Ready to Feel Better!

Have I mentioned that I’m a terrible sick person? There’s so much to do and just no time to be sick. You already know that Saturday morning I went to the walk in clinic. Got shots and meds. Felt so much better all of Saturday. With the pink dog excitement, I didn’t get enough sleep Saturday night, which is my fault (really, it was my sister’s fault!) but I didn’t feel horrible on Sunday, so I did too much . . especially too much outside. The cedars are still orange with pollen. Darn . . I feel like packing my bags, taking my knitting, getting in the car and driving to the first place where I see no cedar trees and hanging out there til we can at least get a rain here and knock some of this pollen down.

By last night, I was so congested and wishing I had not spent so much time outside. My nose was so stopped up all night that I could hardly breathe and my head was hurting, despite taking Benadryl, aspirin and then another Benadryl.

This morning I was supposed to take both dogs to the vet. I kept telling myself that I could do it but I knew I just didn’t feel like doing it so I called and cancelled those appointments. I hated calling at the last minute but I felt that bad!

I had a dentist appointment tomorrow morning. No way I feel like having hands in my mouth since I cannot breathe through my nose so I called and rescheduled that. I’m sure they don’t want to be near me either right now.

Then Vince sent an email that he wouldn’t be home for lunch. Good timing. Back to bed about 8 a.m. I had planned to make a King Cake to send to work with him tomorrow but he has a meeting tomorrow and was sounding like he wasn’t going to be around the office that much so I know he won’t care if I don’t make that.

Slept til 1:30. I figured it was about 9:30 when I woke up and was shocked to see that it was 1:30. Heated up some soup, at down to knit but . . I think I’m sleepy again. 

The allergy meds/decongestants I’m taking just aren’t doing much. I knew I had seen a bottle of Nyquil or Dayquil in the medicine cabinet. Chad swore by Nyquil and Dayquil for colds and congestion and he always has it around.

I NEVER take that stuff and here’s why! Probably 30 years ago, or more, I had something very similar to what I have now. I went to bed with a bottle of Nyquil by my bed and every time I woke up, I took as swig. The next morning, I woke up sick as a dog and since that day, I have never touched Nyquil or Dayquil but I was desperate this morning. I dug through the medicine cabinet and way back in the back corner . . a sealed, never been opened bottle of Dayquil. I never pay a whole lot of attention to Use By Dates except on milk and stuff like that. I happened to look at the date on the Dayquil bottle  .. Best before 06/07.  2007? Almost 9 years ago? That had to have been a bottle Chad had. How would Dayquil go bad? I don’t know .. guess I’ll stick with the what I was taking.

Ended up going back to bed shortly after 2 and slept til just now . . 7:30 p.m. Hope I’ll be able to sleep tonight and definitely hoping I feel better tomorrow.

Kindle Sale

It seems as though Amazon is having a sale through February 13 on most (maybe all) Kindle products. We all have our favorites. My favorite is the Paper White. The battery will last “for weeks” according to Amazon. I read for about an hour a night (unless my sister has some hysterical shenanigans going on over at Facebook) and my Paper White rarely needs charging. I charge it when I know I’m going to be reading it for several hours – traveling, waiting for appointments, etc. Otherwise I probably plug it in about once a month. I love that it has built-in adjustable lighting so there’s no need to keep a table lamp on while reading. It looks like the Paper Whites are $20 off this week.

My least favorite is the Fire. I think it’s because my main purpose of having a Kindle is for reading – not playing games, not surfing the internet, not emailing – just reading. According to Amazon, the Fire battery will last up to 7 hours, and for me, that means about 5-1/2 hours.

My current favorite table is the Samsung Galaxy TabS, but it’s comparable in price to an iPad. With the Fire, with special offers (ads) on sale for $39, I don’t mind using it for taking to and from the grocery store for my grocery list, or having in my knitting bag for when I want to read or play a game of solitaire. I’d rather have it on the kitchen counter following along with a recipe instead of my iPad or Samsung tablets. I’m not saying $39 is pocket change but it’s a heck of lot different than $200 or even $450. For $39, I highly recommend the Fire for anyone who uses a tablet in a similar way to how I use one.

So, if you’re in the market for an inexpensive little tablet/reader, check out the Fire and other tablets on sale at Amazon this week.

Cilantro Poll

Maybe it’s a slow blog day but here’s a somewhat useless little poll for you and I would appreciate your response!

How do you feel about cilatro

I love it! Absolutely love it!
It’s ok . . not something I dream about but it doesn’t bother me.
A little bit goes a long way.
Do not like it at all . . don’t want any of it in my food.

Poll Maker


Here’s why I’m asking. I love it! I could put it in my Dr. Pepper and I would think it’s delicious. On my scrambled eggs . . yum! On the other hand, Vince doesn’t like it at all! He would be happy if they left it out of salsa.



Cilantro almost grows wild in my garden. It’s a rare occasion that I go out to the garden to pick a bunch of cilantro that I don’t munch on a few gritty leaves while walking back to the house. I don’t even think about it . . I just love it.

My first inclination is to put a little cilantro in everything. I’ve had to learn that Vince can taste cilantro, no matter how little I put in a dish, and no matter how long I cook it .. he just cannot get past the taste. I’m kinda the same with oregano and he loves that. He cannot understand how anyone wouldn’t love oregano and I can’t understand how anyone doesn’t love cilantro. Maybe that should be a question all young lovers should ask each other before saying “I do!”  Do you like cilantro? Can you eat cilantro in every dish I cook . . til death do us part?



Nowadays, instead of adding cilantro to our meals, it’s served in a little bowl and I can add as much as I want and Vince can add as little as he wants . . which usually is zero!

I guess in the end, it really doesn’t matter what we like or dislike, so long as we can have what we like and avoid what we dislike but still . . how can anyone not love cilantro?  😉