The Pink Quilt

The pink quilt was finished and mailed to my friend who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.

I think it turned out so pretty.  I used Hobbs Heirloom batting and every time I finish a quilt with that batting, I love how it feels.  I use a lot of Warm & Natural too but until I’ve washed quilts with W&N, I find they’re kinda stiff but I love them once they’re washed.

For the backing, I used a very light fabric with a pink feathery drawing all over it.


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    Oh, Judy! That did turn out wonderful! It’s gorgeous and could not be more perfect! I’m so excited for your friend to get it – she will treasure it! Sending prayers that all goes well for her. She is truly blessed to have such a thoughtful friend.

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    Liz N says

    It sooo pretty….everything you want to reflect your love and caring. Once again I see the amazing panto that seems to work with all quilts! Was the Hobbs Heirloom 100% cotton or the blend? Thank you for sharing, you are an inspiration.

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    pauline in pa says

    It is gorgeous. I have loved this one for the first moment I saw it. You are truly a wonderful friend and I’m sure the love will be felt every time she snuggles under it.

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    Judy, it’s beautiful — your friend will be tickled ‘pink’ with it and I am sure she will take great comfort from being cuddled up within it. 🙂

  5. 11

    Marky says

    gorgeous was the first word that came to my mind when I saw your quilt. That’s a quilt I’d love to have, so I know your friend will truly treasure it. Nice job, Judy!

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    Mary Jo says

    Such a beautiful quilt given to a friend from such a beautiful person! You are do kind and generous! Prayers for your friend.

  7. 16

    Jevne says

    Beautiful quilt, Judy, love the colors of the four patches with the pink and I like the movement of the quilting. Your friend will be so pleased to have it. I wish her well.

  8. 20

    lynne quinsland says

    i NEED to get that panto! it looks great on everything you have done it on. that is a beautifully designed quilt and i know that it will bring comfort and healing to your friend.

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    The pink quilt is beautiful and will be especially treasured since it was made by you.. You are very giving and generous person, Judy..

  10. 23

    Joyce in OH says

    What more can I say that has not been said. Fabulous.
    I really like the pink and I don’t think about pink..

  11. 24

    Donna F says

    It’s so gorgeous! She is going to love it. You are so sweet to make her that quilt. My DH has an aunt that has brain cancer and I want to make her a quilt but DH says that she may not make it long enough for her to enjoy it. I just had back surgery so it would take me double time to make it. I’m debating on do I begin and try to get it done in time or not? They gave her 4 months.

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      katie says

      Donna Make her a pillow Quilt for her sweet head to rest. Fill it with Love and good dreams..

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    As always this one is a beauty. Your talent is just amazing and your color choices perfect. Thanks so much for all the inspiration and instruction you freely give. I WILL be learning to use a pressuire cooker this summer after I’m healed and will be doing some beans, we love them and use alot. Your the best.

  13. 26

    wanda says

    I think it is beautiful as always. I love hoe you can pick your colors before and use computer to see how they will look with a certain pattern. Keep up the awesome work.

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    Deedee says

    Oh Judy, I just found your blog and, then I found my quilt. To all those who posted, it was a joy to open. It is more beautiful than the picture reveals. I can’t stop admiring it. It is and will always be treasured. Thank you, my friend.