The Bioidentical Hormones

It was back in April that I mentioned that I was going to try bioidentical hormones. Many of you responded that they were working so well for you and some responded that they didn’t work so well. I’m in that camp where they didn’t work so well. I tried using them almost 3 months and I have progressively felt worse while using them. 

I never thought I felt bad or needed more energy. I was hoping to have less hot flashes and hoping my joints would feel better. The pharmacist suggested several improvements I should notice and honestly, I didn’t notice any improvements in anything.

My joints hurt worse and I ended up seeing a podiatrist who took x-rays and said I have “deep arthritis” in my feet, bone is against bone and surgery is really the only thing that’s going to make any great improvement. I’ve been limping on my foot so much that now my hip hurts.

Using the hormone cream, the hot flashes seemed to get worse. The pharmacist would tell me to use one less “click” of this one or that one and in the end, I was back on the same formula he had started me on and I just wan’t seeing any improvement. I’m wondering if, because it’s been so long since I’ve taken hormone supplements or produced my own hormones, if maybe that’s why I didn’t see better results.

Anyway . . I feel better not using them so . . I’m not using them! And, of course, if you’re using them and having great results, that’s wonderful. I am, by no means, saying they don’t do wonders for some people.

Taste in Magazines

Do you think your magazine subscriptions would indicate a lot about you? Can you think back to a time when the magazines you read were totally different from the ones you read today?  If someone had given me a Mother Earth News magazine 30 years ago, I would have thought they had lost their mind!



Most of our subscriptions, we have digital and paper editions. There’s rarely a time when I go to bed with a paper magazine because Vince is usually asleep by the time I go to bed and I can read on a tablet without turning on a light and disturbing him, but also, there are times when I don’t want to carry a tablet with me and haul it around in my purse or leave it in a hot car so I carry a paper magazine with me. Once I’m done reading them, I’ll pass them along to someone else or leave them in a waiting room, and it’s nice to know I still have my electronic copy.

Probably the earliest magazines I remember getting were fashion type magazines, then parenting magazines, then of course, there were quilting magazines .. many years of those. Now, the only magazines that interest me are Capper’s, Mother Earth News and Grit type publications.

Every now and then, I tell myself there’s so much info available on the internet, that magazines are a waste of money, and I let subscriptions expire. Maybe it’s an age thing, having had paper magazines for so many years, that cause me to struggle with letting go of those paper editions. Maybe it’s remembering the excitement of opening the mail box to find a new magazine, and then taking it into the house or out on the porch and reading every page, that keep me having the paper editions coming.

Have you gone 100% electronic or do you still receive some paper magazines/newspapers?

Cat Conversation

Here’s sure fire proof that my husband is not listening to a word I’m saying while he’s shopping online and I’m discussing something as important as the sex of our new cat.

Me:  Do you know that only 1 out of 3,000 tortoise shell cats is a male?
Vince: So, what do you think ours is?
Me:  A female!
Vince:  Why do you say that?
Me:  Statistically . . it almost has to be a female. It has something to do with the X and Y chromosomes and it’s almost impossible for a tortoise shell to be a male.
Vince: I think it could be a male.
Me:  Could be . . I don’t think  you’re listening to a word I’m saying!
Vince: You said the cat might be a girl!
Me:  What are the chances of it being a boy?
Vince: Who knows! 

This could be a good time to ask him if he has a problem with me spending $500 on a yarn order!  :)  Somehow, I think when dollars are involved, he pays a little closer attention.