Eye Update

Thank you all for your kind words, good thoughts and prayers.  My eye is no better, maybe just a tad worse but I probably did way too much yesterday. Vince was chastising me a bit last night for having done more than I should and I told him . . the doctor told me to do what I always do. Vince said . . he probably has no idea what you do though. Maybe . . I’ll do less today.

Last night we were outside at almost midnight and I said “Look . . someone is shooting fireworks!” Vince couldn’t see it, despite me showing him exactly the direction I was seeing them and then I realized  . . it’s my eye playing tricks on me . . on July 4 no less. The shape of the “fuzz” has changed. It was long and stringy and just floating around. Now there are several round rings and they remind me of smoke rings.

Maybe today I can get some knitting time in . . that’s my plan but that’s been my plan for the past week or so and it hasn’t happened.

Articles of Clothing . . Left Behind

First, I doubt there are any men reading my blog but in the off chance there are, please do yourself a favor and read no farther. Really . . and,  you’re welcome!  :)

Recently Vince went out to let the chickens out one morning. That’s usually my job. But he came in and said “Judy . . is there something  you need to tell me?”  He was holding a pair of my underwear that was out by the front chicken coop. Hmm . . I have no idea how that got there. I figured they must’ve blown off the clothes line one day and I didn’t notice, but I hadn’t had clothes on the line for several days and I couldn’t imagine that as much as I’m in the chicken area, I wouldn’t have noticed them. Totally forgot about the whole thing.

A few weeks later, I was out in the garden and there was a pair of my underwear on the ground!  Wait a minute  . . there’s an 8′ fence around the garden, with barbs on the wire and the wind could not have blown them into the garden without them getting caught on a barb.  I told Vince . . this is really strange! I could see he was beginning to wonder how my underwear was showing up all over the yard.

Yesterday, I was out in the garden, looked down and . . yep, a pair of my underwear!  What the heck? Then I thought . . I wore that underwear yesterday! Then I realized what was happening . . 

A lot of evenings, I have to take a shower before I can even fix dinner, then I’ll take another shower before I go to bed, especially if I’ve gone out in the garden or done anything with the chickens.  Then, when I get up, it’s just barely daylight. Without turning on lights, because Vince is often still sleeping, I’ll grab the clothes I took off, shake them good to make sure there are no scorpions in the pants . . they’re fine to wear outside just to let the chickens out and turn on the sprinklers in the garden. Sometimes I have enough time to wander through the garden before time to come in, shower and get ready for breakfast. 

When I was pulling my clothes off the night before, I was so tired, I was throwing pants, underwear and all in the dirty clothes and not separating them. Then when I would grab the pants to put on the next morning, I was giving them a good shake to get the scorpions out but just enough shake to send the underwear down the leg so after I walked a little ways, the underwear fell out and I never noticed.

Mystery solved . . but I’m still not sure Vince believes my story!  :)

Too much information . . I know . . but it was a kinda funny story and so typical of my life!

Getting It All Done

Your comments make me giggle when you write “I don’t know how you get it all done” . . as I’m sitting  here hoping I have something clean to wear today!  I do NOT get it all done! I only write about the things I do get done. You don’t even want to guess at how many things don’t get done around here (thank me for not including a photo!). Each evening I should write a final post about the things that didn’t get done. Here’s one terrible example! Almost every morning I put a load of laundry on . . first thing!  Some things I plan to hang on the line, some things go into the dryer. If I’m using the electric dryer (which I like to do during the day when we’re generating our own power), I have to walk across the driveway to the sewing room and put the clothes in there, but if it’s evening and we’re already off our own power, I’ll stick the clothes in the gas dryer (in the laundry room . . right on top of the washer!). Last week, I put a load of laundry on to wash one morning and three days in a row, I got busy outside, then totally forgot about it and had to rewash it each morning and each day for three days the same thing happened . . forgot and rewashed the next day! Finally, I think it was Friday, I said “I am not going outside til these clothes are on the line!” That’s the true story about how much I accomplish!  :)

When we bought this place, one of the things we talked about was the ability to do as much or as little as we wanted. Since we’re not in a subdivision and there are no restrictions, or red tag guys, if the weeds get a bit tall, that’s ok. The outside of the house is rock, with very little maintenance. The roof is metal and should never have to be replaced. The inside is rustic and way more forgiving than many homes we’ve had.

A Previous House (with white carpet and lots of stuff to dust around)

Even though we have acreage, we can keep up the small area right around the house and let the rest of it go (which is pretty much how it is except for the orchard and garden areas). We can have a big garden but when we feel that’s too much work, we can scale it down or cut it out completely. We are able to have the orchard but when it’s too much work, we can let it go if we choose, or hire someone to maintain it. As far as the chickens, we can have as many, or as few, or none at all. The way things are around here, if we decided to get rid of the chickens, stop gardening, let the orchard go, we could get up every day, knit, sew, watch TV . . do nothing . . and life would still be good.

We’re 7 miles from town and the roads leading to town are excellent and easy to travel.

But, here’s how I look at life:  I just turned 60 and I know there will come a time, probably sooner rather than later, when I have to slow down a bit, when I can no longer do the things I once did. I don’t want to miss out on anything!  I want to grow and taste the “weird” veggies I’ve never had before.  I want to can everything I can get my hands on not only because I love canning but I love knowing I can work outside til dinner time, grab a jar of home cooked food, heat it up in 10 minutes and have a great dinner. There may even come a time in my old age where I’d rather eat out than eat at home but I’m definitely not there yet.

Some days I get up and I feel like one of the contestants on that game show where you could run through a store and keep everything you could grab in a short amount of time. There’s so much I want to do and I know that within a few short hours, it will be evening again, another day will have passed and be gone forever . . one day closer to the day when I have to slow down. That thought energizes me . . makes me want to do more and do it more quickly so I can do even more! I don’t want to watch life from the sidelines . . I want to live each minute and experience all I can take in.

Yes, some days I’m so tired at the end of the day that I can’t even think straight, but even on those days, I can sit my tired self down and think about what I accomplished, and I smile. My “accomplishments” are not always something that anyone else would consider an accomplishment. Some days I seem to wander aimlessly . . pulling a weed here, picking a few strawberries (which never seem to make it into the house!), discussing the morning’s events with a chicken, taking a ride through the woods on the RTV . . but no matter what I do, so long as I was here at home doing what I love to do, it was a great day.

I moan and complain about having to leave home and follow Vince around on his shopping trips. Even though days are good, because we’re together and he’s getting to do what he enjoys doing . . though I’ll never understand that!  It’s through a lot of hard work on his part that I’m able to do so many of the things I enjoy. He tills the garden, plants the fruit trees, builds the chicken coops, and brings home a paycheck so I’m able to enjoy the things I enjoy.

Life is Good

Life is Good

We have found a way to be happy and content and it is so different from what I thought I would be doing at 60 but I wouldn’t change it for anything. Looking back, at the time I spent on my grandparents’ farm, and how much I enjoyed that and longed for that time there, I know this is the life I was meant to live. What we do here is hard and back breaking sometimes but we have our goals, we know we can cut back at any time and I don’t think either of us would change a thing right now.