Chicken Mitttens Pattern is Ready

Remember when I was testing the chicken mittens pattern for a knitting friend? The pattern is now ready. You can get the pattern here (Ravelry). The pattern includes 6 sizes, from baby to medium adult and even if you want to make large or extra large adult, once you’ve made the pattern a time or two, I think you can improvise to make a larger size. Think Vince would like a pair?  :)

I’m really excited about these mittens! I know .. it doesn’t take much to excite me but I can see wearing these and getting lots of smiles . . even if they think I’m crazy. (No comments on that please!)

Chicken Mittens

Chicken Mittens

They are not hard to make and are so fun to wear! I made a pair for my friend’s granddaughter and a pair for Addie. I didn’t have the adult pattern til today so I can’t wait to make a pair for me.

If you have grandchildren or friends who love chickens, these are inexpensive to make and each mitten can easily be made in one day (probably both can be made in a day).

I’m wondering if the chickens will notice when I wear mine. Hey .. her hands look like us! No . . they won’t notice. Chickens don’t notice anything but these little mittens are so cute and everyone, except chickens, will notice how adorable they are.

Saturday Happenings

It’s an action packed Saturday at our house!  :)  Seriously . . not so much.  The National Guard folks are doing what they do back behind us and it sounds like a war zone. I love it when there’s activity at the Guard, except when they’re practicing their IED explosions and that rattles my windows and makes me jump every time one goes off. If it’s quiet in the house, we can hear the guns but mostly I hear it when I’m outside. I smile every time I hear a round going off .. just thinking how much fun some of those folks are having. I always  think . . I’d like to go back there and watch but there Guard has so much land, even though it all sounds real close, I’m betting I couldn’t even see them if I rode to the fence line.

Vince has to make a run to the dump. I came up with a new plan for the meal worm beds and like the good sport that he is . . or else he wants something from Walmart or Home Depot . . he’s agreed to go with me to look at what it would take to do the worm bed.



For now, the new ones have all been dumped into a Rubbermaid bucket, fed and I’ll try to find a dog safe area to leave them til I can get them set up the way I want them. Their permanent location, as permanent as it gets til they get fed to the chickens or blue birds, is in the well house but for now, they’ll be in my dining room. Sounds appetizing, huh? Mealworms under the dining room table!  :)

Once we get home from errands, I’m hoping to sew a bit.

What plans do you have for today? Sewing? Knitting? Oh . . knitting . . I got down to the pockets on my Tea with Jam and Bread sweater last night. I wanted to see if I could get all the way down to the bottom and get it off the needles but I got too sleepy and had to stop. Maybe today I’ll get it off the needles. If I like the fit on this sweater, and I think I will, I’m making another one. I love making it.

Yarn Report – Week 4, 2015

It could have been better and it could have been worse.

First, here’s a text I received from Chad Wednesday evening:

Text from Chad

Text from Chad

So, you see .. he’s blaming me for his impatience and I’ve been told I have the patience of Job .. well, maybe I haven’t been told that! :)  Anyway, it seems that it’s a family tradition for us to never accept responsibility and blame others for our actions.

So, in the spirit of continuing to blame someone else for the errors of my ways, here’s part of an email from my good friend, Amy . . the one who is supposed to be helping me not buy yarn this year, but who makes sure I see very cute pattern that gets released and makes double sure I don’t miss any emails about yarn sales. What are friends for, huh?

I didn’t even realize until I went to look, but we are #1 and #2 overall. How did this happen?  We were supposed to NOT be buying this year!

I’m not sure what Amy’s excuse is but the majority of what I bought has been for Nicole. There’s been some for me but not enough to get to those kinds of numbers. Eat, Sleep, Knit has power boost yarns and I’ve mostly bought those so that’s added to my numbers so it looks like I’ve bought more yarn than I have actually purchased.

What I did purchase that was for me was 9 skeins of Malabriga Mecha to make Wandering Woods. I love cables! And, I got 8 skeins of Madelinetosh Chunky in Robin Red Breast and I broke another of my rules . . I bought that yarn with no project in mind because there was a 15% off sale, and the power boost so that was too good to pass up.

So, I added 17 skeins this week. I have nothing to report as used, which means . . I’m back in the red but . . once I finish Blue Sand and Tea with Jam and Bread, that will be 17 or 18 skeins used so I’ll be back in positive numbers again so . . at this point I can still recover and I really don’t plan to buy more yarn for a while. Really!!

Used this week: 0 skeins
Used since 1/1/2015: 11 skeins
Added this week: 17 skeins
Added since 1/1/21015: 27 skeins
Net Used since 1/1/2015: 16 skeins  (red means I’ve added more than I’ve used).  (Bad Judy!)