Week 2 Healthy Eating Summary

First, I want to mention (and praise) the program we’re using. It isn’t a specific “eat this” and we don’t count anything. We track our food – write down (on the program) everything we eat. Only us and the coach can see what We don’t count calories or points. The program is through Omada Health. We’re just finishing up Week 2 (of a 16 week program) and I can’t say enough how impressed I am with this program so. Here’s an FAQ page where some of your questions may be answered if you’re interested. It sounds like some insurance plans will pay for the program and some large employers are encouraging participation.

This isn’t one of those pyramid things where I get a kickback if you join, and I get no commission . . I just think this is a life changing program and could be a life saver for those of us who need to lose more than a few pounds.

First, we have groups. There isn’t much demand for group activity and our group seems very quiet. You won’t be surprised to hear that I’m probably one of the more chatty members. All discussion have been food/healthy activity related.

There are lessons presented each Sunday. They’re short and very informative. The first one was basic – mostly things I already knew but it was a good reminder and a good first lesson. The second one was amazing and I’ve re-read it every day. It takes less than 10 minutes to do each lesson — probably closer to 5 minutes per lesson.

The coach isn’t standing over you with a stick! Our coach is wonderful. She is there to answer questions and makes suggestions – not directed at something you’ve said or posted but always offering guidance.

One thing I may have mentioned before . . the Omada program sent us each a scale and it reports directly (and instantly) to them. We are to weigh ourselves each morning and before I ever get to my computer to check it, the weight is recorded.

Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Week 1: Lost 9.2 pounds
Week 2: Lost 4.6 pounds (13.8 total)

I have not felt hungry at all. I think I had 2 Dr. Peppers this past week. Almost every morning I have half a piece of toast or half a bagel, one thin slice of sausage and 2 eggs (though I only eat the yolks). I’m not a snacker so snacks haven’t been a problem for me. We’re still eating our main meal at lunch and having something light for dinner. Last night I had a tuna salad sandwich – half really, made with the top of a bagel, which was halved.

I’m walking at least 3 miles every day but I’m just walking around the house with Pandora playing.

The first goal, which they set for me, was 13 pounds. I reached that and was able to set my own goal for the rest of the program . . 14 more weeks. I set my goal to lose 26 more pounds in the next 14 weeks. That’s a lofty goal but it’s a bit less than 2 pounds per week. I think I can lose 3 or 4 pounds next week and maybe the next week before I hit the 1 – 2 pounds per week range.

I’m watching (but not obsessed with) calories and protein, mainly to be sure I am consuming the minimum required, while still eating healthy.

On to Week 3 . . 

See You In The Spring!

Poor old fig tree! It’s looking pretty used and abused. It has worked hard and produced lots of figs this year. I’m betting I got over 100 gallons of figs from that tree. 

Fig Tree

Fig Tree

It’s sad to see fig season end but I never dreamed we’d get so many figs of one tree. Once I even ate too many figs and was pretty sick for about 12 hours. I won’t do that again (at least til next year!).

Fig Tree

Fig Tree

There are still plenty of green figs left but our cool nights will soon be frosty nights and I don’t think many of the green figs will have a chance to get ripe. 

We have about 10 fig trees. If ever we have several trees producing like this one did this year, we’re going to have to start selling figs on the street corners.


Cultured Butter

My friend from home likes to do a lot of the same things I like to do and we were talking about making buttermilk the other day. I was telling him that I use kefir grains and make mine and he said that he made it with 3 cups of milk and 1 cup of buttermilk and just sits it on the counter for about 24 hours. He started with store bought buttermilk but now that he’s been making his own, he just keeps using his own buttermilk as the starter. OK . . I can do that. Then he asked me if I had ever tried to make cultured butter or sour cream. No! We use Greek yogurt that I make for our sour cream but I’ll try anything once.



Yesterday my kitchen counter was beginning to look like a laboratory! You may see that I even have notes to myself on some of the coffee filters that I use for covers.

Left to right:

  • 3 cups whipping cream/1 cup buttermilk. This is to be sour cream.
  • 3 cups whole milk/1 cup buttermilk. This is to be buttermilk.
  • 4 cups whipping cream/1/4 cup yogurt. This is to be sour cream.
  • Whole milk with kefir grains which is how I’ve been making my buttermilk.

I left all that sitting out for about 24 hours.

  • The jar on the left that was to be sour cream made the best, creamiest sour cream ever! I gave Vince a taste on a spoon and he wanted more — just plain sour cream!
  • The buttermilk worked. It’s chilling overnight in the fridge and tomorrow we’ll have a taste test with the jar on the far right and see which buttermilk we like the best.
  • The third jar from the right – it was a bit later in thickening up so it’s in the fridge and we haven’t tasted it yet.

The purpose of the two sour creams was to make them into “cultured butter”. I’ve done a bit of research to see if there are health benefits to eating cultured butter over regular butter and as far as health benefits, all I can find is that the cultured butter is more digestible. I can’t prove that . . I’m just passing along what I read.

Cultured Butter

Cultured Butter

From 3 cups of whipping cream and 1 cup of buttermilk, I got 9.56 ounces of butter and it still needs to drain a bit more so I’m going to say 9.5 ounces. 

If you’re interested in the cost, it was $2.58 for the ingredients, which makes the butter about $4.58 per pound. That’s not bad at all for cultured butter. I can probably buy whipping cream for way less at Aldi. Maybe tomorrow I’ll run to town and see what the price is there.

Tomorrow I’ll make butter from the sour cream that was made with yogurt and report back on those results.

I’d hate to blow my diet but I do believe I need a piece of toast with butter from each batch so I can give an accurate taste test! 🙂