QOV #1

Blocks finish at 9-1/2″.  As shown, the quilt will finish at 62″ x 81″.


It’s simple, simple! And, if someone else has a similar or exact pattern, I didn’t copy it! It’s just three rails with a frame, with blocks turned alternating horizontal and vertical.

This is the block:


I’m going to make my three strips 2.5″ finished so I’ll cut two ecru sttrips and one blue strip at 3″. Sew them together and then cut them into 8″ segments.


Then I’ll frame them with blue strips (or red, depending on which blocks I’m working on) that finish at 1″. Two strips will be cut 1-1/2″ x 8″ and two will be cut 1-1/2″ x 10″. This will result in a 9-1/2″ finished or 10″ unfinished block.

I’m going to set mine with 5 blocks across and 7 blocks up and down. Here’s the size of the borders I’ll add to end up with a top that’s 62″ x 81″.

Border #1 – Ecru – Cut 1-1/2″

Border #2 – Navy – Cut 2″

Border #3 – Ecru – Cut 2-1/2″

Border #4 – Navy – Cut 3-1/2″.