Thankful for Peace of Mind

The news yesterday of the incidents in Canada and the recent craziness in the news . . ebola, terror around the world, stock market ups and downs . . it can weigh on us. I had been outside working off and on and it seemed every time I came in to get a drink of water, check email and messages, there was scary news on the radio. I finally turned XM back to Willie’s Roadhouse and quit listening to any news.

Last night was one of those rare nights when Vince worked late. It was almost 2 this morning when he got home and I waited up for him and was knitting and listening to music on the iPod. There’s a whole lot of old gospel music on my iPod and some of the old songs brought back those precious memories of time spent with my grandparents . . the days when my grandma played the piano at their church and their church was the center of activity in their very rural community. My grandpa’s sister still leads the singing at the little church there. I am so thankful for those memories! I’m so thankful that I spent as much of my summers at my grandparents’ farm and learned to love the country. I’m thankful for my faith and my strong belief that there’s a higher power in control and no matter what happens, it’s all part of a plan that’s been in place long before my time.

Vince almost always comes home for lunch but yesterday he did not so I had a long day by myself and it made me thankful that he and I get along and enjoy each other’s company and miss each other when we’re apart. I’m thankful that we’re able to work through things that we face; I’m thankful that we have so many of the same interests. Even though we’re too far from Chad and his family, I’m thankful that, because of the transfer to Texas, we were able to get the land and other things (water wells, no close neighbors, shop) that we had wanted for so long.

Last night I was thinking about some of the obstacles that we’ve faced and worked through. It’s easy to smile about them now but some of them weren’t so easy to work through. I suppose it’s that way with everything – marriages, families, jobs.

I can’t imagine being unhappy at home . . whether it’s with your home, your location, your spouse, your children. I know there’s are always rough spots but overall, my hope is that everyone can find a way to be happy, have a happy home and a peaceful heart.

A Green Egg

I have one Ameraucana hen and she’s with that youngest batch . . unless you count the ones that just hatched but she’s in with the Anconas, the Buff Lace Polish,some of “Wilbur’s kids”, which are Dominiques from our older chickens, one black cochin that I’m still not sure if it’s a rooster or a hen, and a few others that we hatched early last summer. I think they hatched in mid to late May and I knew they were going to start laying soon. Vince fixed up their nesting boxes before I left to go MO and today I went out to check for eggs and myone Ameraucana was sitting on the nest. I just went back out there and there was a greenish egg and a white egg so two of those chickens laid their first eggs today.



The egg is much greener in real life but it’s definitely from the Ameraucana. The smaller white egg on the right top is the other new egg. I believe the Buff Polish lay white eggs, as do the Anconas. Everyone else in that coop will lay brown eggs, I think!

The very dark brown egg on the left side of the photo is from the Marans. We now have white, cream, tan, brown, dark brown and green eggs! I’m a happy chicken mama!

Addie Pictures

As most any grandma would do, I took a ton of pictures when I was in MO and I shared about half a ton of them already but there are still some I have left to share. Each day when I stick the memory card in the computer, I scroll past all these pictures of Addie. I miss her so much but it’s nice to have the cute pictures and memories.

She went through a few weeks that she didn’t want Nicole to take her picture. I’m so glad she was past that point when I got there. In the photo below, she walked into the kitchen and wanted me to take her picture.



Then she went and got a scarecrow from the Fall decorations and wanted me to take his picture!

Addie and the Scarecrow

Addie and the Scarecrow

It’s been less than 3 weeks since I was there and I can’t wait to see her again! I need to kiss those sweet little cheeks!