Morning Conversation

At breakfast this morning, I was telling Vince all the details about a friend’s husband who recently passed away and after I finished the whole story . . 

Vince: I have more bad news.
Me: Really? (Thinking . . what could have happened between bed time and now?)
Vince: My blow dryer quit working this morning.
Me: You can use mine til you get another one.
Vince: But I’ve had that same blow dryer for probably 20 years.
Me: Oh well . . at least the clock still works!
Vince: Yes, I’ve had that clock for 35 years . . 

So, the bad news is . . the blow dryer isn’t working; but the good news is . . the clock still works.

If that’s as bad as our news gets today, we’re going to have one heck of a good day, huh?  :)

Your Vote Matters

Today, election day, I’ve seen so many posts on Facebook about voting, encouraging folks to vote. I agree — everyone should vote but everyone should educate themselves about the candidates. It doesn’t matter what side you’re on – left, right, middle – in my opinion, our political system is terrible and I can’t help but believe things aren’t headed in a good direction. When I hear folks being quizzed on the radio and they don’t have a clue who the vice-president is; or they don’t have a clue who their own representative is, and they know so very little about our history; some of them will even admit that they vote based on who promises them the most freebies.

When I see people who are violent and hateful to those with whom they disagree – what’s wrong with us? How did we get here? How do we get back to the point where tax revenue is spent wisely? If you want to see some shocking figures, google “tax revenue waste” or something like that. It’s both sides . . I’m not blaming one side.

Recently, I read about a canner who was contacted by the FDA about his “illegal” canning. Seems as though they thought he was selling what he was canning but he assured them he has never, and will never sell any of his canned goods. He was further told that home canners are being watched because they’re considered “preppers”. Yes . . and what’s wrong with that? We’re the ones who, if there’s some kind of emergency, won’t be waiting in line for FEMA to bring MRE’s or water! Is that a problem for anyone?

We seem to be living at a time when folks who work hard, grow their own food, take care of their own needs and put up enough food to get us through the year so we’re eating our home grown veggies instead of storebought veggies . . we’re the bad guys; the ones needing to be watched. My grandparents worked their tails off – raised their own food, their own cow to provide milk, butter and beef; they raised their own pig. They had a well for their water. They had a septic tank once they got indoor plumbing. Other than having electricity provided by the power company, they provided everything they needed by their own blood, sweat and tears. We’ve come a long way and I don’t think we’re traveling down a path that makes me very happy.

Pastors in Houston have been battling with their local government which demanded their sermons, then retracted, then demanded, then retracted. How is it that anyone even thinks it’s ok to ask pastors for their sermons so long as they aren’t inciting some kind of trouble? What has happened to us? 

Yes, your vote counts. I hope that folks are more concerned about our rights, and the rights of local farmers and other hard working Americans, and about how our tax dollars are spent and less concerned about which candidate is going to hand out more freebies.

Comments are closed. I’d love to hear your thoughts but via email. I don’t want my readers going off on each other.  I know that some of you believe everything almost completely opposite from what I believe. That’s ok. We still have knitting or quilting or just being friends in common. I don’t dislike you because of your beliefs but I do care about my own freedoms.

I will say that in the past few years, I’ve gotten very guarded about what I say on the blog. There are things we do; things we buy . . that I’m just not comfortable mentioning. Nothing we do is illegal . . not even questionable, but when even canning home grown foods puts you on a watch list, something is terribly wrong. I told Vince “I need to stop talking about my canning so I don’t get on any watch list” and he said “We’re probably already near the top of those lists so I wouldn’t worry too much about your canning.” That’s just not right .. when two old folks living out in the woods, minding their own business, has to even think about something like this.

He’s Trying!

Poor Vince . . he’s trying. It’s kind of overwhelming for him because he has to take care of all the chickens, water the few remaining things in the garden (okra, sweet potatoes, cucumbers, artichokes and a few herbs), take care of Boots’ needs, take care of Speck’s needs, take the garbage out and . . put food on the table!

We do have plenty of food but yesterday and so far today, I haven’t even felt like opening a jar and turning on the oven . . pathetic on my part, right? At this point, I stay awake for 20 minutes, sleep for 3 hours . . but that’s exactly what happened last month when I had this done so I’m hoping by Friday I’ll be able to stay awake at least long enough to finish one row of knitting. Who has time to sleep 20 hours a day? I know . . don’t tell me . . my body is telling me it needs the sleep and I’m not very good at staying awake when my body says sleep. Plus, I don’t sleep on the sofa or in the chair . . I curl up in the bed with my favorite pillow and quilts and I’m out for the count.

Last night, after Vince’s attempt to feed me Ramen Noodles, which wasn’t met with much appreciation and enthusiasm on my part . . he brought home a pizza for lunch. I guess I was so excited to eat that even after grabbing the camera, I forgot to take a picture. Or . . maybe subconsciously I couldn’t bring myself to photograph takeout pizza. But, I was hungry and I was awake and I wanted food quickly and it wasn’t terrible. The best part . . he bought two and he loves leftover pizza so I know what we’re having for lunch tomorrow.

If you don’t count Ramen Noodles for dinner, Vince knows how to please his woman!



There’s a little bakery in town and I love their cupcakes. LOVE them!  They’re packy (not fluffy like cake mix), sweet and they have the best flavors. Thank goodness, I don’t pass by there very often . . because you know I don’t leave the house very often but I do try to avoid going in the area of Flour Power. If I get by there once a month, that’s about as indulgent as I will allow.

One day Vince, who isn’t a big fan of sugar and good icing, so he isn’t nearly as impressed with them as I am, said “How much are these?” Ugh . . do I say “I can’t remember” or do I tell the truth? I took the high road and said “I’m not sure sure!” He knows me too well and he said “I’d hope they’re less than $1 each!” Wrong! I told him they were $1.99 each and now, in addition to sneaking yarn into the house, I’m having to sneak cupcakes into the house!

Vince was trying to be especially nice . . maybe making up for the Ramen Noodles last night, or hoping if he pumped enough sugar into me, he might get a home cooked meal for dinner tonight . . but he brought home the cupcakes at lunch. Two for him (the chocolate – Red Velvet and German Chocolate) and four for me (Raspberry, Pineapple, Strawberry and Orange). I like his version of half . . 4 for me and 2 for him!

After lunch he said “Something is wrong with this picture! I got two large pizzas for the same price as six cupcakes!”  Quality, not quantity, my dear!