Safely Canning Pumpkin

I am certainly no expert but I do trust the experts, especially the University of Georgia, who seems to be the guru on canning food safely.

It is NOT recommended that any kind of pureed pumpkin be canned! You can read what they have to say about it here

That is why I either:

  1. Peel my pumpkin raw, in chunks, par-boil it for a couple of minutes and can it; or
  2. Cook it, then peel it, scoop it out and freeze it.

You may have canned pumpkin butter or pumpkin pie filling for years and have had no problems but just be aware that it is not recommended as a safe method for canning pumpkin.

I’m truly not trying to tell anyone what to do, or convince you that your method is wrong . . I’m just wanting you to know what the experts recommend.

Spaghetti Squash in the Microwave

Most any time I cook spaghetti squash, I cut it in half (or Vince does that), I scoop out the seeds, wrap it in plastic wrap and microwave each half for about 5 minutes. It gets very hot and I let it sit in the microwave to cool off a bit.

But once upon a time, I read that if you poked a few vent holes in the whole thing, you could just microwave the whole squash. I tried it.


That happened 10-1/2 years ago, in Kentucky, and there’s never a time that I put a spaghetti squash in the microwave that I don’t think about that incident.

By the way, I had poked about 10 holes in the squash before I put it in the microwave. I’ve microwaved a few whole ones since then . . not many . . but I’ve never had an explosion like that and hope I never do again.

A Huge Mess

I forgot to tell you about my big mess today. One thing  you can about always count on . . I’m going to make a huge mess.

I was scooping out all the pumpkin seeds and putting them in a bowl to clean them. There must have been a million seeds in that bowl . . I filled it with water and as I went to move it from the sink out of the way .. I just let go of it. A lot of it went into the trash can which was pulled out because I was using it so much. A lot of it went behind the trash bag, some went into the trash bat, a lot of it went in the kitchen floor – water and seeds.

Squash & Pumpkin

Squash & Pumpkin

Ughh! I didn’t need that. The can was full of pumpkin and spaghetti squash shells and it was heavy. When Vince got home, I asked him to take the trash out. “Please take the can and all. I had a disaster and there’s water and seeds under the bag and in the bag.”

He took it out and came back with a clean can. I asked him if there were a lot of seeds in there. He said “I didn’t look. I just dumped it in the woods.” 

You know what that means? We’ll probably have an unexpected pumpkin patch next year!