Whining Alert

Through the years, I’ve come across some blogs who incessantly post “poor, pitiful me” stories. My husband is terrible (I’m NOT saying that); our finances are in shambles (I’m NOT saying that either); my dog pees on the floor (I MIGHT be saying that); I’m overworked, underpaid, not appreciated . . you know what I’m talking about. Have you seen those type blogs? Do you ever go back to them?

Early in my blogging years, and I feel so old when I say that, I figured everyone had their own troubles and no one needed to hear mine, unless I could make light of it and cause a smile.

But, when I’m sick, you just have to feel sorry for me and how else would you know I was sick if I didn’t blog about it, right?

OK . . I thought you would understand and see it my way!

Here in central Texas, and in a few other areas mostly around Texas, we have something called cedar fever. It isn’t really fever but it’s a fairly severe allergic reaction to the cedar pollen. They say it takes about 3 years of living in it to be sensitized to it and not everyone suffers from it. I am one of the lucky ones! We came here in 2011 and I went back this morning and looked at my medical records online and in January, 2014; January, 2015 and today . . I was at the doctor getting antibiotics and steroid shots.

When I say I sneeze 50 times a day, that’s a conservative guess. Early last week, I was going to do the doctor, then my friend, Carolyn, wrote me about an OTC med that she thought worked wonders, so I got that and thought I was going to be good.



I truly seem to be one of those people who don’t stop til I drop and yesterday, I was fine all day. Made bread shortly after lunch; went over to the sewing room and made the bunny ear bag. Came back to the house about 3:30 and when I sat down . . there was no getting up. I felt horrible! Vince came in and I said “I have beans started in the pressure cooker but I can’t finish dinner.” Really, I was not doing well. I didn’t even want anything to eat – a sure sign I’m really, seriously ill. By about 8:30, I was freezing . . heater turned up, jacket on. I had a low fever but not enough to where I thought I should feel so bad.

Now, here’s where you’ll really be feeling sorry for me! You know how much I detest shopping . . even when I feel good!

This evening, I was feeling a little better and wanted to go to the Runaway Train and get some of their yummy broccoli soup. Vince agreed BUT he said “Want to go to Aldi when we’re done eating?” NO! But, always trying to win that Good Wife Award, I said OK. Of course, one stop shopping is never on Vince’s agenda so we went to Burke’s. I got a few goodies there. Then we went to Aldi and because he knows I won’t pitch a fit, screaming and pulling my hair out until he’s gone to three places . . so we went to Kroger. By then, it was dark, and the chickens were not locked up, the heater wasn’t on in the greenhouse, and I was not feeling great so I very nicely (really!) said “OK. We’ve been to three places and you know that’s my limit. Let’s.Go.Home!

Home, sweet home! Finally!

Bunny Ears Bag

My friend was telling me the other day about Bunny Ears Bags that her daughter had showed her. My friend was saying that she and I should make them for our granddaughters’ classes for Easter. Here’s the link to some you can buy on Etsy and they are adorable.

I began searching online for a pattern or tutorial to make them and found this one at SewCanShe (where there are lots of amazing tutorials).

The sewing room began calling . . louder and louder. I wanted to try one and see  . . I don’t know what I wanted to see because I knew it was going to be super easy. There was no way I was going to make buttonholes on all these little rascals so I figured I’d just cut it with little snips, maybe use fusible interfacing to the back of that spot and hopefully keep down on the fraying. Interfacing! Do I even remember the last time I used interfacing? No! Since I’ve been on this kick wanting to make bags for a couple of years, I thought I had ordered some interfacing from JoAnn’s a while back. I looked everywhere I thought it might be. Couldn’t find even one little smidgen of interfacing. I remembered where I had some stacked in the sewing room in Missouri but that didn’t lead me to any now. Then . . I saw a box sitting on the back of a shelf. Hmmm . . what would I have ordered? I have everything. Maybe there’s interfacing in that box . . so I opened it and yep . . interfacing! Fusible interfacing.

