Leaving Home

It’s such a struggle for me to convince myself to leave the house. Shopping is so easy because Vince loves to do it. I can convince him that it’s best if he runs to the store on his way home, even though he doesn’t pass a store, rather than me having to go. If I could just convince him to get only what’s on the list and not a dozen of everything on sale, I’d have it made.

This morning I needed to go out. I planned to be gone by 8 a.m. and at 9:00, I was still sitting here in my pajamas saying . . you have to get dressed and go! Maybe I had a premonition of my failure on this trip.

First, I needed additional blood work. On Tuesday my doctor’s office didn’t have a “yellow top tube” to run one of the tests so they told me to go by another lab in town but at the time, they couldn’t find a yellow top tube but knew they had them. So I called this morning to see if they found the yellow top tube and they had but informed me that it’s a “time sensitive test” and they can’t do it on Friday. Scratch that stop off the list.

Next stop was the pet store to get cat food. That went off without a hitch.

The main things I needed from the store were fresh horseradish root, avocados and ginger root. I figured I was in the wrong town to find horseradish root and sure enough . . first stop was Kroger. No horseradish and they didn’t get any of the avocados that were on sale. It’s against all that I believe is good and moral for me to go to Walmart in December but I thought . . maybe they would have horseradish. I gave myself a pep talk and headed to Walmart. No horseradish and I didn’t dare look for anything else there. Next stop was United. I doubted they had it but you never know so I went there. Nope . . no horseradish. I was pretty sure Aldi wouldn’t have it either but I figured . . I’m out so I’ll go by there. Nope, no horseradish there either.

I rushed home, got lunch made and then did a few other things so now I’m finally able to sit and knit.

Monday morning, I’ll get to go out again since I need to have the blood work done early in the week. 

Did We Cave?

In February, 2013, we cancelled our cable. In my opinion, we’ve made it just fine without it. Vince has been able to watch all the college football games he wanted to watch. I’m the one who’s anti-TV, though Vince hasn’t pushed much for getting it back. It isn’t about the money, but it is a huge savings not having it. I have no idea how much satellite TV is now but if it’s $75 per month, that’s over a $3,000 savings since getting rid of it.

The new Direct TV Now program sucked us in. For one thing, there’s no contract and no equipment to install. We can do it one month and cancel or keep it as long as we want it. No receiver or dish to have to buy and maintain and we can watch things on computers, tablets, phones . . the only thing I’ll probably ever watch is Fixer Upper and maybe one of the news channels if there’s something going on that I feel the urge to watch . . which probably will never happen. I’m much happier with my music playing in the background and the TV off but . . Vince has done great to have no cable for almost three years.

We may or may not keep it once the introductory period is over (something like $35 for 100 channels but goes to something like $60 or $70 after three months). Since I have no idea how to work the TV, anything I watch will be on the computer.

The drawback . . it comes through the internet and if Vince is watching something on TV, I can’t do anything that uses the internet due to bandwidth issues.  We’ll see how it works . . 

An Early Morning Smile

Sometimes, it doesn’t take much to make me smile. When Vince and I got married, we had a two story house. Chad and I had been living in a one story house. I never realized the routine of getting him up on time in our small, one story house.  I was near his bedroom door and could keep saying “Chad, get up” until I was sure he was up. But, when Vince and I got married and Chad and I moved to his house, I was making a dozen trips up and down the stairs to make sure Chad was up. I’d run down to his room, say “Get up!” He would say “OK” and I’d run back to the kitchen to get breakfast going, then run back down to Chad’s room to be sure he was up. No, he wasn’t! I’d tell him again to get up, he would say ok. I would run back upstairs to finish breakfast, run back down and that went on and on. Finally, I sat down with Chad and said “Here’s the new rule! This is your alarm clock. You set it to whatever time it needs to be set so you can be up, dressed, ready for school and at the breakfast table by 6:30.”  I went on to explain that for every day he wasn’t at the table, dressed and with his backpack, ready to leave, he would go to bed 30 minutes earlier that night because I could only assume that he was not getting up on time because he had not gotten enough sleep! The first few weeks, that did not go so well and I thought he was going to get home from school and go right to bed but he finally got the hang of it and I was able to not make all those trips up and down the stairs while trying to get breakfast done and Vince and Chad out the door.

This morning, I said “Echo, turn on bedroom lamp.” She said “OK” and the lamp never came on. I again said “Echo, turn on bedroom lamp” and she again said “OK” but never turned on the lamp. So, at 5:30, I’m sitting on the side of the bed, in the dark, remembering almost 20 years ago when Chad would tell me “OK! I’m getting up!” and he wouldn’t do it.

Thanks, Echo Dot, for a smile at 5:30 a.m.