The Dogs Update

They may never be friends but Speck is no longer wearing a muzzle and unless something out of the ordinary happens, there is no growling, biting or attacking. Monday night, we had Rita in the house and we had the muzzle on Speck. Things weren’t terrible. Tuesday night, Speck barked the entire night.  Wednesday I said to myself . . they have to work it out. I can’t take it any longer so while Vince was at work, I let Rita in and I stood back and watched. She ran up to Speck to sniff and Speck walked away like he was halfway afraid of her. After that, they’ve pretty much ignored each other. At night, Speck sits in the chair with me and I’ve been careful not to let Rita jump up in the chair with us. That would probably cause problems.

Rita has been sleeping in a crate in the sewing room but since it gets dusk about 7:30, we were putting her in then and it isn’t daylight til after 7:30 in the morning so she was staying in there an awful long time. We decided to bring a smaller crate into the house and let her sleep in there. That way, we let her out about 9:30 p.m. when Speck goes out for the last time, and we take her out again in the morning about 5:30 when we get up. She whined a bit in the crate and a couple of times, each of us got up to mist her with the spray bottle and say “NO!” for whining and barking.

Friday night (last night), we decided to let her sleep on the sofa. We have a slip cover and an old blanket over that. She was happy and quiet on there.

Bedtime for Rita

Bedtime for Rita

Speck curled up on his pillow by my chair, which is where he sleeps, and all was well.

Speck on his Pillow

Speck on his Pillow

Rita spends her days outside as long as we’re home. If we’re gone for longer than an hour or so, Speck goes into his crate, whic is what always happens, and we put Rita behind the gate in the kitchen.

We may have worked this all out with no bloodshed and minimal extra gray hairs for mom!

Flu Shot, or Not?

Most of us have a definite feeling about getting or not getting a flu shot. Do you or do you not? Care to share your reasons why?

I am about 99% opposed to a flu shot because, in my limited (very) medical knowledge, the shot is a best guess as to what particular strain of flu bug might be active for that year. I do not trust the government to make the right decisions about much, nor do I have much faith or trust in the CDC, WHO, FDA or whichever agencies work on the vaccine. Those of you who know me and know how I think know how I feel so I will say no more.

But . . the 1% wins out with the flu shot and here’s why. Probably 20 years ago, I managed to come down with the flu. I had not taken a flu shot that year, nor had I ever had a flu shot. I was 20 years younger and thought I was going to die! Chad was in 2nd or 3rd grade and I couldn’t fix food for him, I couldn’t take him to school, I couldn’t do anything. I was really sick in bed for 7 full days. You know I am not a wimp and was even less of a wimp back then. When I finally felt like going back to work, it was about 2 weeks before I was able to work a full day without going in to the attorney I worked for and saying “I can’t make it any longer! I’m going home!”

Each year, I feel like I’m rolling the dice when I get a flu shot. Will I have an adverse reaction? What may happen months or years from now because of the vaccine? And worse  . . If I don’t get the vaccine and get the flu, I’ll have to listen to Vince say “I told you to get the shot!!”

So, I’ve now had the shot . . and I’ll hope for the best.

Call Me Grace!

First, we’ve had no internet for a bit over 24 hours. I’m so lost without it but I handle it better . . we seem to have at least one 24 hour period every week with no internet. Since that means no home phone, no cell phone, no TV, no Ravelry, no Facebook . . we always go to bed early. We were in bed before 9 last night. Chad and Nicole were on the road, and thankfully, texts do get through so I could receive a text when they were safely home but . . the internet is back today so I’ll make the best of it . . til it isn’t here any more.

Sunday Vince was working in the garden so we could get the garlic patch ready for planting. I was in the kitchen, doing nothing hazardous, when my right foot got in the way of my left foot. Don’t even ask me how someone can step on their own foot but I did. I was barefooted and the heel of my left foot stepped right where the toes are attached to the foot and it hurt!

Injured Toes

Injured Toes

Please overlook the state of my toenail polish. Honestly, I polish my nails in spring to welcome flip flop season. I might do it one or two more times but by this time of year, the polish is just wearing off or growing off . . that’s how it works around here and it doesn’t bother me one bit.

See the toe next to the big toe on the right foot. Ouch! The picture was taken on Sunday. By Monday it was more swollen but no more bruising. Today, the bruising is almost gone, the swelling is down and I’m hoping to wear shoes when I go out later this morning.

I don’t need dangerous equipment to hurt myself . . I can do it all on my own!