Empty Ice Cream Freezer

The other day we were at our favorite little cafe and they have a Blue Bell freezer for ice cream treats.

Blue Bell Ice Cream Freezer

Blue Bell Ice Cream Freezer

Without even thinking about it, I walked over to see what they had . . nothing!



Absolutely nothing! I’m sure hoping Blue Bell gets it all straight and has ice cream back in these freezers soon!

Inside a Turkey Craw

WARNING:  This post could be considered gross by some. Read no farther if you get squeamish with bugs and dead critters. You can thank me for posting this late at night and hopefully, the squeamish will pass right over and not notice it!  :)

Our neighbor was cleaning a turkey (that he later smoked and we ate and it was delicious!) and I had never looked at what was in the craw. I will never look at these giant beetles and not think of the turkeys eating them.

Turkey's Last Meal

Turkey’s Last Meal

There was probably 2 – 3 cups of corn, beetles and acorns in the craw. We have so many of those big beetles and so far, I haven’t noticed them bothering anything I’m growing so I don’t bother them but it looks like the turkeys like them.

I thought it was so interesting that he pulled out several handfuls of this mixture. Seeing it didn’t bother me but briefly, I thought . . turkeys eat beetles and then I eat turkey so to some degree . . I’m eating beetles but then I remembered that chickens eat worms and grasshoppers and I eat chicken so I stopped those thoughts right quick like.

And, you can thank me for this post because otherwise, how would you have known what was in a wild turkey’s craw?  :)

Questions Answered

The thing in the middle of the bird bath is a water wiggler.

Water Wiggler

Water Wiggler

My reason for purchasing it was to keep the bird bath from freezing but it isn’t great for that. If it’s just a light freeze, it keeps the water from freezing. If it’s a medium freeze, there will be a pretty thick layer of ice but the center doesn’t freeze so I can remove the water wiggler, then pick up the whole sheet of ice and toss it. If it’s a hard freeze . . probably less than about 22º, the entire thing freezes . . water wiggler and all.

It is solar powered so it recharges itself. It does keep the water moving and that helps to keep mosquitoes from hatching in the water.

I recommend it for keeping the mosquito population down and for keeping the water from freezing during light freezes but if you’re looking for something to keep bird baths from freezing during really cold temps, this isn’t going to do it.

The other question — the sweater. Yes, it’s a test knit for Laura Aylor. I will let you know when the pattern is available. Sorry for not providing that info in this morning’s post.