Everything Changes

If you’re a bit older, do you look back and see many changes that you thought you would never make? The biggest change, or at least the one that causes me to giggle the most, is my shopping habits. I used to love to shop. It used to aggravate me that the mall didn’t open til 10 a.m. on Saturday because I wanted to be there bright and early shopping. It was probably mostly clothes, shoes, makeup . . the things I never buy these days.

I just went out to my car to unpack from my trip to town and, thinking back to 20 or more years ago, the dog food is the only thing that you might would have found in my purchases.



There’s a new pool for Addie, 2 – 50 pound bags of chicken feed, a 10 pound bag of black beans, a 50 pound bag of pinto beans and a 15 pound bag of cat food. The only other thing I bought was Addie’s pink boots. Yep, my purchases are a whole lot different from what they were many years ago.

Everything changes. Twenty years from now, if I’m still around, I doubt I’ll be buying any of the things I bought today.

Slowly Falling Apart

This post could be about me, old Speck . . most anything around here but it’s about the old laptop. I know .. I’m just torturing myself because for a year now, I’ve had a “new” laptop that sits unused because, except for falling apart, overheating and stuck keys, I love my old laptop. Seriously, everything in the world is wrong with this one. I’m not sure if I keep using it because, in my old age, I detest change, or because I love that look on Vince’s face when I say “Oh, no! This computer is doing . . (whatever it’s doing)” and he wants to yank it out of my hands and toss it out in the yard. Almost every day he says “You do know that you have a new laptop that you refuse to use!” The new one even has a touch screen and I would probably really love it if I used it.

I know . . when Addie leaves, I’m getting out the new laptop. Accidents seem to happen with laptops and Addie . . that’s how the screen casing on this one got broken.

The latest problem with the old laptop is this nasty little sticky, greasy foot!

Laptop Foot

Laptop Foot

I reached down a couple of nights ago to pick up the laptop and . . ooohh! This thing came off and it’s greasy, sticky and the kind of stuff that just won’t clean off your hands. When I first felt it, it was under the laptop and I about dropped the whole thing. It felt really gross and I didn’t know what in the world I had stuck my fingers into. Did I ever tell you about when I got my hand stuck in one of those sticky mouse traps? I was afraid to even look at it because I was sure there was a mouse carcass on there with my hand and I was screaming and waiving that trap/my hand around. That’s exactly what it felt like when I touched that greasy, sticky stuff on the laptop. Brought back memories of that mouse trap over 20 years go.

When I realized what it was, I stuck the little foot aside and it’s like it’s magnetized to me. No matter where I reach on the side table, I end up with that little foot attached to my hand, my arm, my sleeve.

I said to Vince “Do I need to keep this thing?” and he said “You know you have a new laptop that you refuse to use, right?” Yes, I know but I’m not quite done with this one. He said “Save the foot and I’ll glue it back on” which means that until Addie leaves, I’ll end up with this sticky, greasy stuff on my hands because it’s all over the bottom of the laptop too.

No . . I’m going to get some WD40 right now and clean the sticky off the laptop and put the foot somewhere that we’ll know where it is (right!) and be done with the sticky, greasy mess!

Sleepless in Texas

I’m a night owl by nature but I really need some amount of sleep. Trying to figure out that knitting pattern, it was easier to knit after Vince turned the TV off and went to bed. Have I mentioned how much I dislike TV? Yes, I know I have. I can take short spurts of it . . like an hour tonight and maybe another hour in a few days. Vince has discovered Game of Thrones. Oh, my . . I think I’m going to lose my mind. There are 6 seasons (I think he said that) and in the past 4 or 5 days, we’ve finished Season 1. I do not like it! I do not like it at all!

So, I’ve been knitting with Game of Thrones on and I’m not paying attention to the TV, as much as possible, but I love it when Vince turns it off and I can knit with quietness. So I’ve been staying up late. In fact, it was Saturday night . . Sunday morning really, when Vince stuck his head out and said “It’s 3:30! Are you going to knit all night?” So, I went to bed and then between the dogs and roosters, there’s no sleeping past 6 a.m. around here. 

Sunday night I thought I’d get to bed early. Nope, I was up knitting til a bit after midnight. Then Speck woke up at 3:30 a.m. I’m thinking a bug might have gotten in his ear but he was shaking his head and making all kinds of noises. I’d probably be doing the same thing if something got in my ear. I thought I had some ear medicine for him so I was up going through all the dog drugs and couldn’t find anything. Vince went by the vet and got some yesterday but since I was up with him at 3:30, I started knitting again. About 4:45 Speck had calmed down and I left him sleeping on his pillow in the living room and I went to bed. Again . . 5:45 and the roosters are crowing so I didn’t get much sleep.

Last night, I knew I’d get to bed early but I’m getting things ready for my favorite visitors and was still putting quilts in the washer/dryer at midnight. I remembered . . I can’t go to bed with this crazy dryer on so I had to stay up and wait for the dryer to finish . . which it did at about 1:15. Ye, roosters were crowing at 5:45, I think it was more like 5:30 but I managed to stay in bed til 5:45.

Monday I took a nap. Today I have a hair cut and a friend coming over so I don’t think I’ll get a nap in today but dang it, I’m an old woman now and I need my beauty rest! But, I also need to get this second sock finished and get this house ready for company.