Yarn Report – Week 38, 2014

Another week with nothing added. Yay!! Do you think I’m cured of my yarn buying? Time will tell. I did use 3 skeins for Addie’s Jack-0-Lantern sweater.

Used this week: 3 skeins
Used since 1/1/2014: 58 skeins
Added this week: 0 skeins
Added since 1/1/21014: 282 skeins
Net Used since 1/1/2014: 224 skeins (red means I’ve added more than I’ve used)

Jack-o-Lantern Sweater Finished

All the sweaters I’ve made so far were top down and knit in the round. The sleeves extended from the shoulders, after a few rounds, they were put on waste yarn and then picked up later and finished in the round. This little doozy was knit bottom up, front was one piece, back was one piece, sleeves were each one piece. Maybe it’s because I learned the other way but I did not like this method of knitting a sweater! 

Jack-o-Lantern Sweater

Jack-o-Lantern Sweater

All week I’ve been putting off seaming the pieces together but this morning I said to myself . . nothing fun til that sweater is finished and now . . it’s finished. I still need to steam the seams but I’ll do that next time I have the iron on.

I’m going to find a good basic kids sweater, top down, knit in the round (any suggestions?) that will be my “go to” pattern for pullovers for Addie and I can do any intarsia that I find but just use the pattern that’s constructed the way I like it. There was nothing wrong with this pattern. It was well written, easy to understand and completely correct — just not my preferred method of construction.

It definitely isn’t perfect but it was my first intarsia and I had to start somewhere, right?