Border Struggles

When designing my quilts, sometimes the border design falls into place and the border design is clear to me before the whole top is designed.  If I audition two or three borders and none of those suit me, I know there’s going to be a border struggle.  Often, when I make a quilt that I just LOVE, those are the ones I have the hardest time choosing the appropriate border.  With Nicole’s quilt, there’s been about a three day border struggle.  There are 28  versions of borders for her quilt.  It will be a few days (or weeks) before I get to the borders so, no doubt, there will be more borders.

For now, here are the ones that were considered.

This is the first one that I thought would work but the more I looked at it, the border blocks are too small and too scrunched together looking for my preferences.

Nicole’s Borders

Trying to extend the shape of the bear’s paw blocks out into the border, I thought about this one:

Nicole’s Border Options

Something about it bugs me.  I think it’s because the center of the quilt has more open spaces and the the colored parts of the border are packed too closely.

Looking for a more open border, I tried the vine.

Nicole’s Border Options

That one seemed like it needed more color.  I liked the open look but thought more of the color needed to extend out into the border.  I tried making the “vine” scrappy, using the colors in the center but the flow of the vine was lost.

Next is a design that’s in the 60 Pieced Quilt Borders book.

Nicole’s Border

For now, I think this is the border I will use but . . I can always change my mind if I come up with something else.

Let Me Introduce You . .

I have a brand new team member I would like for you to meet!

60 Pieced Quilt Borders!  Guess what’s in there!  60 Pieced Quilt Borders . . to mix and match!  Included are my tips for making any border fit any quilt and for adding those neat and accommodating strips that make those wonderful pieced borders fit.

It should be out in early January, 2012 and I will begin taking pre-orders in early November.  I’m so excited about this book because borders work for every quilter.  Whether you like pieced, applique, traditional or non-traditional, almost all quilts benefit from borders.  I haven’t even seen the first draft yet so I’m going to say no more but will keep you posted on the progress.

When I signed the contract for this book, I had no idea that on May 1, the due date for the manuscript and all the quilts, that my life would be so crazy.  Once again, AQS Publishing has been fantastic throughout this process.  Linda Baxter Lasco is my editor and has been for all three books.  Andi Reynolds is the executive editor.  They are both so wonderful to work with and they’ve both been patient and understanding.  AQS never misses a deadline, they always figure out what I’m trying to say, even when I’ve confused myself.  Thank you AQS Publishing and all those who work there along with Linda and Andi.  Coming up with ideas for a book is the easy part; what those folks at AQS Publishing do to make it happen is the hard part. Thank you all!

When I’m ready to start taking pre-orders, I’ll post a note on the blog and I’ll add a button/link to the sidebar.  Be watching!  🙂