First Eggs Arrived

The first of the fertile eggs arrived yesterday morning.

Fertile Eggs

Fertile Eggs

The egg folks are quite generous!  I ordered 19 eggs and he sent 30.

Then I heard from the lady who is sending the Astralorp eggs. She was supposed to be sending 12 and she sent 16. I had already ordered 6 Bielefelder eggs. Even in my panic stricken state, I could see that I had more eggs coming than my 41 egg incubator was going to hold. That’s not good.

What’s a girl to do? It took me about 10 seconds to decide that I needed the Brinsea Mini Advance Incubator.

Brinsea Incubator

Brinsea Incubator

This is the perfect little incubator. It only holds 7 eggs (yes, I’ll still not have enough space for all the eggs) and it will be great for hatching small amounts of eggs. I will never (stop laughing) have so many eggs to hatch at one time again!

I’ve read that when hatching eggs that were shipped through the mail, you’re lucky if 50% of them hatch. That’s what I’m hoping! 50% or less!

Re-Arranging Chickens

We spent a big part of the weekend moving chickens around. At this point, I think we’re making a bigger deal out of this than it should be because there’s no way we should be having so much trouble.

The coop pictures were all before we painted them!

Bigger Coop

In the big coop, we put the 13 chicks we got earlier this year. Ten red laying hens and 3 Black Tailed White Japanese Bantams. Nothing has changed there.  The four hens that had survived the dog attack got moved over with the 6 bantams but one of those hens was mean to the bantams so we put her in with the three Dominique chickens.  She has been harassing those two hens. The two Dominique hens are so docile and kind and that red hen spent her day terrorizing them. The rooster intervened some but I think he got tired of trying to stay between them.  Saturday night Vince said . . too bad for the red hen but I’m just putting her outside and we’ll see if she can make it on her own.

Small Coop

The small coop is just a little storebought coop but it’s been good for a nursery, a chicken jail and a chicken hospital.  Yesterday evening, before dark, I talked Vince into having mercy on the mean red hen and putting her in there. But, the three chicks we got a while back were in there so we decided to move the three red hens from the bantam coop and put them in with the Dominique chickens.

New Roommates

New Roommates

The seem fine!


In the duplex, we had the three Dominique chickens – 2 hens and 1 rooster. They’ve been in the north side of the duplex since the beginning. In the south side of the duplex were the silkie bantams, who all died in the dog attack but 6 of the eggs they had been sitting on hatched so those 6 chicks were in there.

We put the three new chicks in with the 6 bantams. They aren’t exactly all thrilled to be living together but there wasn’t much bickering.

Bantam Coop Residents

Bantam Coop Residents

The six bantams are in the far corner and the three new chicks are in the foreground.

It has been frustrating for us and I know it’s been frustrating for the chickens! I surely hope they’re all in quarters where they can stay.

The Weather!

This is not what I wanted to see happening this late in the year!



This is not good on several levels.

First, there are fertile eggs in transit that should be arriving tomorrow so I can only hope they’ll be warm enough tonight. Second . . the garden and fruit trees will be damaged. We already lost the fruit crop on almost everything due to the late freezes when the trees were blooming but we do have small peaches and crab apples on the trees and we will lose those tonight. We have 40 mph wind gusts so covering the trees is impossible with this much wind.

In the garden, we have peppers, strawberries and potatoes blooming.

It’s a reminder that no matter how good (or bad) I am as a gardener, we’re at the mercy of the weather and elements. If it isn’t the drought or grasshoppers, it’s a late freeze. I never forget that gardening for me is a hobby. For my grandparents and those before them, feeding their families was dependent on having a successful garden. I’m disappointed and frustrated but by the end of the week, I’ll replant everything except potatoes . . it’s too late to start over with them. I’m thankful I’m physically able to get out there and do the work again, and thankful we live in a day when plants and seeds are available to purchase and that we can afford to buy them.

The old timers around here tell us that when the mesquite trees puts on leaves, then it’s safe to plant your garden.  Not true this year! Can I ever trust the mesquite trees again?  :)

Design Wall Monday – April 14, 2014

The sewing machine never once got turned on this week and I never added the other blocks I made week before last so the picture is the same one you’ve already seen. I keep seeing fabric that I think would make a beautiful One Block Wonders quilt but I’m not letting myself buy it til I finish this one!

One Block Wonders

One Block Wonders