You know how you read some blogs and you learn to be a better person, or tips on being a better housekeeper or ways to improve your parenting skills and then you come across Patchwork Times and it’s nothing more than what one old granny does all day long . . same old thing every day . . right? Well, not today. Here’s how my day has gone:

Get up, complain to Vince about my back. Vince says . . I’m feeling really bad . . I think I’m taking off today. Let’s both go to the doctor.

How’s that for two old folks . . having to both go to the doctor on the same day? Vince said . . we can go in and see him together. No way! I love you and I’ll share almost everything with you but I’m getting my own time with Richard!

And then to top it off . . how bad is it when your good friend is the one who comes in and says “Drop your pants. I’m giving you the shot!” I didn’t even know she gave shots. I may need to find a different doctor. Who wants to expose themselves AND be a wimp to their friends?

My day has been this repeatedly

  1. Go to bed.
  2. Wake up.
  3. Check The Loopy Ewe to see if Camp Loopy requirements have been posted.


I’ve been in bed more than I’ve been up. The garden probably needs watering. The garden definitely needs weeding. And I stay in bed!

I think I’m awake now for the rest of the evening (almost 6 p.m.) but probably in 5 minutes, I’ll be back in bed.

The Pain or the Meds?

No whining allowed on the blog is one of my big rules . . that I’m about to break. I think I posted a month or so ago about having a flare up with sciatica. Went to the doctor, got meds, shots, steriods .. and thought I was cured til I worked in the garden this past weekend. Bending, stooping, planting everything left to be planted and here it is back again . . sciatica and worse this time. It hurts to sit, it hurts to stand . . it doesn’t hurt to sleep. The meds make me so sleepy. I get up in the mornings feeling about 75% ok, probably do too much, and by afternoon, I am back in bed thinking I’m going to die. 

I had planned to sit in my chair and knit all day yesterday and then the buttermilk was ready so I had to make a pie and do a few more things in the kitchen and by the time Vince left to go back to work after lunch, I was back in bed.

I’m doing some gentle stretching exercises recommended by the doctor but I am a terrible patient. I just want to feel better. It’s hard to do anything when every step I take, or even standing not taking steps, and now, just sitting  . . it all hurts.

Today, I will be sitting in my chair knitting, or in the bed sleeping. I’m definitely doing nothing for the next four days and hoping by Monday, I’m back to normal.

Why I Do It!

 Yesterday someone asked in a comment if I had done all the work yesterday morning just because I hate shopping. I know that what I do is pretty crazy to some of you and if I truly thought about it, it’s probably crazy to me too but I want to do.

I’m not being critical of the comment. I appreciate greatly when readers feel they can ask me anything and she probably isn’t the only one wondering about why I do what I do.

The eccentric part of me, which is probably about 99.9% of me, wants to do it all myself. There are folks who truly don’t even need a kitchen in their house. There are folks who are happy buying pre-made food and heating it up. Everyone should be doing whatever makes them happy and works for you.

Most of you found me because of quilting and the analogy I can use is that you make quilts for your bed. You spend hours making the quilts. They cost you twice as much (or more) than buying a storebought quilt. But you do it because you love doing it, and you love the look of the handmade quilt, and you love knowing  you did it yourself. Folks who sleep under a Walmart quilt probably don’t sleep any better or worse than we do, sleeping under homemade quilts. And you know that your non-quilting friends think  you’re nuts for spending all that time making quilts when you could buy them at Walmart, right?

Same with knitting. We could go to some department store and buy a sweater for less than $50. To make one often costs upwards of $150 plus lots of time. Is the hand knitted sweater any warmer or prettier than the storebought sweater? Often not  .. but we do it because we love doing it.

I want to do everything! Maybe not over and over again but I want to experience as much as I can, at least once. I think to some degree, we’re all that way but in different areas. Some like to travel and see the world. 

As I think about our grandparents and great grandparents and generations before us, I don’t ever want to go back to the days of no indoor plumbing and no air conditioning, but I do want to do some of the things they did. 

Some things I do and may never do again. Some things, like making bacon, or gardening and canning, I see a vast improvement over the similar items that I buy and so I continue to cure and smoke our bacon and grow our veggies. Free range, farm fresh eggs are amazingly different from most eggs you buy in the store and I love my chickens so I continue to raise chickens.

I never mind you asking why I’m doing something, or how different it is from storebought. I love what I do and I’m happy to explain it. I guess what I don’t want is for you all to think I’m crazy for doing . . I want you to understand that I see value in what I do . . even if there is no value, just let me think there is!