Having grown up in Louisiana and worked for defense attorneys for many, many years, I didn’t have a very high opinion of chiropractors. Louisiana used to have billboards that read something like “We’re the only state that doesn’t license chiropractors” so, growing up seeing that, and knowing the attitude of defense attorneys towards chiropractors, I would never go to one!

Until . . 

I have been having so much trouble with my right foot. It got to the point where I could hardly walk and I mentioned it to a friend in the medical field and he told me I needed to see a podiatrist so that’s when we went to see one in Abilene. She x-rayed my foot and found a little arthritis and recommended a shoe insert and no flip flops so . . no flip flops and I’ve been wearing her inserts in my shoes and I had no relief. Then I went to a podiatrist here in town. He again x-rayed my foot and said he didn’t even see arthritis. He put me on a prednisone pack (6 days) and a prescription pain cream for inflammation. By the second day of taking prednisone, despite it making me feel bad, my foot was so much better but about three days after I’d taken the last pill, the foot pain was back.

I’ve seen the doctor here 3 or 4 times and when I went earlier this week, he gave me another prescription for yet another prednisone pack.

In the meantime, since my first visit to the podiatrist, my right hip started hurting, then the back of my right thigh, then my left hip, and then the outside of my left knee and a bit down the outside of my left upper shin area. I did a bit of research (and you know how much doctors love that) and decided I had sciatica. I’m going to visit with a friend in the medical field this weekend and I figured I’d ask her about it and see what she thinks. I’ve been paying more attention to how I’m sitting while knitting and in general, paying attention to what I’m doing. For a minute or two, out of desperation, I thought about seeing a chiropractor but talked myself out of it.

Tuesday night we watched a documentary on chiropractors (pro-chiropractor). I’ve been around the block enough times to know not to believe everything I see and hear on TV but what I heard made a lot of sense. I figured at this point, what do I have to lose. During the middle of watching the documentary, Vince said “Have you thought of seeing a chiropractor for your foot?” Right then I texted a friend who works for a chiropractor here in town and I said “I need to see a chiropractor” and we texted back and forth and Wednesday morning at 9:30 I saw the chiropractor.  While I’m not cured after one visit, I’m pretty impressed with what I saw (x-rays) and what he told me and the bit of relief I already feel.

I liked the guy a lot! He sat and talked with me and explained everything. Pointed to good and bad areas on my x-rays.

The x-rays showed that all my disc spaces are great . . no back issues. The movements he did showed that my hips are good. I was fearing double hip replacements with the pain I was having. Nope, hips are good. He feelsI do have sciatica, and I never told him that was my own diagnosis. There’s some crooked stuff around the hip area and when he mashed way down on my low back .. almost to my hips . . OUCH!

He did some manipulation and some kind of electronic therapy and we’ll continue this for a while and see if there’s improvement. I’m more hopeful than I’ve been for a while.

Blue Bell is in the House!

Actually, it’s in the fridge in the shop. No thanks to Vince  . . who didn’t bring any home yesterday! It’s a good thing I love that man because something like failing to bring home Blue Bell on the first day it’s available . . that has to be cause for some drastic action!  His excuse was that the eye doctor dilated his eyes and he didn’t want to drive back to the store to get the ice cream. I think he didn’t go because he knew it wasn’t on sale and getting that man to buy something not on sale is next to impossible.

Blue Bell Ice Cream

Blue Bell Ice Cream

Despite what you may have come to believe about me, I have a little self-control and I’m saving the ice cream til Vince gets home. I was tempted to open the carton and smell it but I knew I couldn’t trust myself . . I might sit down and eat the whole half gallon! As soon as he gets home, we’re running down to a neighbor’s house to visit with them and then I’ll have to heat up dinner so it’s still hours before I can open that carton of Blue Bell. I’m so strong!  :)

This morning I went to get a haircut and I saw the Blue Bell truck at a convenience store.

Blue Bell Truck

Blue Bell Truck

My heart skipped a beat!  What a welcome sight! That’s the first real sign of Blue Bell I’ve seen in months and months. I turned around and went back to get a picture. I thought about parking, walking in and telling that Blue Bell driver how happy I was to see them on the road but I figured he’s been hearing that everywhere he goes.

I got out my phone to show the haircut lady a picture of my rug hooking and she saw the Blue Bell truck and laughed. She grabbed her phone and she had a picture of herself eating out of the carton yesterday. There are some serious Blue Bell lovers in this part of the country.

Welcome Back, Blue Bell!

Welcome Back, Blue Bell!

This sign greeted me at United.

Beautiful Sight!

Beautiful Sight!

Ahh! There it is! My beloved Blue Bell . . back on the shelves in north and central Texas. I only got one carton of Homemade Vanilla. The flavors are limited. In addition to Homemade Vanilla, they’re stocking Dutch Chocolate, The Great Divide (half vanilla and half chocolate), Buttered Pecan and Cookies & Cream. Homemade Vanilla is all I need and if that’s all I can ever get again, I’m one happy ice cream eater!

Chad said they got it back in Missouri yesterday too. My poor parents . . the stores there (southwest Louisiana) are telling them it will probably be after the first of the year before they get it back.

I hope, not only for the safety of the ice cream eating public, but for my own selfish desires, that Blue Bell never ever leaves the stores again!

The Time Change

Do you love it or hate the time changes? I love this one and it works great for me but Vince doesn’t love it and I can understand his reasoning. For him, almost as soon as he gets home from work, it’s dark and he has no time to do anything outside. 

For me, in the mornings, I was having to sit around and wait for daylight to go out and take care of the chickens. I never wanted to take a shower before I go out there because, when dealing with chickens, I never know what kind of mess I’m going to get into.

With it staying dark later on the old time, I was waiting and waiting for the chickens to go in so I could go close them up. Now, right before or right after dinner, I can go close them up and by a little after 6 p.m., we’re done outside and in for the evening . . lots of time for relaxing, watching a movie or just visiting. In the summer, it’s sometimes 9:30 p.m. and we’re still out there working. That’s why Fall and Winter are my favorite times, even though I’m not a big fan of real cold weather . . which we rarely have here anyway.

It is what it is and there’s not much we can do about either time change except find a way to get through it. Fall is the easy one for me . . I struggle with the Spring time change.