Red Hot Cinnamon Pickles

My fried, Sheryl, who has been a friend for so long – started out as an internet friend and then we met many, many years ago at the quilt show in Houston (I think that was the first time we met). Then we attended retreats together, then other quilt shows, then she came to Abilene to visit a mutual friend and Vince and I went and met her and went to lunch together . . I love her! We share so many of the same interests – gardening, cooking, canning.

Anyway, she sent me a link for Red Hot Cinnamon Pickles and even though my cucumbers are at the end of production, I found enough cukes out there to make half a batch of these pickles. They take 5 days (or more if you totally forget about them one day . . or two days!).  πŸ™

There are lots and lots of recipes out there, and some may be easier to follow than others. I ended up with not enough liquid but I might have messed up the recipe . . that happens sometimes because I have such a hard time following instructions.

Red Hot Cinnamon Pickles

Red Hot Cinnamon Pickles

These are the best pickles I’ve ever had! Ever! They are so good. Sheryl told me they were good with smoked meat but we’ve eaten them with everything since I made them. Since I only had 2 quarts and 1 of the 1-1-/2 pint jars, I didn’t put them in the water bath but will just keep them in the fridge. They won’t last long.

Vince was telling me that he had told a few people at work about them. I know he loves them when he’s talking about them to his friends.

I don’t think I can grow a fall crop of cucumbers because from now til frost, the bugs are out of control and mow down every tender thing I try to plant. I even went down to the produce market to see if they had pickling cucumbers but they didn’t. I’ll just dream about these pickles til I can plant lots of cucumbers next spring.

Crazy Cat

Really, I don’t know if Cat is all there. He walks up to me, wants to be petted and the next time I see him, he’s hissing at me. Let me make one move that he doesn’t like and I don’t see him the rest of the day.

He’s such a funny cat. Maybe all cats who have their run of the area do funny things. 

Her . . I keep forgetting and what to say him . . every morning, just before daylight, she appears on the porch. Vince goes out and she runs about 10 to 12 feet from him, hissing. He leaves and she returns to the porch and waits for me. I feed her and she immediately upon finishing eating, goes and gets on top of my car. She stays there til the temps reach about 90ΒΊ and then she gets under the back of my car. As the temp climbs, she goes farther towards the front of the car, closer to the shop door. Every day it’s the same thing.

Last night Vince went over to the shop and he came back in and asked me to go call Cat, who will sometimes come when I call her but never when Vince calls her. I went out and before I yelled for her, I saw her on top of the well house.



I tried to talk her into coming down. Nope, she was happy up there and it looked like she was planning to spend the night there.



She has the run of this place and she definitely doesn’t take orders from anyone.

A Funny Addie Story

Vince comes home for lunch from 11 to 12 and Nicole knows that and doesn’t call during that time unless she needs something.

I was in the kitchen and something rang. It wasn’t any of my cell phone ring tones but Vince said it wasn’t his phone. My phone was in the dining room. Vince said “It sounds like your computer!” It stopped but then it started again and I realized it was probably Nicole wanting to video chat on the iPad. I answered it and it was Addie.

The conversation went like this:

Me:  Addie! You called Granny!
Addie: I can’t find my mommy and daddy!
Me: You’re home alone?
Addie: Yes!
Me: Did you look in their bedroom?
Addie: Yes! They’re not in there.
Me: Don’t go outside but just open the door to the garage and see if mommy is in there.
Addie: OK. I’ll take you with me!
Me: Do not go outside . . just look!!

When she opened the garage door, Chad and Nicole were in there doing something with the freezer. Nicole said they had been outside maybe 2 minutes so Addie must have called me the minute she walked into the living room and didn’t see them.

My mom said “Addie must have been scared to death!” I said no . . I don’t think so. It sound more like she was tattling because they had left her.

We live in interesting times when a 4  year old can pick up an iPad and video chat with Granny 10 hours away . . when she has a problem or thinks she has a problem.