A New Keyboard

I am thankful that Vince can work on computers and loves doing it. I don’t usually ruin things but I seem to be pretty rough on computers.

One thing that happens that isn’t my fault as far as I can tell is that my fingers wear the letters off the keyboard. I don’t look at the keys when I’m typing so it doesn’t bother me but on the rare occasions when Vince has to use my computer, he gets so frustrated that most of the letters are missing. It happens with every computer I use and it’s happened for years. I’m not sure if I just use the keyboard so much or if my skin is to acidic . . I have no idea.

Another thing that is my fault is that crumbs (and sometimes Dr. Pepper) get under the keys. A crumb that is so small you wouldn’t think it could cause any problems can completely stop a key from working. I’ve learned that when a key stops working or gets sluggish and I have to mash it really hard, I just get a kitchen knife, lift it up just enough to keep it from popping off and blow under it and it’s sadly surprising how much “stuff” comes flying out.

The other day Vince had to use my computer and he was flipping out because some of my keys were harder to press than others. I went and got my kitchen knife and was prepared to fix it when he said “NO! That is not how you fix a compute!” Works so well for me! 🙂



He said “I can order a new keyboard for $10.”  A nice, shiny keyboard with all the letters! It feels like a new computer, except it’s kinda lopsided and pieces are missing. You can see where I’ve rubbed the mouse pad bald.

Vince, who cannot take the old keyboard off and throw it away, had it out messing with it. He was so sure it was worn out and I tried to tell him . . no, there’s just too much “stuff” under the keys. He tapped it across his lap and crumbs, a stitch marker or two and no telling what else fell out. I think he believes me now . . too much stuff under the keys. He’s in there messing with it now and he said “You should see what’s under some of these keys!” I said “You might specifically want to look at the C, the M, and the R.”

Then I said . . why are you messing with it when you can buy a new one for $10 and he said “This is how I learn!” Good answer, Vince!

I would say I’m going to do better and keep the new keyboard clean but I know how I am.

An Old Friend

Back in the early 80’s I met Sandy. I wrote a blog post about her here when I made a quilt for her. 

I have not seen her in 30 years. Funny how all these 30 year things are surfacing on the blog — my Norman tape and now, Sandy.

She now lives just 2-1/2 hours from here and we’ve made plans several times to meet and something has always happened and we didn’t get to meet. I have never met her husband; she has never met Vince, Vince has never met her. She contacted me about a week ago and said they were going to be passing right near us and wanted to know if we could get together. She would meet Vince, I would meet Johnny. I said . . sure, y’all are welcome here any time. It turns out that they have a pretty long road trip Monday and will be here Monday evening so they’re going to have dinner with us, spend the night, spend the day Tuesday and leave early Tuesday evening to drive home.

I warned her . . my housekeeping hasn’t improved since you saw me 30 years ago but I’m still busy cleaning house, washing sheets, scrubbing down things that need scrubbing down. 

I am so looking forward to our visit! I think Vince is even looking forward to it. He’s taking off work Monday and Tuesday so it should be a great visit with the four of us!


There are some things that just stick with me . . for years and years. Even though I keep religion and politics off the blog for the most part, this one is religion related. If you don’t believe in God, or appreciate Bible talk, you’re welcome to keep reading but please don’t leave negative or sarcastic comments. We’re all entitled to our opinions and we should all be able to speak what we’re thinking but good manners are nice too.  Sometimes I need a hug and I don’t need to hear that you disagree with me. 

It seems like every now and then when I get to a point that I really need to just trust and wait for the Lord’s guidance, those are the times Norman surfaces. Today was that day.

I remember like it was yesterday when I was driving my two tone brown Nissan Maxima (even though it was a Datsun Maxima back then) down the road listening to a Focus on the Family show and I met Norman! That story really touched me. I couldn’t wait to get home and call Focus on the Family to order the tape.

A Man Called Norman

A Man Called Norman

Since getting this tape in 1984, I have lived in at least 15 different houses. Whether I’m packing myself or we have movers packing, I make sure I dig Norman out of it’s hiding spot and I put it somewhere so I can find it easily. I don’t listen to it often but I always know exactly where it is.

This morning, I felt a need to listen to Norman. I retrieved the tape and, just my luck . . I could not find a cassette player in this house. There’s one in my car and my guess is that’s the last car I’ll have that comes equipped with a cassette player.

The thought occurred to me . . iTunes. Yes, it was there. For $1.99, I now have Norman  in my music/podcast library. I can listen to it anywhere. 

There are so many lessons to be learned from listening to this story. I believe in God, prayer and faith, but it’s also hard sometimes to trust and it’s often hard to put aside “me” and say “if this is where God is leading, I will follow.” This story about Norman is the reminder I need just to let go and trust that where God leads, is where I need to be.

I’m so thankful I heard this story 32 years ago. I’m so thankful for it’s message. I’m thankful that even though I lose everything, I’ve been able to keep up with my Norman tape. I’m thankful it’s on iTunes and I no longer have to have a cassette player in order to hear it. This old cassette is one of those “why did she keep this thing?” moments Chad will some day have, when he come across it as he goes through my stuff. He till toss it without even listening to it. Even though I may no longer be able to play the cassette, the old relic means a lot to me and no matter how much clutter I may part with, I’m betting this stays with me til the end . . the cassette and the message it has played for so many years.