Just Like Grandma

The other day I was out gathering eggs and as I walk from coop to coop, memories surface of gathering eggs at my grandmas. I still remember the configuration of her coop and chicken yard. I loved spending time with the chickens when I was a kid. As I gathered eggs, I thought . . my grandma would be smiling . . knowing how much I love living in the country and remembering the times I spent on their farm.

I looked down at my egg basket and thought . . my grandma’s egg basket never looked like this:

Egg Basket

Egg Basket

Two cell phones. Mine and Vince’s. We were waiting on a delivery and Vince didn’t remember which cell phone number he gave them and he was off too far from the house for the phone to work so I was minding both our phones.

My grandparents didn’t even have a home phone for many years and never dreamed of an invention such as a cell phone. Some days, I wish there was still no such thing.

Anyway . . I do have a pretty basket of eggs, right?

Rita’s Getting Closer

Rita is not a snuggler and you can forget about holding her and petting her. There is not part about being held and snuggled that she likes! She’s now out of the kitchen and the cone is off and yesterday, she stayed in her little “nest” on the sofa but today, she’s moved over to the foot of my recliner.

Rita and Speck

Rita and Speck

Speck has always sat with me. If I’m in the chair, he’s in the chair with me.

Rita and Speck

Rita and Speck

He isn’t real sure what to think about it, or how to get rid of her but he’s being very accommodating, which is surprising. He’s now crawled back under the quilt and they’re both sleeping peacefully. I would never have guessed that Speck would have allowed this!

The only problem is . . Rita snores and for a little dog, she is loud! She and Vince should have a contest!

This gives me hope that some day she will sit on my lap and let me pet her.

Design Wall – November 17, 2014

Back up on my design wall are my One Block Wonder blocks. This is actually the picture from when I had them up before because I forgot to take a new picture. I’m 100% sure they aren’t in this same order right now.

One Block Wonder