Relaxing – Country Style

This is Vince relaxing after a hard day’s work!

Vince Relaxing

Vince Relaxing

Who needs a recliner when you have a cardboard box?  :)

I remember when his mustache wasn’t white!

Greenhouse Progress

The concrete was poured for the footer yesterday. They’ll wait a few days before coming back to do more work. The pictures never seem to give a perspective so today, I’ll try to show you where some of the buildings are located.



I’m standing kinda on the northwest corner of the greenhouse and facing southeast.  You can see the newest chicken run and our home in the background.



This photo is facing kinda northwest. The truck is pretty much northwest of the greenhouse. There will be double doors on that north side of the greenhouse. We chose this location because it get almost full sun but has some afternoon shade, it was easy to get the water and electricity to it here and I can drive the RTV through that gate, come down a path through the woods (same path the neighbors use to visit and the concrete truck came down it), and load up the RTV with plants to haul back and forth from the garden to the greenhouse.

Storage Tank

Storage Tank

While the concrete guy was here, we had him pour concrete around the water storage tank. The original plan had been to just have sand around it but critters kept getting in there and digging and when we had 5 or 6″ rains, they washed the sand out so Vince dug the base out around the tank, formed it up and poured concrete. It should be there for a while!

One thing leads to another . . one project leads to two more! Some day we’re going to get everything done . . no, that never happens. There’s always more to do.

Text From Chad

As much as I would love to have Chad and his family living near me, there’s never been much hope that they would move to Texas. Nicole’s family is all in Missouri (grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, sister). Nicole’s parents have a good chunk of land and are about 2 hours from where Chad and Nicole live. Her parents welcome them any time .. even in the middle of the night after Chad’s worked a late shift. Nicole’s mom lets Chad take over her kitchen and Nicole’s dad lets Chad have his way with his shop. Nicole’s parents are the best grandparents! They do all kinds of things with Addie and I’m so glad she has them for grandparents!

Chad was hunting in northern Missouri this weekend and I got this text from him:

“Y’all should buy me a farm in north Missouri.  This area is beautiful. It’s everything good about Missouri and every bit as scenic as Kentucky. Rolling hills, large farms and big timber. The soil is black as coal.”

After I stopped laughing at the “Y’all should buy ME a farm in north Missouri” part, I laughed on several counts.

First, when we moved to Missouri, Chad was not happy about that move. We had thought for a month or so that we were moving to Louisiana and he was pretty happy about that but once we made the choice to go to Missouri instead, he was not happy. When we got to Nevada, MO, Chad said “Please tell me we’re just stopping here for gas and this is NOT where we’re going to live!” Nope. . this is where we’re going to live!

Who knew he’d end up with a wife from Nevada and Chad would be trying to figure out how to get back there after having moved away for a few years.

And another funny thing — when we lived in Kentucky, Chad couldn’t believe some of his friends actually drove pickup trucks and helped on their family’s farms. He called them “red necks kids from Kentucky”. He was real proud that even though he lived in rural Kentucky, he felt he was a city boy!  Now, he drives a pickup and is saving every extra dime so he can buy a farm. He’s talked Nicole’s dad into letting him put some cows on his land so in the spring, Chad plans to buy three cows. He loves Missouri and as much as I miss them and wish they were closer, I’m so happy he loves the area where he lives. That means a lot.

It’s been 7-1/2 years and a whole lot has changed, for the better, for Chad. But, I hate to be the bearer of bad news . . we are NOT buying him a farm in north Missouri. He may some day inherit a little farm in central Texas but other than that, he’s on his own!