of us is close. Speck snaps at Rita; Rita snaps back . . that plan didn’t work.

We decided Vince would sit on the love seat with Rita and Speck and I would sit in his chair but the lighting by his chair is worse than by my chair and I didn’t want to haul my lamp over by his chair and have to unplug something so I could plug in the lamp so .. I said . . that’s no problem. I’ll go sit in the recliner in the bedroom. We could swap recliners . . mine in the living room for the one in the bedroom but the parts for the broken chair should be here next week, or early the next week and I’d rather the repairmen be in the living room than in the bedroom working. They said it will take them an hour or so to take the chair apart, replace the parts and have it back together again.

So for now . . I’m in the bedroom by myself, with my iPod, my laptop and my knitting. Old Speck hasn’t even noticed I’m not in there. Who would have thought having a recliner to myself, with no TV and no snoring would be so nice? :)

And, since I’m sitting right here by the bed, I think I keep hearing the bed calling my name . . nap time!  :)