On the Needles – October 30, 2015

This week has been more about another hobby . . later blog post . . but I did finish my Zombie Apocalypse hat. You never know what’s going to happen in this crazy world so everyone should have a Zombie Apocalypse hat, right?

Zombie Apocalypse Hat

Zombie Apocalypse Hat

This hat was a joy to make. First, it isn’t knit in the round. Hallelujah! It was knit flat and then the three needle bind off made it round.

Zombie Apocalypse Hat

Zombie Apocalypse Hat

It was interesting to make because pointy end was shaped with short rows. Instead of wrap and turns (W&T), I did German short rows, which I think are neater. The yarn is Madelinetosh Chunky, which is Aran weight, so it’s pretty quick to make. I have several sweater quantities of Madelinetosh Chunky and I almost always buy a bit more yarn than I’ll need so hopefully I’ll have yarn leftover from some projects to make more of these hats.

Knitting in 2015

It’s been about a year ago since I made my knitting plans for 2015 so, one might think it’s time to make knitting plans for 2016. My knitting plans seems to be very similar to my New Year’s Resolutions in that I can keep reusing the same plans/resolutions because I never accomplish anything on my list. I’m not saying I never accomplish anything — just never anything on my list!

And just in case I forget how miserably I failed at staying on track, I have my friend, Amy, to remind me!  :)

Since I still want to make everything on this list, and I think I have the yarn for all of it, I’m going to work from this list next year. No need to waste time making a new and different list, right?

Here’s my list for 2015:


  • Adult – Blue Sand (for me)  – This one is started and maybe in January, 2016 I can manage to finish it.
  • Child – Monkey Mittens – I did knit the chicken mittens so can we count that?

Not another single thing on my list got done but you know  . . it wasn’t because I wasn’t knitting!











Other projects I really want to do and may try to work on as “extra” projects, and, I do have the yarn for all of the above projects and the ones listed below:


Spinning Wheel Update

We’re working with UPS (or UPS is working with us) to try to get things right with the wheel. It was insured but my fear is that we’ll spend half the insurance money buying parts that may not fix the wheel and then I’ll have a broken wheel, a bunch of parts and not enough insurance money remaining to even start to replace the wheel. I understand UPS’ position of not wanting to hand over the full insurance amount if the parts, and a portion of the insurance money will fix it but . . I’m not the one who did the damage so we’re still working on getting it all worked out so every one is happy.

Spinning Wheel

Spinning Wheel

There she sits . . waiting to be used. I’ve tried spinning but the pedals just don’t work right. The left one is still hitting against the back frame. If it stops in a certain position, it will not move and I have to turn the wheel by hand. I want so badly to sit and spin but . . I cannot  . . yet.