Blogging Slump

Sometimes I feel like a moody blogger. There are days when I can’t stop writing blog posts. It seems like there are dozens of things I want to share with you each day. Then there are days when I think . . there’s not

one blogworthy thing happening in my life that anyone would care about reading. It isn’t that I’m sad or depressed or that my life is boring . . it’s just the mundane, boring (to most) slump that I seem to be in right now.

Or maybe it’s the first week home from MO and everything just seems boring and mundane around here.  Who knows!

The chickens are fine. The cats are both doing what they always do. The dogs are good. The garden has been mowed down except for the Japanese okra, loofah and yacon. We’re debating about whether to plant a fall garden. We’d better make that decision this weekend or the answer is going to be no .. for sure.

I’m trying to cook out of the freezer and pantry . . just to do a bit of cleaning and organizing, so the meals are nothing worth blogging about.

The most exciting thing around here is that there must be crumbs under my space bar because I’m typing and will end up with about 10 words together with no spaces!  Ughh!

And, while we were cleaning out the garden this weekend, we found a rabbit carcass buried under tall weeds. I wonder if Cat had rabbit for dinner a few days. Or, maybe the weeds were so tall, the rabbit got lost in there and died of old age.

I don’t expect anyone to “fix” me . . just telling you how I feel right now.

Our Morning Conversation

So often I’m reminded of Garth Brooks’ song, Thank God for Unanswered Prayers. Here’s a great example of thinking you want one thing and really . . something else is way better!

A little background for some who might not know — The entire time Vince and I have been married, and even before we were married, I always told him “I will live anywhere in the south EXCEPT Texas!” With both the companies Vince has worked for since we’ve been married, there were always opportunities for transfer and until January, 2011, my “not living in Texas” rule was taken seriously. And, I’ve never liked cats and said there would never be a cat at my house!

Anyway . . here’s our conversation this morning:

Vince:  I think Rita is bow legged. What do you think?
Me:  Maybe.
Vince:  Are all chihuahuas bow legged?
Me: I don’t now! I never had a chihuahua on my radar so I never knew anything about them.
Vince: You never had a cat on your radar either.
Me:  And now I have two of them!
Vince: You never had an Italian husband on your radar.
Me: I never said that but thank goodness there’s just one of them!
Vince: You never had moving to Texas on  your radar.
Me: Oh, yes, I did . . but there was a big red “X” through the middle of that radar screen!
Vince: What else did you have on your radar screen?
Me:  A big house, with a big, nice kitchen. A garage attached to the house. 

Then we laughed and talked about how if everything had gone according to our plans, we’d probably not be nearly as happy as we are now.

Sometimes it’s good to think about all the things we thought we couldn’t live without and how lucky we are that things turned out the way they do. Of course, not always . . but sometimes we have to look for the good and not concentrate on the things that didn’t go the way we wanted them to go.

I’m not saying every single thing is good . . I can think of horrible things that have happened to people or horrible things people are going through but I’m generally speaking of our day to day things that sometimes seem worse than they are. 

The Bioidentical Hormones

It was back in April that I mentioned that I was going to try bioidentical hormones. Many of you responded that they were working so well for you and some responded that they didn’t work so well. I’m in that camp where they didn’t work so well. I tried using them almost 3 months and I have progressively felt worse while using them. 

I never thought I felt bad or needed more energy. I was hoping to have less hot flashes and hoping my joints would feel better. The pharmacist suggested several improvements I should notice and honestly, I didn’t notice any improvements in anything.

My joints hurt worse and I ended up seeing a podiatrist who took x-rays and said I have “deep arthritis” in my feet, bone is against bone and surgery is really the only thing that’s going to make any great improvement. I’ve been limping on my foot so much that now my hip hurts.

Using the hormone cream, the hot flashes seemed to get worse. The pharmacist would tell me to use one less “click” of this one or that one and in the end, I was back on the same formula he had started me on and I just wan’t seeing any improvement. I’m wondering if, because it’s been so long since I’ve taken hormone supplements or produced my own hormones, if maybe that’s why I didn’t see better results.

Anyway . . I feel better not using them so . . I’m not using them! And, of course, if you’re using them and having great results, that’s wonderful. I am, by no means, saying they don’t do wonders for some people.