Order from JoAnn's

Order from JoAnn’s

It had been sitting there almost a year so I ripped into it and am not even sure which one I grabbed but I fused a little piece of interfacing on the wrong side of where the buttonhole should be cut and, since these are not heirloom projects, that will work just dandy.

Also, I knew I had no ribbon. I couldn’t even remember a time when I’ve used ribbon so I didn’t even bother looking for that. Remember these things?



I think they were for making binding. I have no idea but I have several in various sizes. I figured I’d just run some fabric through that and it could be the “ribbon” for this one test bunny ear bag. I’ll get some ribbon when I go to the store.

Thankfully, finding fabric was no problem at all.  The pattern shows the ears made with one color on the back and one color on the front. Since I was only making one, I cut all the pieces from one fabric but when I make the “real” ones, I’ll use two different colors for the ears.

Bunny Ear Bag

Bunny Ear Bag

I made this one just by the pattern but I’m going to wait til the Easter candy hits the shelves, pick out the candy to use in Addie’s bags and then enlarge the “bag” area if needed. Everything that goes to her school has to be commercially packaged (no homemade goodies).

Aren’t these the cutest things?

More Jujube Trees

Do we love jujubes or, it is the search for them that we love?  They really are an intriguing tree/fruit. They’re drought resistant, bug resistant and fast growing. Some days I go out and look at all the fruit trees we’ve planted and I have to ask myself “WHY?”  It’s hard enough for humans to survive the heat, the bugs, the snakes, and drought and dust and cedar pollen of central Texas . . why are we trying to grow fruit here? If ever I come up with an answer to why we do what we do, I’ll be sure to let you know!

Jujube Tree

Jujube Tree

This is what my jujube tree looks like now. Look at those thorns! And let me tell you . . they go right through you to the bone! Those are some evil thorns. I’ve learned to never try to pick jujubes on a windy day when the wind can blow those branches into my skin.

Jujube trees are available online at several places but they are outrageously expensive and by the time you add in shipping, it’s more than we’re willing to pay.

There’s a nursery about an hour from here . . a big operation . . Womack’s Nursery, and several years ago, we heard that they stocked Jujube trees. In 2013, I called them in early spring but they told me that you have to get the Jujubes early . . probably in January, because they sell out quickly. In 2014, I can’t remember what we had going on but we never got around to getting over there to get them. In 2015, they never were able to get any. 

I made a note to call them in January of this year and didn’t get around to calling til earlier this week. YES! They had Jujube trees! The guy said “they’re a hot item and they may be gone by the weekend.” I called Vince to see if he wanted me to go over there and get some. For some reason, even though I make it to Missouri and back, or Louisiana and back, by myself, any time I’m going to go to Austin or Abilene or anywhere close, he has the idea that I shouldn’t go alone. I think he just wants to go too!

He took off yesterday afternoon and together, we made our first trip to Womack’s Nursery. There was a time when I could do serious damage to the credit card in a quilt shop, or dress shop, or shoe store . . now, turn me loose somewhere that has plants and I am in my element!

We were really happy to find those jujubes. We’d still like to have a couple of the sugar cane and honey jar varieties, but until they’re more common, we’re happy to have what we have.

New Trees

New Trees

We came home with 7 new fruit trees. We already had 1 jujube so now we’ll have 4. We already had 1 persimmon, so now we’ll have 3. We already had 3 pomegranates, or maybe we already have 2 . . can’t remember, but now we’ll have either 4 or 5.

Once these 7 trees are planted, I think the orchard will be pretty full. Here’s what I think we now have:

  • Figs – 8
  • Pomegranates – 4 or 5
  • Jujube – 3
  • Plum – 3
  • Asian Pear – 3
  • Apricot – 3
  • Cherry – 6
  • Peach – 5
  • Pear – 5
  • Sugar Pear – 2
  • Apple – 3
  • Persimmon – 3
  • Crab Apple – 2

That’s a lot of trees to have planted in four years! Let’s hope we get some fruit this year!