Busy Week

I’m such a creature of habit and this week, my routine has been shot to heck. It started Saturday with our trip down near Austin. We left here at 8 a.m. and got home just before 6 p.m. I’m no longer a “spend the day out” kinda girl. Monday and Tuesday Vince was home sick .. not sick enough to stay in bed all day but sick enough to sit in the recliner and bug me!

Monday the roofers showed up and they’ve been here every day since then .. and are here now. They aren’t here all day but I think they have a bigger job that they’re working on in the morning, then they break when the heat gets too bad and they show up here about 3 and work til about 8.

Tomorrow I have to go to a town about an hour from here and my morning will be spent there. Saturday . . back to Austin for more spinning lessons.

I do not like it when my routine is interrupted . . even if the interruption is something I want to happen. 

It must be that I’m officially old when a disruption in my routine causes so much angst.

Good Morning World!

Thanks for the sympathy yesterday. I’m never sick and am so wimpy when I’m under the weather! Today I feel fine. I emailed back and forth with a nurse friend and she was surprised the Prednisone was making me sick and since I’m feeling so much better today, I’m not sure I didn’t have some kind of tummy bug yesterday that just happened to coincide with a full day of Prednisone. I’m glad to be feeling better and having an almost pain free foot. Today I can stretch my foot, bend my toes and have pretty much full range of motion in my ankle and . . I can walk without limping. I am one of those folks who doesn’t truly appreciate good health and mobility til I feel it slipping away so today, and probably for the next few days, I’ll be real thankful for my good health.

Yesterday I slept almost the entire day so I figured I’d be awake all night. I knitted til after 11 p.m. and then went to bed to read and don’t think I finished a full page before I fell asleep and slept like a rock til a little before 6, and that’s pretty normal for me.

Here’s a kinda funny, totally unrelated story:  Remember when I was afraid Cat would eat my chickens?  Cat is scared to death of them. Maybe it’s the numbers . . maybe if it was just 1 or 2 hens at a time but all 13 hens head to Cat’s bowl as soon as I let them out . . to see if he left any food. I usually wait til Cat has finished his food before letting them out but this morning, I wasn’t thinking and let them out and they chased Cat off from his food and the chickens ate it!

Poor Cat!

My Aching Foot

You know I have two speeds:  Full speed and a dead stop! I’m at a dead stop and I’m the worst patient in the world. I keep telling myself that there are people who have felt worse and had small, demanding children at home, or they had to go to work with a smile on their face, or .. many go through much worse knowing the outcome may not be good so I’m trying to be thankful that my sickness is temporary.

Part of being a bad patient means that I wait and wait and and wait before going to the doctor.  For months my right foot has been hurting, sometimes worse than other times but almost always hurting. I must be walking weird because my hip had recently started hurting too . . to the point that I really was having a hard time walking.

A few months ago I went to a podiatrist out of town, who x-rayed my foot and explained that I have a lot of arthritis, and the cartilage was gone between the bones and I’d eventually need surgery but hopefully, an insert in my shoe would help. No flip flops ever again. For these few months, I’ve been wearing tennis shoes with the insert and my foot has continued to get worse. I realized there’s a podiatrist here in town so I saw him yesterday. He also x-rayed my foot and took pictures of my ankle because it’s been hurting lately too. He told he didn’t see much sign of arthritis but he felt from the symptoms, tapping and poking, that it’s an inflammation problem and he gave me prednisone.

Therein lies the problem. Even taking it with food like the pharmacist recommended . . I am so sick.  I’ve had three pills . . and am hoping the worst is the first day (when I have to take 6). There has to be something I can eat that will stay down but so far . . it hasn’t been anything I’ve tried. I stay up 10 minutes and sleep for 3 hours; up for 10 minutes and sleep for 3 hours. 

OK . . now you know I’m really a big whiner!

The good news is:  My foot feels so much better. I’m not sure if it’s the 3 prednisone pills I’ve taken or it’s the fact that I’ve been in bed most of the day. More good news is Vince will be home soon and I think I’ll feel better just having him here by my side.

I’ll be better soon . . I just hope I can go to my spinning class on Saturday.