Mr. Bargain Shopper

It’s my own fault. For a brief moment, I forgot what happens when Vince goes to a retail establishment. He was going to have to run to town. “Do you need anything?” Oh, yes . . would you mind getting a couple of bell peppers? I rarely buy them because I either chop and freeze, or dehydrate and grind to a powder, the ones we grow here. But, I got some fajita meat on sale and wanted to make fajitas and needed fresh bell peppers.

Yes, he got the bell peppers but that’s not all he got. I have two of the bigger Excalibur dehydrators, Model 3900-B, that I use the heck out of. I’m surprised Vince even knew the brand name of the ones I use but he noticed two smaller ones, Model 2400, and they had them marked way down so he bought both of them! Every family needs four dehydrators, right?



Walmart has them online for about $113. Amazon has them for $104. Vince got them for . . 



$20 each!

That’s not all he got. Notice there’s a coffee pot in the picture too.  Amazon has that for $75. Vince paid  . . 




There’s hope though. Vince said they had two coffee pots but he didn’t think we needed both of them. 🙂


On the Needles – May 27, 2016

You now I finished the little pink Tallulah earlier this week and the rest of the time has been spent knitting Blue Sand. I’m at a very boring part and spending lots of time in the garden so knitting time just isn’t to be found. Obviously this isn’t going to be finished before Camp Loopy starts on June 1 but at least I made some progress on it. Surely I’ll get it finished before winter.

Blue Sand Cardi

Blue Sand Cardi

It’s a very long cardigan. It looks weird now because of the half finished, gaping open pockets.



I love this basketweave kind of stitch at the bottom. I have to do 15 or 16 repeats of that and I’ve just finished #9. Then, I have to knit the pockets and the front bands, which are wide, before binding off. It’s not going to be a quick process. I swear I don’t remember it taking this long when I made Nicole’s.

What’s on your needles?


Thunderstorms in the spring are a fact of life around here but . . a dog that flips out with even the most distant thunder . . that’s about to get the best of me.

Last night, right on schedule – 4:30 a.m. – Rita heard thunder in the distance and she was immediately in a panic. I got up and tried to keep her calm enough that Vince could finish sleeping but nope, that wasn’t going to happen. He was sure he could take her to bed and get her to calm down but nope, that wasn’t going to happen either. 

A friend had suggested a cat cube and I got one of those and Rita likes to sleep in it sometimes but she wanted no part of it last night. We’ve tried the doggie xanax and that made things worse. We tried benadryl which did nothing. Someone suggested Dramamine so I have a call in to the vet now to see what he says about that idea.

Last night I kept trying to get her to lay down — either in her own bed on the sofa, or in the cat cube, or sometimes she likes her small bed on the floor next to me. No . . she wanted to run through the house in a panic. Finally, she decided to curl up in Speck’s bed.

Rita in Speck's Bed

Rita in Speck’s Bed

Poor, old Speck. He was so confused. Someone else was sleeping in his bed. He kept standing there looking at her, and trying to figure out what to do. I think Rita would have been comforted if Speck had gotten in the bed with her but he’s afraid of her and keeps his distance and didn’t want any part of snuggling with her in his bed. I finally convinced Speck to go back to the bedroom and get in his bed in there.

When the alarm went off at 5:45 and Vince got up . . I went back to bed. The weather was calming down and so was Rita. Even when she’s in her worst panic, I can still sleep through it but Vince can’t. And, if I close the bedroom door, and I go to bed and leave her in the rest of the house, I’m afraid she’ll scratch up the door. Maybe tonight I’ll put some boxes in front of the door so she can’t scratch the door; Vince and I will both go to bed with earplugs and let Rita sort it all out on her own! You know what will happen . . we’ll forget about the boxes and break our neck when we wake up in the morning and try to go out the door with boxes in front of the door.

Who would think that two little dogs could cause so much frustration . . for the humans and for each other?


Thunder –

We’re scheduled to get thunder at midnight and again at 2 a.m. I think I’m going to take a nap this afternoon and then if I have to be up half the night with Rita, maybe I can sit and knit without being so sleepy.

There was a time . . pre-Rita . . when I looked at the weather to plan my day around the storms. Now, I’m trying to plan my days and my nights!

We moved here in 2011 in the midst of a horrible drought so I have no idea what’s “normal” or if there is such a thing any more but we have rain in our forecast today, tomorrow and Friday; no rain on Sunday, then thunderstorms again Monday through Saturday, no rain the next Sunday, then thunderstorms again for the next three days and I’m afraid to look any farther than that.

By July and August, no doubt, we’ll be beginning for rain and we’re so happy to have lots of rain in June. It just seems weird after our first few years here being so dry.