Nicole’s Omena

A few weeks ago, someone shared a link to the pattern, Omena. I thought it looked like something Nicole would like to make and wear so I sent her the link and she loved it. I ordered the yarn for each of us to make one. Of course, I haven’t started mine and Nicole’s is finished!

Nicole's Omena

Nicole’s Omena

I love it!  Maybe I need to get started on mine so I can have it to wear in case we get a cold day between now and . . maybe March!  :)

Nicole is doing fantastic with her knitting so when some of you tell me you wish you could knit but you can’t (and you know who you are <G>), I giggle. Short of having physical limitations, if you want to knit, you can knit. Can’t never could . . remember that!

When Chad first brought Nicole to meet us, I was trying to make conversation. Chad had already told me she didn’t cook so I thought I’d ask the next most important question I could think if . . “Do you sew?” Her answer:  Why would I? She was dead serious . . she saw no reason why she would ever sew! That was until I brought my favorite Singer 301 to her to try and she said “I believe I’ll keep it!” and she did. She now sews and quilts but she really loves knitting. She had never knitted or crocheted and when I was there a year or so ago, we got some needles and yarn and I showed her the basics. As with all beginners, it was frustrating for her and when I left, I wasn’t sure she would ever pick those needles up again. But, she did! She watched videos, she called me when she got stuck . . mostly with reading patterns. It was easy for me to help her because it’s been only about 9 years ago that I picked up knitting again after not knitting for 30 or more years. Then, I knitted only socks for years and it was only about 2 years ago that I started knitting sweaters and having to figure out how to read patterns.

So, if you want to knit and have no physical limitations to prevent you from knitting . . don’t tell me that you wish you could knit because I know the truth . . if you wanted to do it, you would do it!  Not everyone wants to knit and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that.

And, Nicole has also grown into being an amazing cook and more importantly, she enjoys cooking! She’s a great mom and she and Chad seem to get along great. I am one blessed mom, mother-in-law and grandma!

A Schacht Matchless

There are so many brands and types of spinning wheels and they all behave differently and have different characteristics. It’s really a hard decision! I thought I had decided on the Majacraft Rose but then learned that the wood is soft and scuffs and scrapes easily so I decided against that.

Then I decided I wanted the Schacht Matchless. Everyone who has one loves it.

Schacht Matchless

Schacht Matchless

Here’s the good part:  I have a friend who has a knitting shop. She has had a few Schacht items in her shop before so I wrote her to see if she could get a Schacht spinning wheel. When you order a Schacht from most shops, the wheel is shipped directly from Schacht, so I figured I’d see if my friend could make the sale. My friend could order one for me but . . she has a Schacht Matchless that she bought a few years back, has only spun a little on and she was willing to sell it at a great price, along with some super accessories. Done! Her Schacht Matchless will be coming to my house real soon and I cannot wait.