Group Projects

2013 Happenings at Patchwork Times.

  1. Sunday Stash Reports will continue.  You do not need to know how much fabric is in your stash to participate!  All you need to do is report how many yards were used in the past week, as well as how many yards were added during that same time, as well as a running total if desired.  There’s no commitment.  I never keep up with who reports and who doesn’t. You can do it one week, skip 10 or 40 weeks and do it again . . it’s up to you!
  2. Monday Design Wall posts will continue.  I love seeing those pictures and reading your blog posts about your current projects.
  3. Friday’s On the Needles posts will continue.
  4. The Stars & Stripes project will continue.  We’re in the first quarter of that one and the second quarter will begin on January 1.
  5. Quiltathons will continue monthly.  The dates are listed in my left sidebar.
  6. Back to Square One is a one year mystery medallion quilt.
  7. Comfort & Joy is a Christmas quilt designed by Pat Wys of Silver Thimble Quilt Co.
  8. The UFO project is changing.  The new project will be called “Get it Done!”  Here’s how it will work.  On the last day of each month, we will list four “things” we want to get done during the next month.  It will all be quilt related projects.  My list could look like this:
  • Make 80 half square triangles for Nicole’s Sofa Quilt.
  • Complete 8 blocks for the New Beginnings Quilt.
  • Bind the second Texas quilt.
  • Quilt the violet monochromatic top.

This project is designed to help us break down projects into more “do-able” goals and get them done.

9.  A new project/challenge is going to be called “What’s Cooking?”  It’s kinda like that show where they get a surprise box of ingredients and have to use them.  On Wednesday, I will list a few ingredients — maybe two, maybe more, and you need to come up with a recipe to use those.  You actually have to cook it and share pictures!  It will not be weird ingredients like pig brain or things that might be hard to find locally.  You can use recipes you find on the internet, and if that’s what you’re using without changing anything, please link to those recipes.  If you’re modifying a recipe or sharing one of your own, please share that recipe with us also.  I anticipate having ingredients like:

  • strawberries and blueberries – where you could make some kind of salad or muffins or dessert
  • Italian sausage and spinach – some kind of soup or layered pasta dish comes to mind
  • bacon and brown sugar – recently I saw a recipe for bacon jam or, baked beans comes to mind

I would like for us to get creative and have fun in the kitchen.  Most of us have to cook . . let’s make it fun!  You will have a whole week to get your dish made and then share a link on the next Wednesday’s post.  No whining!  Be adventurous.  There are going to be some things you just don’t like and you may not want to participate that week.  That’s fine.  You may not eat pork so the bacon week, you may sit out.  That’s fine.

Let’s have some fun in 2013!  Let’s get lots of quilting and knitting done and let’s try some new foods and new recipes!